Fascist leader Yarosh appointed advisor to Ukrainian army

By Johannes Stern, 7 April 2015

On the basis of the struggle against “communism,” the regime in Kiev installed and financed by the West is turning ever more directly into an ultra-right dictatorship.

US Army to train Ukrainian fascist militias

Murder in Moscow: Why was Boris Nemtsov assassinated?

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Syriza promises IMF Greece will “meet all obligations to all its creditors”

By Robert Stevens, 7 April 2015

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis flew to Washington on an unscheduled trip to assure the IMF that the Syriza-led government will pay it €450 million this week.

Greece and the dictatorship of finance capital

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Obama defends Iran nuclear pact as Pentagon prepares for war

By Bill Van Auken, 7 April 2015

The Pentagon tested a new “bunker-buster” bomb, the most destructive non-nuclear weapon it has, to ensure Washington is “able to provide military options for Iran.”

Iran nuclear deal: US prepares for new wars

Preparing ground invasion of Yemen, Saudi military to raze some 100 border towns

By Thomas Gaist, 7 April 2015

Even before a ground campaign, the US-backed Saudi-led war against Yemen has produced hundreds of civilian casualties and growing social breakdown.

The war in Yemen and the American drive for global domination

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Detroit water department lays off all building maintenance workers

By James Brewer, 7 April 2015

In the move toward the transition to a new regional water authority, the Detroit water department is launching an assault on the jobs and living standard of workers

Judge boasts of his “political” role in Detroit bankruptcy conspiracy

Detroit’s water shutoffs and the aristocratic principle

More on the bankruptcy of Detroit »

Pseudo-left rally behind Scottish National Party at anti-nuclear submarine rally

By Julie Hyland, 7 April 2015

The organisers of Saturday’s protest are seeking to channel opposition to war behind capitalist parties fully committed to militarism.

Tommy Sheridan’s call for a Scottish National Party vote: An exposure of Britain’s pseudo-left

French bosses’ call to end permanent job contracts, facilitate mass layoffs

By Kumaran Ira, 7 April 2015

The French business group Medef is calling for the creation of a new type of job contract in order to facilitate individual and mass sackings of workers.

Germany: Speculation mounts over Thyssen Krupp plan to outsource steel production

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 7 April 2015

Speculation is growing at Germany’s largest technology firm that Thyssen Krupp may be preparing to separate from its steel production division, affecting some 26,000 jobs.

Sri Lankan president performs delicate balancing act in Beijing

By Wasantha Rupasinghe, 7 April 2015

Newly-elected Sirisena has shifted foreign policy toward the US and India, but has few options other than to seek much-needed financial assistance from China.

Australian “No to racism rallies” silent on Labor and union role

By Mike Head, 7 April 2015

Under conditions of political crisis, right-wing nationalist and neo-fascist organisations are raising their heads, exploiting fears whipped up about Islamic immigrants.

New Zealand: Sham inquiry established into spying revelations

By Tom Peters, 7 April 2015

The aim of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security’s investigation is to whitewash the mass surveillance carried out by the Government Communications Security Bureau.

New in Serbo-Croatian

Sukob oko kineske Azijske investicione banke

Nick Beams, 7. aprila 2015.

SAD su pretrpele “bolno odbacivanje od nekih od svojih najbližih saveznika.” Kako će odgovoriti? Ne ekonomskim ustupcima, već jačanjem političkih i vojnih provokacija.

New in Turkish

Yemen’deki savaş ve ABD’nin dünya egemenliği dürtüsü

Niles Williamson, 7 Nisan 2015

ABD önderliğinde Ortadoğu’da sürdürülen savaş kampanyasında, bu kez Yemen’de yeni bir cephe açıldı.

Macaristan hükümeti faşist Jobbik partisi ile yakın çalışıyor

Markus Salzmann, 7 Nisan 2015

Başbakan Viktor Orban'ın hükümeti, Şubat ayında mutlak çoğunluğu kaybettiğinden beri, aşırı sağ ile yakın çalışmaya başladı.

Brezilya devlet başkanını devirmeyi amaçlayan sağcı protestolara yüz binlerce insan katıldı

Bill Van Auken, 7 Nisan 2015

Yolsuzluklara karşı ve kısa süre önce yeniden seçilen İşçi Partili devlet başkanı Dilma Rousseff’in istifa etmesi veya görevden alınması için ülke genelinde düzenlenen protesto yürüyüşlerine yüz binlerce Brezilyalı katıldı.

New in French

Accord sur le nucléaire iranien: les Etats-Unis préparent de nouvelles guerres

Par Peter Symonds, 7 avril 2015

L’accord passé avec l’Iran ne représente pas un tournant des Etats-Unis vers la paix mais vise à étayer la position de Washington alors qu’il prépare une guerre avec la Russie et la Chine.

Inquiétudes dans la presse française devant la remilitarisation allemande

Par Kumaran Ira et Alex Lantier, 7 avril 2015

La politique de réarmement menée dans toute l'Europe aggrave des tensions profondément enracinées entre l'Allemagne et la France.

New in German

Atomdeal mit dem Iran: USA bereiten neue Kriege vor

Von Peter Symonds, 7. April 2015

Das Abkommen mit dem Iran dient nicht dem Frieden, sondern zielt darauf ab, die amerikanischen Kriegsvorbereitungen gegen Russland und China voranzutreiben.

