Civilian casualties mount as Saudi-led airstrikes continue in Yemen

By Niles Williamson, 25 April 2015

Behind the backs of the American population, the Obama administration has given its full support to the bloody and illegal war being waged against the Houthis.

Obama’s criminal war against Yemen

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Greece’s Syriza government signals pension cuts

By Christoph Dreier, 25 April 2015

The elimination of early retirement benefits, which Syriza previously declared a “red line” that would not be crossed, is one of the central demands of the troika.

EU, Syriza prepare to suppress popular opposition to austerity in Greece

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US, South Korea sign new nuclear pact

By Ben McGrath, 25 April 2015

The treaty is designed to ensure that South Korea does not acquire nuclear weapons and remains militarily dependent on the United States.

Maryland governor sends state troopers as protests mount over police murder of Freddie Gray

By Barry Grey, 25 April 2015

With the protests growing and moving from the local police precinct to downtown Baltimore, Democratic officials are raising the red herring of “outside agitators.”

Grand jury exonerates killer cops in Dallas

By our reporter, 25 April 2015

The police murder in Baltimore

Judge acquits Chicago police officer who killed unarmed woman in 2012

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Majority of US public aid recipients are from working families

By Zaida Green, 25 April 2015

Some 73 percent of people enrolled in public welfare programs, including food assistance, come from families with at least one member who is employed.

California and Illinois nurses set to strike

By Marc Wells, 25 April 2015

Nurses at eight California hospitals and one Chicago medical center have announced a strike against understaffing, limited by the unions to a one- or two-day action.

Public transportation in New Jersey faces service cuts and fare increases

By Philip Guelpa, 25 April 2015

The proposed service cuts and fare increases are a step towards eliminating unprofitable routes, with the ultimate aim of privatizing those that remain.

Scottish National Party’s overtures to Labour prompt Conservative backlash

By Julie Hyland, 25 April 2015

Faced with a mounting social and economic crisis, the British bourgeoisie’s traditional mechanisms of rule are collapsing.

Poland builds up military against Russia

By Markus Salzmann, 25 April 2015

Poland is increasing its defence spending and planning to build six watchtowers on the border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

French President Hollande promotes the neo-fascist National Front

By Stéphane Hugues, 25 April 2015

Hollande’s comments comparing the FN to the Communist Party are a reactionary attempt to give the neo-fascists a “left” populist cover.

Canadian high schoolers paid $2,000 to take military training course

By Ashley Tseng, 25 April 2015

Under a new Saskatchewan government program, the Canadian military is partnering with Regina schools to provide military training to high school students.

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نه به جنگ امپریالیستی!
به گردهمایی آنلاین روز جهانی کارگر بپیوندید!

روز یکشنبه، سوم ماه مه (13 اردیبهشت) کمیتۀ بین المللی انترناسیونال چهارم گردهمایی جهانی آنلاین خود را به مناسبت اول ماه مه، روز تاریخی همبستگی بین المللی طبقۀ کارگر برگزار خواهد کرد.

New in French

Etats-Unis: assassinat policier à Baltimore

Par Andre Damon, 25 avril 2015

L'horrible assassinat de Freddie Gray par la police de Baltimore résume des relations sociales, basées aux Etats-Unis, sur l'exploitation et la brutalité.

La police française arrête un étudiant à Paris pour préparation d’attentat terroriste

Par Kumaran Ira, 25 avril 2015

Le gouvernement du Parti socialiste saisit l’occasion du dernier complot terroriste dans la capitale française pour légitimer des mesures d’espionnage et d’anti-terrorisme.

New in German

Der Polizeimord von Baltimore

Von Andre Damon, 25. April 2015

Der schreckliche Polizeimord an Freddy Gray steht exemplarisch für den brutalen Ausbeutungscharakter der gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse in Amerika.

Syriza-Regierung kündigt Rentenkürzungen an

Von Christoph Dreier, 25. April 2015

Auf dem Treffen der Euro-Finanzminister in der lettischen Hauptstadt Riga hat es am Freitag keine Einigung mit der griechischen Regierung über die Auszahlung der Hilfskredite gegeben.

Trotz verkündeter Waffenruhe:
Saudische Bomber greifen Jemen weiter an

Von Bill Van Auken, 25. April 2015

Die saudische Monarchie bombardiert weiter jemenitische Städte, während die USA ihre Pläne neu justieren.

Stress und Arbeitshetze bei Opel

Von Marianne Arens, 25. April 2015

Zwei Gerichtsprozesse beleuchten die drastischen Arbeitsbedingungen bei Opel-Rüsselsheim.

