Thousands of national guard troops occupy Baltimore

By Jerry White, 29 April 2015

Despite claims by the state’s national guard chief that “this is not martial law,” the city of 622,000 is under siege by heavily armed troops, military vehicles and helicopters.

City of Chicago offers payouts for police brutality and torture

Baltimore residents speak out against police killing

Federal agent kills 20-year-old Detroit man in front of family

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US and Japan tighten military ties in stepped up war drive against China

By Nick Beams, 29 April 2015

China was not directly mentioned by name following the signing of a new military agreement between the US and Japan, but there is no doubt it is the target.

Japanese prime minister pushes to end constitutional limits on the military

The New York Times deploys to Nepal

By Bill Van Auken, 29 April 2015

From the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the war for regime change in Syria and the fascist-led coup in Ukraine, the New York Times has served as a propaganda arm for Washington.

Anger mounts over government response to Nepal earthquake disaster

By W.A. Sunil, 29 April 2015

Hundreds of thousands of people lack rudimentary facilities and are cramped in makeshift camps or sleeping in open spaces.

US deploys new “military assets” to Nepal as death toll from earthquake grows

Australian government hypocrisy over Indonesia’s executions

By Peter Symonds, 29 April 2015

Australia’s political establishment and media have latched onto the state killing of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to posture as opponents of the death penalty.

More details emerge over sacking of Australian journalist for challenging Anzac myth

By Mike Head, 29 April 2015

Any criticism of the Australian ruling elite’s involvement in imperialist wars, past or present, cannot be tolerated.

Militarised war centenary events across Australia

Australia: Camp Gallipoli fails to attract support

US-Iran tensions over seizure of cargo vessel

By Thomas Gaist, 29 April 2015

The incident comes against the backdrop of a redoubling of the US-backed aerial bombardment of Iranian-allied militias in Yemen.

US Navy deploys warships to intercept Iranian aid convoy off Yemen coast

US-Al Qaeda offensive against Syrian regime

By Patrick Martin, 29 April 2015

An alliance of anti-Assad rebels, led by the al-Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, is armed with US-supplied TOW anti-tank missiles.

Journalist Richard Engel’s 2012 kidnapping account was part of drive to war with Syria

Governing parties suffer defeat in Finnish elections

By Roger Jordan, 29 April 2015

The aggressive US-led drive to encircle Russia in eastern Europe and the Baltic will be one of the main issues confronting the incoming administration.

US Supreme Court hears oral arguments on same-sex marriage cases

By Evan Blake, 29 April 2015

Nearly fifty years after the Supreme Court ruled that the right to marriage applied to interracial couples, the Court today is split on whether to allow states to ban same-sex marriage.

Port truck drivers walk out again in southern California

By Marc Wells, 29 April 2015

Truck drivers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach went on strike Monday over wage theft and to be reclassified as employees, not “independent contractors.”

New Florida public school superintendent to receive record salary

By Matthew Taylor and Matthew MacEgan, 29 April 2015

Palm Beach County, Florida is falling in line behind other school districts in the state by giving its new school superintendent a CEO-style compensation package.

Mexico farm workers’ struggle winds down as negotiations continue

By Clodomiro Puentes, 29 April 2015

By isolating the strike to the San Quintin region, the union leaderships have allowed the growers to take advantage of the precarious social position of the farm workers.

New in Russian

Кинофестиваль FICUNAM в Мехико
Я тебя помню: Комментарий режиссера Али Хамраева об истории создания фильма

29 апреля 2015 г.

Кинорежиссер Али Хамраев рассказывает о трудностях, с которыми ему пришлось сталкиваться в конце 1970-х — начале 1980-х годов при создании фильма Я тебя помню.

New in Serbo-Croatian

Ne imperijalističkom ratu! Pridruži se međunarodnom prvomajskom internet mitingu 2015

Međunarodni Komitet Četvrte Internacionale, 29. april 2015.

U nedelju 3. maja Međunarodni Komitet Četvrte Internacionale će održati međunarodni internet miting da obilježi prvi maj, istorijski dan solidarnosti međunarodne radničke klase.

