Euro zone summit rejects emergency funds for Greece, issues austerity ultimatum

By Barry Grey and Chris Marsden, 8 July 2015

Taking its lead from Germany, the euro zone summit laid plans for a meeting Sunday of the heads of all European Union states to discuss expelling Greece from the common currency.

On-the-spot report from Athens
Greek workers speak out after “no” vote on austerity
“This is the 21st century—we want more than this”

By Robert Stevens and Christoph Dreier, 8 July 2015

The WSWS spoke to workers and young people in the aftermath of the overwhelming “no” vote last Sunday.

As EU denounces “no” vote, Tsipras moves to the right

A landslide “no” to EU austerity in Greece

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Summer joblessness for US teens remains near record levels

By Nick Barrickman, 8 July 2015

The share of teenagers who are employed during the summer has plunged by nearly 50 percent since 2000.

US labor force participation rate hits lowest level in nearly four decades

Three decades on death row
Glenn Ford: An American tragedy

By Niles Williamson, 8 July 2015

Ford, who died last week at his home in New Orleans, spent the previous 30 years on death row in solitary confinement at Angola prison—for a crime he did not commit.

The death of Kalief Browder

Pentagon chief outlines plans for space war versus China and Russia

By Thomas Gaist, 8 July 2015

The Pentagon is developing new space war capabilities and modernizing its nuclear arsenal to prepare for “great power struggles” against China and Russia.

Settlement in Mexican farmworkers struggle leaves families mired in poverty

By Clodomiro Puentes and Don Knowland, 8 July 2015

The wage agreement left Baja California farm workers well below the poverty threshold and subject to other work abuses.

Canada’s NDP defends leader’s talks on joining Harper government

By Roger Jordan, 8 July 2015

New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair’s 2006-7 flirtation with the Conservatives speaks volumes about the politics of the trade union-backed NDP.

German government further restricts right to asylum

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 7 July 2015

The German parliament passed a law July 2 that further criminalizes refugees.

Factional rival Turnbull publicly condemns policies of Australian prime minister

By James Cogan, 8 July 2015

Malcolm Turnbull sought to portray himself as a cultured “liberal” statesman and a defender of democratic rights.

Australia: The political fraud of constitutional “recognition” for Aborigines

By Mike Head, 8 July 2015

Aboriginal people, like the rest of the working class, are facing a wholesale onslaught on essential services, living conditions and basic rights.

New in French

L'EU attaque le vote pour le « non », Tsipras va à droite.

Par Chris Marsden, 8 juillet 2015

La réponse de l’UE au vote des travailleurs grecs contre l'austérité est d’exiger que son programme de coupes soit mis en œuvre; Syriza lui, vire encore plus à droite.

La chute boursière en Chine projette son ombre sur les marchés mondiaux

Par Nick Beams, 8 juillet 2015

Le gouvernement chinois a tout fait pour freiner la chute de la bourse, mais en vain.

Référendum en Grèce: Des travailleurs disent ce qu'ils pensent

Par Robert Stevens et Christoph Dreier, 8 juillet 2015

Même si de nombreux votants ont des illusions dans le gouvernement Syriza et l'Union européenne, le vote s'opposait distinctement aux tentatives répétées de Syriza de conclure un accord avec les institutions de l'UE.

New in German

EU verurteilt „Nein“ beim griechischen Referendum

Chris Marsden, 7. Juli 2015

Als Reaktion auf das „Nein“ der griechischen Arbeiter zur Austeritätspolitik fordert die EU, dass ihr Programm jetzt umgesetzt wird. Syriza rückt derweil weiter nach rechts.

Globale Aktienmärkte spüren zunehmend die Folgen der sinkenden Aktienkurse in China

Nick Beams, 8. Juli 2015

Die chinesische Regierung hat alles versucht, um die Talfahrt der Aktienmärkte aufzuhalten, aber es war vergebens.

„Studierendenparlament der FU Berlin bekräftigt einstimmig Kritik HU-Studierender am Umgang mit der Causa Münkler“

unseren Korrespondeten, 8. Juli 2015

Die einstimmige Verabschiedung der Resolution im StuPa der zweiten renommierten Universität Berlins ist nicht nur ein weiterer Rückschlag für Münkler und Baberowski, sondern für die gesamte herrschende Elite.

Verdi verkauft Poststreik aus

Gustav Kemper, 8. Juli 2015

Niedriglöhne, keine Arbeitszeitverkürzung und Spaltung der Beschäftigten. Das ist das Ergebnis von Verdis Ausverkauf des Poststreiks.

