Dozens killed in airstrike on dairy factory in Yemen

By Thomas Gaist, 2 April 2015

Armed and supported by US imperialism, the coalition of Middle Eastern dictatorships headed by Saudi Arabia is bombing targets throughout Yemen.

Twelve years after Iraq invasion
Middle East engulfed by war

The war in Yemen and the American drive for global domination

John Bolton’s call for war on Iran

Atlanta teachers, principals convicted in cheating scandal

By Andre Damon, 2 April 2015

The conviction of Atlanta teachers on racketeering charges is a vindictive attempt to scapegoat education workers for the crisis created by decades of attacks on public education.

Greece verges on default as creditors demand deeper austerity cuts

By Robert Stevens, 2 April 2015

Greece’s international creditors are set to reject a new set of austerity proposals from the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as insufficient.

Greek Navy Seals in rightist provocation

The capitulation of Syriza and the lessons for the working class

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France prepares to boost military spending

By Kumaran Ira, 2 April 2015

French imperialism is pouring billions into its military presence at home and abroad.

US admiral threatens Beijing over South China Sea

By James Cogan, 2 April 2015

Prominent figures in Washington are attempting to make China’s alleged activities a major issue of geopolitical tension.

Final debate of Chicago mayoral runoff shows agreement on budget cutting

By Kristina Betinis, 2 April 2015

In the course of an hour-long debate, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia focused on how to resolve the fiscal problems of the city by cutting spending.

Democrats, pseudo-left groups maneuver in lead-up to Chicago mayoral runoff

Democratic senator indicted on corruption charges

By Patrick Martin, 2 April 2015

Robert Menendez of New Jersey, former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, is one of the most powerful Democrats in the US Senate.

Closing arguments in Boston Marathon bombing case set for April 6

By Barry Grey, 2 April 2015

The strategy of the defense team is to concede Tsarnaev’s guilt but make the case that he should be spared the death penalty.

One year since the Boston Marathon bombing

More on the Boston Marathon bombing »

Lawyer for suspect in shooting of Ferguson cop says confession was coerced

By Tom Hall, 2 April 2015

The March 11 shooting of the police officers has been used to discredit opposition to police brutality.

The paramilitary occupation of America

More on police violence in America »

US auto executives handed multimillion-dollar pay packages

By Shannon Jones, 2 April 2015

The CEOs of the three major US-based car companies have announced huge pay packages for top officials in advance of contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers.

Toronto university strikes end

By Carl Bronski and Dylan Lubao, 2 April 2015

CUPE worked to ensure that strikes did not become the catalyst for a working class challenge to the provincial Liberal government’s austerity agenda.

Quebec Liberals respond to student anti-austerity strike with repression and threats

Brazil’s government vows “huge cuts” as economic crisis intensifies

By Bill Van Auken, 2 April 2015

Faced with a massive corruption scandal and rising pressure from the right, President Rousseff is embarking on another round of austerity measures.

Six months since the disappearance of the 43 Mexican students

By Rafael Azul, 2 April 2015

Thousands marched and rallied in Mexico City demanding justice for the disappeared rural student teachers.

Honduran death squads kill four student protesters, including a 13-year-old

New in Urdu

یوکرائن کا بحران ایٹمی جنگ کیلئے خطرہ ہے ----روسی صدر پوٹن
بيان من حزب المساواة الاشتراكي

ایل ایکس لینٹر 17 March 2015

کیف میں مغربی حمایت یافتہ قوت کے برسر اقتدار آنے کے بعد پوٹن نے کہا کہ کریملن کو خدشہ تھاکہ نیٹو کی طاقت روس پر حملہ کردے گی اس لیے اس نے اپنی نیوکلیئر فورسز کو احکام جاری کیا کہ وہ جنگ کیلئے تیا ر رہیں

New in Greek

Οι θεωρητικές και ιστορικές καταβολές της ψευτο-αριστεράς

Του Ντέϊβιντ Νορθ, 2 Απρίλιος 2015

Το World Socialist Web Site αναδημοσιεύει εδώ στα ελληνικά την εναρκτήρια αναφορά του πρόεδρου της Διεθνούς Συντακτικής Επιτροπής του WSWS Ντέιβιντ Νορθ προς το Δεύτερο Εθνικό Συνέδριο του Σοσιαλιστικού Κόμματος Ισότητας (ΗΠΑ) στις 8 Ιουλίου 2012.

New in Russian

Столкновение олигархов сотрясает украинский режим

2 апреля 2015 г.

5 апреля 1965 года власти Восточной Германии перекрыли движение по автодороге длиной 180 километров, связывающей Федеративную Республику Германии с Западным Берлином.

New in Turkish

Suudi Arabistan ve Mısır Yemen’in ABD destekli istilasına hazırlanıyor

Niles Williamson, 2 Nisan 2015

Suudi Arabistan ve Mısır, ülkenin büyük kısmında yönetimi ele geçiren Husi milislerini geri püskürtmek amacıyla Yemen’in ABD destekli bir askeri istilasına hazırlanıyor.

Fransız savcı yardımcı pilotun Germanwings uçağını kasten düşürdüğünü söyledi

Stefan Steinberg, 2 Nisan 2015

Fransız Cumhuriyet Savcısı, dün Marsilya’da düzenlediği basın toplantısında, Alman yardımcı pilot Andreas Lubitz’i, uçağı kasten Alpler’deki bir dağa doğru uçurmuş olmakla suçladı.