Faschistenführer Jarosch wird Berater der ukrainischen Armee

Von Johannes Stern, 7. April 2015

Auf der Grundlage des Kampf gegen den „Kommunismus“ entwickelt sich das vom Westen installierte und finanzierte Regime in Kiew zu einer ultrarechten Diktatur.

Massenmorde und Plünderungen bei Rückeroberung von Tikrit

Von Patrick Martin, 7. April 2015

Amnesty International untersucht Berichte über zahlreiche Menschenrechtsverletzungen von schiitischen Milizionären nach der Rückeroberung von Tikrit.

Streik bei Alitalia

Von Marianne Arens, 7. April 2015

Während die Fluggesellschaften einen weltweiten Preis- und Verdrängungskampf führen, verfolgen die Gewerkschaften eine rein nationale Strategie, die sich gegen die eigenen Mitglieder wendet.

ThyssenKrupp: Spekulationen über die Abtrennung des Stahlbereichs

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann, 7. April 2015

Beim größten deutschen Stahl- und Technologieunternehmen wird über eine vollständige Abtrennung des Stahlbereichs mit derzeit etwa 26.000 Arbeitsplätzen spekuliert.

New in Greek

Οι θεωρητικές και ιστορικές καταβολές της ψευτο-αριστεράς

Του Ντέϊβιντ Νορθ, 2 Απρίλιος 2015

Το World Socialist Web Site αναδημοσιεύει εδώ στα ελληνικά την εναρκτήρια αναφορά του πρόεδρου της Διεθνούς Συντακτικής Επιτροπής του WSWS Ντέιβιντ Νορθ προς το Δεύτερο Εθνικό Συνέδριο του Σοσιαλιστικού Κόμματος Ισότητας (ΗΠΑ) στις 8 Ιουλίου 2012.

New in Arabic

الاشتراكية والنضال ضد الحرب الامبريالية

بيان اللجنة الدولية للمؤتمر الدولي الرابع
3 يوليو 2014

1- بعد مئة عام من اندلاع الحرب العالمية الأولى و بعد 75 سنة من بدء الحرب العالمية الثانية، يقوم النظام الإمبريالي مرة أخرى بتهديد البشرية بكارثة.

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The political issues in the Chicago mayoral election

7 April 2015

The phony “populist” campaign of “Chuy” Garcia has been mounted, under conditions of mass disaffection from the two-party system, to head off the emergence of a politically independent movement of the working class.

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Rolling Stone’s retraction of University of Virginia gang rape story

By David Walsh, 7 April 2015

Rolling Stone magazine commissioned Steve Coll, dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, and two colleagues, to investigate the writing and publication of “A Rape on Campus.”

An odor of decadence
DiCaprio proposes resort on private island to “change the world”

By Eric London, 6 April 2015

Backing Syriza, UK’s Left Unity reveals anti-working class, anti-socialist perspective

By Robert Stevens, 6 April 2015

Mass killings, looting in Tikrit by US-backed Shiite militia

By Patrick Martin, 6 April 2015

UK sends military trainers to Syria

By Jean Shaoul, 6 April 2015

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Workers and youth denounce social conditions, express no confidence in Chicago mayoral candidates

By George Marlowe and George Gallanis, 6 April 2015

Report details massive police response to Boston Marathon bombing

By Nick Barrickman, 6 April 2015

“Religious freedom” and the assault on democratic rights in America

March US jobs growth slowest since 2013

US faces another debacle on Pacific economic treaty

A decisive turning point in the crisis of American imperialism

The Atlanta “cheating” case and the crisis of public education in the US

Socialist Equality Party

The election of Syriza in Greece: Marxism vs. the pseudo-left
A lecture series by David North (April 8 - 22)

2 April 2015

Socialism and historical truth
A lecture delivered at the Leipzig Book Fair

By David North, 17 March 2015

Public meetings in Australia and New Zealand:
Anzac Day, the glorification of militarism and the drive to World War III

6 April 2015

Arts Review

FICUNAM 2015: Part 5
A revealing forum on “Politics and film criticism” at Mexican film festival

6 April 2015

FICUNAM 2015: Part 4
Tackling life head on: The films of Uzbek-Soviet director Ali Khamraev

I Remember You: A comment on the history of his film by director Ali Khamraev

New York exhibition looks at “political art” of the 1930s

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

7 April 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Mass strike by Vietnamese shoe workers

By Ben McGrath, 6 April 2015

Federal judge bans pilot strike at Las Vegas-based airline

By Jerry White, 6 April 2015

Socialist Equality Party (UK) election campaign

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon denies claim she wants a Conservative government

By Julie Hyland, 6 April 2015

UK party leaders’ debate: Pro-business parties discuss how best to impose austerity

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2015 General Election manifesto: No to war and austerity! Fight for socialism!

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25 years ago: Reagan official convicted on Iran-Contra charges

Admiral John M. Poindexter was convicted on five felony charges of lying, conspiracy and obstructing Congress.

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50 years ago: Longshoremen’s union boycotts Alabama

Responding to a call by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the ILWU voted to refuse to handle Alabama goods on April 9, 1965.

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75 years ago: Germany invades Denmark and Norway

On April 9, 1940, German forces overran Denmark and invaded Norway.

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100 years ago: Socialist youth conference held in Berne, Switzerland

On April 7, 1915, an international meeting of young socialists held in Berne, Switzerland concluded its proceedings.

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