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Obama’s drone warfare: Assassination made routine

25 April 2015

President Obama’s admission that CIA drone missiles killed two hostages held by Al Qaeda has evoked no significant questioning of the program of targeted killings.

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International May Day 2015

No to imperialist war! Join the 2015 International May Day Online Rally!

the International Committee of the Fourth International

WSWS publishes Persian translation of ICFI May Day statement

By the International Committee of the Fourth International

Posted here is a translation into Persian of the statement “No to imperialist war! Join the 2015 International May Day Online Rally!”

Capitalism, war and the collapse of democracy

By Tom Carter, 22 April 2015

Sri Lanka: Campaign for International May Day wins warm response

By our correspondents, 24 April 2015

Chicago auto workers voice support for May Day rally

Detroit Chrysler workers express support for May Day rally against war

More on International May Day 2015 »

SEP Australia

Australia’s Anzac Day and the glorification of militarism and war

By Peter Symonds, 25 April 2015

The Anzac Day juggernaut is a deliberate attempt to inculcate patriotism and overwhelm anti-war sentiment in preparation for new and more terrible wars.

University of Michigan IYSSE and WSWS readers oppose ban on SEP (Australia) meeting

By our reporter, 25 April 2015

Socialist Equality Party meetings to proceed on April 26

By the Socialist Equality Party, 22 April 2015

The political censorship of the SEP (Australia) and the fight against war

Australia’s Anzac Day: Revising history in preparation for new wars

Humboldt University IYSSE denounces Australian university’s anti-war meeting ban

World War I: The breakdown of capitalism

More on the banning of SEP (Australia) anti-war meetings »

Book Review

The role of Australian schools in World War I
Soldier Boys: The Militarisation of Australian and New Zealand Schools for World War I

By Margaret Rees and Linda Levin, 25 April 2015

The vast majority of recruits to the Australian military during WWI were the product of a harsh and punitive system of compulsory military training.

Arts Review

An appraisal of German writer Günter Grass: 1927-2015

By Sybille Fuchs, Wolfgang Weber and Peter Schwarz, 25 April 2015

Günter Grass, who died at the age of 87 on April 13, was one of Germany’s most outstanding storytellers and a man who remained true to his political principles throughout his life.

“Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit,” at the Detroit Institute of Arts
In defense of Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry frescoes

By Tim Rivers and David Walsh, 21 April 2015

Socialist Equality Party (UK) Election Campaign

Defend migrants and refugees! Oppose British imperialism!

By David O’Sullivan, 25 April 2015

The following statement was issued by David O’Sullivan, Socialist Equality Party candidate for the London Holborn & St. Pancras constituency.

UK General Election: Green Party offers no real alternative to austerity and militarism

By Chris Marsden, 24 April 2015

Scottish Socialist Party manifesto: Nationalism and class collaboration

By Julie Hyland, 23 April 2015

SEP candidate tells London hustings:
“Whoever forms the next government makes no fundamental difference”

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2015 General Election manifesto: No to war and austerity! Fight for socialism!

More on the SEP (UK) election campaign »

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka) holds first national congress

By our correspondents, 21 April 2015

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

25 April 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

German train drivers strike for seventh time in a year

By Dietmar Henning, 24 April 2015

Workers at Germany’s Postbank begin indefinite strike

Washington state teachers hold one-day strikes over wages, class sizes

Union agrees to sell-out deal covering Los Angeles teachers


Twenty-five years of the Hubble Space Telescope

By Bryan Dyne, 24 April 2015

NHS FightBack

Patient sheds light on crisis at England’s biggest NHS hospital trust

By Tom Pearse, 24 April 2015

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Obama admits US drone strike killed two Al Qaeda hostages

By Patrick Martin, 24 April 2015

EU steps up police and military operations against refugees after special summit

By Johannes Stern, 24 April 2015

The refugee crisis and the new “scramble for Africa”

Most US states saw jobs losses in March

By Ed Hightower, 24 April 2015

Canada’s Conservatives pledge more austerity and war

By Keith Jones, 24 April 2015

25 years ago: Hubble Space Telescope launched into orbit

The much-anticipated launch of the Hubble Space Telescope aboard the space shuttle Discovery took place on April 24, 1990 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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50 years ago: Sukarno completes nationalization of foreign property

On April 24, 1965, President Sukarno signed a decree nationalizing the remaining foreign property held in Indonesia.

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75 years ago: US admiral says war against Japan inevitable

On April 22, 1940, Rear Admiral J.K. Taussig bluntly revealed US imperialism’s aims before the Senate committee on naval affairs.

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100 years ago: Allied forces launch disastrous Gallipoli landing in Turkey

On April 25, 1915 troops from Britain, Australia and New Zealand began the land phase of what has become known as the Gallipoli campaign.

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