Bochumer Outokumpu-Edelstahlwerk geschlossen

Philipp Frisch, 8. Juli 2015

Vertreter der IG Metall und des Betriebsrates vergießen Krokodilstränen über das Aus des Werks, das sie selbst vereinbart haben.

New in Greek

Ένα σαρωτικό «όχι» στη λιτότητα της ΕΕ στην Ελλάδα

Άλεξ Λαντιέ, 6 Ιούλιος 2015

Η σαρωτική ψήφος για «όχι» στο χθεσινό δημοψήφισμα για τη λιτότητα στην Ελλάδα είναι μια συντριπτική λαϊκή απόρριψη της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης και της ατζέντας λιτότητας που έχει ακολουθήσει σε όλη την Ευρώπη από την οικονομική κρίση του 2008.

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The significance of the Chinese stock market rout

8 July 2015

The Chinese regime sought to create a social base of support in better-off sections of the middle class, which are now being hammered by the stock market plunge.

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Featured Video

“People deserve respect whether they can pay their bills or not”
Life without water in Detroit

By Seraphine Collins, 8 July 2015

In this video, Mamie Brown, a Detroit preschool teacher, describes the experience of having her water shut off.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Why the German media refuses to report Humboldt University students’ defense of Münkler-Watch

Humboldt University student parliament defends freedom of speech

IYSSE delegate addresses Humboldt University student parliament
“Failure to defend freedom of expression would have dire consequences”

Defend student free speech at Humboldt University! Stop state-sponsored censorship!

Arts Review

Terminator Genisys and the trajectory of American “independent” filmmaking

By David Walsh, 8 July 2015

A number of the independent filmmakers of the 1990s and early 2000s have found their way, like Alan Taylor, to one or another blockbuster franchise.

NBC’s American Odyssey: Mercenaries, jihadists and Machiavellian US corporations

Silicon Valley: HBO’s satire of American tech culture


New Horizons spacecraft prepares for Pluto flyby

By Bryan Dyne, 8 July 2015

Pluto, a world too small and distant to be seen in detail even with Earth’s best telescopes, is the farthest object explored by a space probe.

Atmospheric temperatures rise to record levels as glaciers disintegrate

By Matthew MacEgan, 3 July 2015

New in Greek

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “A landslide ‘no’ to EU austerity in Greece”

Posted here is a translation into Greek of the Perspective of the WSWS posted on July 6.

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “Rumbles of military coup as Greek workers demand end to EU austerity”

WSWS publishes Greek translation of David North’s May Day speech

Live coverage from Greece

Video report: Workers speak out against austerity at mass demonstration in Athens

By Robert Stevens and Christoph Dreier, 4 July 2015

More on the crisis in Greece »


China’s share plunge casts lengthening shadow over global markets

By Nick Beams, 7 July 2015

Puerto Rico spirals towards bankruptcy amid mass poverty and increasing inequality

By Rafael Azul, 7 July 2015

Obama at the Pentagon: No end to ISIS war

By Thomas Gaist, 7 July 2015

Japan joins US-Australian rehearsal for conflict with China

By James Cogan, 7 July 2015

For the first time, Japanese forces will participate in the biennial joint Australian and US “Talisman Sabre” exercise.

Iran nuclear talks approaching make-or-break deadline

Republican candidates split over racist remarks by Donald Trump

Socialist Equality Party

SEP meetings oppose US-Australian war drive against China

By our reporter, 7 July 2015

Australian workers and youth speak about the danger of war

By our reporters, 7 July 2015

Victimised Sri Lankan plantation workers speak to the WSWS

SEP/IYSSE public meetings to discuss Sri Lankan political crisis


The Nazi past of Germany’s post-war political elite

By Verena Nees, 7 July 2015

Workers struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

7 July 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature

Autoworkers Struggle

UAW vs. autoworkers: Who are the freeloaders?

By Shannon Jones, 6 July 2015

25 years ago: US-backed Nicaraguan regime calls out military against strikers

On July 9, 1990, President Violeta Chamorro called out the army to restore order during a strike in Managua, the capital city.

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50 years ago: Vietnam “will get worse before it gets better,” Johnson warns

US President Lyndon Johnson, speaking from the White House on July 9, 1965, warned that US involvement in Vietnam would increase beyond the officially stated goal of 75,000 soldiers.

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75 years ago: Stalin orders crackdown in Lithuania

On July 7, 1940, the Lithuanian security department, under direction from Stalin, ordered the liquidation of all bourgeois parties.

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100 years ago: Austria-Hungary defeats Italy in first battle of the Isonzo

On July 7, 1915, Italian troops suffered a defeat to Austro-Hungarian forces just inside the border of the territory of Austria-Hungary.

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