New in French

La Garde nationale déployée à Baltimore après l’éruption de colère contre un meurtre policier

Par Jerry White, 29 avril 2015

Les déclarations incendiaires des responsables de Baltimore montrent clairement que les actes meurtriers de la police sont une manifestation du mépris éprouvé pour les travailleurs de cette ville par l’etsablishment politique tout entier.

La Chine investit $46 milliards dans le projet sino-pakistanais de Corridor économique

Par Athiyan Silva, 29 avril 2015

L'accord permettrait à la Chine de contourner en grande partie le danger d’un blocus de ses importations d'énergie par les marines américaine et alliées dans l’Océan Indien et l’Océan Pacifique.

Garry Trudeau, dessinateur de Doonesbury, attaqué pour avoir critiqué Charlie Hebdo

Par Patrick Martin, 29 avril 2015

Dans un discours qu’il a prononcé plus tôt ce mois-ci, Garry Trudeau s’est opposé à la pratique du magazine français de publier des caricatures antimusulmanes.

New in German

Die Anzac-Gedenkfeiern in Australien und der Kampf gegen Krieg

Von Nick Beams, 29. April 2015

Die Veranstaltungen der Socialist Equality Party am Sonntag verliehen der Antikriegsstimmung unter weiten Teilen der Arbeiter und Jugendlichen in Australien und international einen bewussten politischen Ausdruck.

Vom Co-Manager zum Top-Manager
Ex IG Metall Chef Huber leitet VW-Aufsichtsrat

Von Verena Nees und Dietmar Henning, 29. April 2015

Die IG Metall übernimmt nun die direkte Verantwortung für ein massives Sparprogramm gegen die weltweit 600.000 VW-Beschäftigten.

Einsatz der Nationalgarde nach Protesten wegen Polizeimord in Baltimore

Von Jerry White, 29. April 2015

Wie die provokanten Äußerungen der Behörden von Baltimore zeigen, ist das mörderische Vorgehen der Polizei ein Ausdruck der Verachtung des ganzen politischen Establishments für die Arbeiter der Stadt.

Australien: Der ANZAC Day und die Glorifizierung von Militarismus und Krieg

Von Peter Symonds, 29. April 2015

Die Kampagne zum ANZAC Day war ein bewusster Versuch, Patriotismus zu schüren und die Antikriegsstimmung zu verdrängen, um neue und noch schrecklichere Kriege vorzubereiten.

Irans Außenminister Sarif bietet USA strategische Partnerschaft an

Von Keith Jones, 29. April 2015

Der iranische Außenminister Mohammed Jawad Sarif hat angeboten, dass der Iran neben Israel und Saudi-Arabien die Rolle des Juniorpartners der USA im Nahen Osten übernimmt.

New in Persian

نه به جنگ امپریالیستی!
به گردهمایی آنلاین روز جهانی کارگر بپیوندید!

روز یکشنبه، سوم ماه مه (13 اردیبهشت) کمیتۀ بین المللی انترناسیونال چهارم گردهمایی جهانی آنلاین خود را به مناسبت اول ماه مه، روز تاریخی همبستگی بین المللی طبقۀ کارگر برگزار خواهد کرد.

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The social eruption in Baltimore, Maryland

29 April 2015

The eruption of mass anger in Baltimore, Maryland over the police murder of Freddie Gray, and the subsequent military-police takeover of the city have revealed the reality of social life in America.

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International May Day 2015

Worldwide support for 2015 International May Day Online Rally

By our reporters, 29 April 2015

Hundreds of workers and young people from more than 60 countries around the world have signed up to join the May 3 rally. Many spoke to the WSWS about why they are attending.

No to imperialist war! Join the 2015 International May Day Online Rally!

the International Committee of the Fourth International, 13 April 2015

Capitalism, war and the collapse of democracy

Sri Lanka: Campaign for International May Day wins warm response

Chicago auto workers voice support for May Day rally

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For freedom of speech at Humboldt University

the Socialist Equality Party (Germany) and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 29 April 2015

Humboldt University is attempting to intimidate, suppress and criminalize criticism of the controversial political views publicly advanced by Jörg Baberowski, chair of the university’s Department of Eastern European History.