USW ihaneti dayatıyor ve devam eden petrol grevlerini bitirmeye çalışıyor

Jerry White, 2 Nisan 2015

Dördüncü haftasına giren ABD petrol rafinerisi işçileri grevi, işçilerin, işlerini, ücretlerini, iş güvenliği ve çalışma koşullarını savunma uğruna mücadeleye olan giderek artan istekliliğinin bir ifadesidir.

New in French

Un tournant décisif dans la crise de l'impérialisme américain

Par Nick Beams, 2 avril 2015

L'inscription de quelque 40 pays à la Banque asiatique d'investissement pour les infrastructures prochinoise marque une étape importante dans le déclin économique de l'impérialisme américain.

L’armée américaine va former des milices fascistes ukrainiennes

Par Patrick Martin, 2 avril 2015

Le 20 avril, des commandos américains commenceront à entraîner des unités de la Garde nationale ukrainienne, dont le bataillon Azov tristement célèbre.

New in German

Ein entscheidender Wendepunkt in der Krise des amerikanischen Imperialismus

Nick Beams, 2. April 2015

Die Entscheidung von mehr als 40 Ländern, an der von China unterstützten „Asien Infrastrukturinvestitionsbank“ teilzunehmen, ist ein wichtiges Kennzeichen für den wirtschaftlichen Niedergang des US-Imperialismus.

Deutschland und Frankreich rüsten gemeinsam auf

Peter Schwarz, 2. April 2015

Berlin und Paris planen den gemeinsamen Bau einer Kampfdrohne und wollen bei der Satellitenaufklärung enger zusammenarbeiten.

Früherer Militärdiktator gewinnt Präsidentschaftswahl

Thomas Gaist, 2. April 2015

Buhari hatte schon nach dem Militärputsch von 1983 als Diktator regiert. Seinen Wahlkampf unterstützte eine Consultant-Firma mit Beziehungen zum Weißen Haus.

Südkorea schließt sich der chinesisch geführten Asiatischen Investitionsbank an

Ben McGrath, 2. April 2015

Seouls Entscheidung wurde von China begrüßt und erfolgte trotz des Drucks der Vereinigten Staaten.

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Washington’s “human rights” imperialism exposed

2 April 2015

With increasing brazenness, the United States functions as the spearhead of militarism and reaction all over the world.

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Socialist Equality Party

The election of Syriza in Greece: Marxism vs. the pseudo-left
A lecture series by David North (April 8 - 22)

2 April 2015

WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North will speak on the theoretical and political origins of the pseudo-left at meetings in Minnesota and California.

WSWS publishes Greek translation of report on the origins of the pseudo-left

By David North

Posted here is a translation into Greek of “The theoretical and historical origins of the pseudo-left,” a report to the Socialist Equality Party (US).

Socialist Equality Party (UK) election campaign

London: SEP candidate exposes false housing promises of Labour and Greens

By Paul Mitchell, 1 April 2015

Labour offers itself to business backers to kick off UK election campaign

By Julie Hyland, 31 March 2015

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2015 General Election manifesto: No to war and austerity! Fight for socialism!

the Socialist Equality Party (UK), 30 March 2015


A decisive turning point in the crisis of American imperialism

By Nick Beams, 1 April 2015

The return of the Bismarck cult

By Peter Schwarz, 1 April 2015

How Moratorium NOW! facilitated the Detroit bankruptcy

By Lawrence Porter, 1 April 2015

Judge boasts of his “political” role in Detroit bankruptcy conspiracy

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US Army to train Ukrainian fascist militias

By Patrick Martin, 1 April 2015

More on the crisis in Ukraine »

“They don’t care about the people … all they care about are the rich”
Flint, Michigan residents speak on tainted water supply

By a WSWS reporting team, 1 April 2015

Indiana governor signs bill allowing for discrimination on religious grounds

The vendetta against Bowe Bergdahl

Arts Review

Exhibition in Berlin: Rediscovery of a Russian revolutionary art school

By Sibylle Fuchs and Verena Nees, 31 March 2015

FICUNAM 2015: Part 4
Tackling life head on: The films of Uzbek-Soviet director Ali Khamraev

By David Walsh and Joanne Laurier, 28 March 2015

I Remember You: A comment on the history of his film by director Ali Khamraev


Lee Kuan Yew, founder of Singapore (1923-2015)

By Gustav Kemper, 1 April 2015

The sheer quantity of condolences from heads of states and obituaries in major newspapers was remarkable for a politician who headed a city state with just 5.5 million people.

In Defense of Historical Truth

Socialism and historical truth
A lecture delivered at the Leipzig Book Fair

By David North, 17 March 2015

Hundreds attend lecture introducing German edition of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

25 years ago: Bundesbank plan to impoverish East German workers

On March 31, 1990, the Bundesbank’s proposal for a two-for-one exchange for East German marks was made public.

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50 years ago: East Germany shuts down Berlin Autobahn

On April 5, 1965, East German authorities closed the 110-mile highway linking the Federal Republic of Germany with West Berlin.

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75 years ago: CIO leader Lewis attacks Roosevelt

On April 1, 1940, United Mine Workers President John L. Lewis attacked the Roosevelt administration and threatened to organize labor in opposition.

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100 years ago: Militarist celebrations of Bismarck centenary in Germany

On April 1, 1915, German authorities organized major public commemorations of the centenary of the birth of Otto Von Bismarck.

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