Socialism and historical truth
A lecture delivered at the Leipzig Book Fair

Scholarship, not war propaganda!
The IYSSE’s campaign against war and historical falsification at Humboldt University

Arts Review

Woman in Gold: The battle to recover art stolen by the Nazis

By David Walsh, 29 April 2015

The film is a fictional rendering of the successful legal efforts, undertaken by Maria Altmann, to regain possession of several Gustav Klimt paintings stolen or coerced from her family.

An appraisal of German writer Günter Grass: 1927-2015

“Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit,” at the Detroit Institute of Arts
In defense of Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry frescoes

Socialist Equality Party (UK) Election Campaign

SEP candidate Katie Rhodes addresses Glasgow Central Mosque hustings

By Barry Mason, 29 April 2015

Rhodes appealed to the audience at the hustings “to reject the false promises made by these candidates and their rotten parties and build a genuine working class party”.

Tommy Sheridan’s “Hope over Fear”: Cheerleaders for the Scottish National Party

By Chris Marsden, 28 April 2015

UK general election reveals crisis of capitalist rule

Miliband lays out Labour’s militarist foreign policy for Britain

Defend migrants and refugees! Oppose British imperialism!

UK General Election: Green Party offers no real alternative to austerity and militarism

Scottish Socialist Party manifesto: Nationalism and class collaboration

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2015 General Election manifesto: No to war and austerity! Fight for socialism!

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SEP Australia

Australia’s Anzac celebrations and the fight against war

By Nick Beams, 28 April 2015

Australian broadcaster sacks journalist for criticising Anzac Day
Defend Scott McIntyre! Defend freedom of speech!

the Socialist Equality Party, 27 April 2015

Workers and youth defy Anzac Day propaganda to attend SEP anti-war meetings

By our reporters, 27 April 2015

International greetings to the SEP (Australia) meetings

Workers and young people speak at SEP (Australia) anti-war meetings

The role of Australian schools in World War I
Soldier Boys: The Militarisation of Australian and New Zealand Schools for World War I

The political censorship of the SEP (Australia) and the fight against war

Humboldt University IYSSE denounces Australian university’s anti-war meeting ban

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Obama gave CIA free rein for drone assassinations in Pakistan

By Bill Van Auken, 28 April 2015

Writers oppose free speech award for Charlie Hebdo

By Tom Eley, 28 April 2015

Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau attacked for criticizing Charlie Hebdo

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Syriza-led government prepares new austerity measures against Greek workers

By Christoph Dreier, 28 April 2015

More on the crisis in Greece »

South China Sea disputes dominate ASEAN summit

By Peter Symonds, 28 April 2015

After exposure of 2012 kidnapping story
Vanity Fair, Richard Engel and NBC attempt a cover-up

White House Correspondent’s Dinner: Wealth, influence, hypocrisy

Former CIA head Petraeus gets wrist-slap sentence for leaking classified material

US settlement shields Deutsche Bank from criminal prosecution for rigging Libor

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

28 April 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.


Twenty-five years of the Hubble Space Telescope

By Bryan Dyne, 24 April 2015

25 years ago: South Korean workers battle police

Hundreds of thousands of workers and students clashed with police in cities throughout South Korea in May Day protests called to denounce violent attacks on strikers.

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50 years ago: US invades Dominican Republic

On April 28, 1965, over 500 US Marines were airlifted to the Dominican Republic in an act of imperialist aggression aimed at reinstating a pro-American dictatorship.

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75 years ago: Himmler orders construction of Auschwitz

On April 27, 1940, SS head Heinrich Himmler ordered the creation of a prison concentration camp near the Polish village of Oswiecim.

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100 years ago: Italy breaks alliance with Germany, Austria-Hungary

On May 3, 1915, Italy officially revoked the Triple Alliance, a military pact with Austria-Hungary and Germany.

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