Pew report: 84 percent of world population subsists on under $20 per day

By Andre Damon, 11 July 2015

The much-vaunted rise of the “global middle class” is “more promise than reality,” according to a report published this week by the Pew Research Center.

IMF report: Global growth lowest since 2009

A summer without jobs for America’s youth

Iran talks continue into the weekend

By Keith Jones, 11 July 2015

The Obama administration is seeking an agreement that will provide Washington with maximum leverage over Iran and the ability to easily pivot back to all-out confrontation.

Record campaign fundraising for Republicans, Democrats

By Patrick Martin, 11 July 2015

The difference in the 2016 campaign is that the billionaires have intervened earlier and more openly, and there are more of them.

Hillary Clinton joins right-wing attack on “sanctuary cities”

Trump redoubles racist invective against Mexican immigrants

Notes on police violence
Video shows Philadelphia police ruthlessly beat unarmed youth

By Evan Blake, 11 July 2015

Video shows that police punched and kicked Tyree Carroll dozens of times, beat him with nightsticks and Tazed him at least four times.

More on police violence in America »

In wake of US Supreme Court ruling
Oklahoma sets execution dates for three death row prisoners

By Kate Randall, 11 July 2015

The high court ruling upholding Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol, which uses the sedative midazolam, allows state-sanctioned killings to resume.

US Supreme Court upholds “excruciating” executions

Eric Holder returns to law firm that represents Wall Street banks

By Tom Carter, 11 July 2015

For six years, Holder used the office of attorney general to benefit the financial elite. Now he is going back to work for them directly.

Major US airlines investigated for collusion and price-gouging

By Gabriel Black, 11 July 2015

The evidence shows that airlines are deliberately stopping expansion in order to limit seats on airline flights, which is driving up prices for customers and restraining competition.

UK: Poorest children lag behind on language skills

By Tom Pearse and Sascha Woods, 11 July 2015

A fifth of children in England leave primary school unable to read well, including over a third of the poorest children.

Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon in talks over fracking

By Steve James, 11 July 2015

Fracking is notorious for the threat it poses to ground water supplies, which can be contaminated with chemicals and by methane released from cracked wells.

New Zealand First Party attacks Pacific Island immigrants

By Matthew Carrington and Tom Peters, 11 July 2015

Emboldened by the support it receives from Labour, the Greens and Mana, New Zealand First’s denunciations of foreigners are increasingly vicious.

Malaysian prime minister engulfed in corruption scandal

By John Roberts, 11 July 2015

The Wall Street Journal allegations have fanned a crisis that threatens Najib’s political position and could destabilise the ruling UMNO.

New in Greek

Η προδοσία της ελληνικής εργατικής τάξης από τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

Άλεξ Λαντιέ, 12 Ιούλιος 2015

Με εκπληκική ταχύτητα, η υπο την ηγεσία του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ κυβέρνηση απαρνήθηκε την σαρωτική ψήφο υπέρ του «όχι» στο δημοψήφισμα της Κυριακής ενάντια στις απαιτήσεις για λιτότητα της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης (ΕΕ).

New in Serbo-Croatian

Dok Evropska unija osuđuje grčko “ne”, Cipras se kreće udesno

Chris Marsden, 10. jul 2015.

Odgovor evropskih sila i grčke vlade predvođene Siricom na “ne” koje je izglasano na referendumu o mjerama štednje, koje je od Grčke zahtijevala Evropska unija, je aktuelizovao osnovna politička pitanja sa kojima se radnička klasa suočava.

New in French

Tsipras dépose une demande auprès de l'Union européenne pour un nouvel accord d'austérité

Par Joseph Kishore, 10 juillet 2015

Suite à la victoire écrasante du vote «non» au référendum de dimanche, Tsipras poursuit la politique de retraite et de capitulation que son gouvernement dirigé par Syriza a commencée dès son premier jour au pouvoir.

La débâcle de la bourse chinoise se répercute sur les marchés mondiaux

Par Nick Beams, 10 juillet 2015

Chaque jour de la dernière semaine, le gouvernement chinois et les régulateurs financiers ont annoncé de nouvelles mesures pour tenter de stopper la chute, sans succès.

L'importance de la débâcle boursière chinoise

Par Nick Beams, 10 juillet 2015

Le régime chinois a cherché à se créer une base de soutien parmi des couches aisées de la classe moyenne qui sont maintenant durement frappées par la chute du marché boursier.

New in German

IWF-Bericht: Niedrigstes globales Wachstum seit 2009

Andre Damon, 11. Juli 2015

Acht Jahre nach den ersten Anzeichen einer weltweiten Finanzkrise droht der Weltwirtschaft heute erneut der Absturz in Rezession und Finanzkollaps.

Tsipras’ Vorschlag an die EU: Griechische Regierung billigt brutale Sparmaßnahmen

Alex Lantier, 11. Juli 2015

Die Regierung hat einem Sparpaket von dreizehn Millionen Euro zugestimmt, das eine Erhöhung der regressiven Umsatzsteuer und des Rentenalters einschließt. Sie weist damit das überwältigende „Nein“-Votum der Bevölkerung im Referendum über die Sparpolitik zurück.

US-Militärs bezeichnen Russland als „größte Bedrohung“ für amerikanische Interessen

Niles Williamson, 11. Juli 2015

Die systematischen Versuche der Obama-Regierung, Russland militärisch unter Druck zu setzen, bringen zunehmend die Gefahr eines Krieges zwischen den beiden größten Atommächten der Welt mit sich.

Parlament in Sri Lanka aufgelöst

K. Ratnayake, 11. Juli 2015

Seit der Präsidentschaftswahl am 8. Januar erlebt Sirisenas Regierung eine Krise nach der anderen.

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Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek working class

11 July 2015

With extraordinary speed, the Syriza-led government has repudiated the landslide “no” vote in Sunday’s referendum by proposing €13 billion in austerity measures.

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The Crisis in Greece

Greek government approves brutal austerity measures in proposal to EU

By Alex Lantier, 10 July 2015

A landslide “no” to EU austerity in Greece

On-the-spot report from Athens
Greek workers speak out after “no” vote on austerity
“This is the 21st century—we want more than this”

By Robert Stevens and Christoph Dreier, 8 July 2015

Video report: Workers speak out against austerity at mass demonstration in Athens

By Robert Stevens and Christoph Dreier, 4 July 2015

More on the crisis in Greece »

New in Greek

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek working class”

Posted here is a translation into Greek of the Perspective of the WSWS posted on July 11.

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “As EU denounces ‘no’ vote, Tsipras moves to the right”

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “A landslide ‘no’ to EU austerity in Greece”

Greek translation of David North’s May Day speech

Arts Review

Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, Season 3: Life goes on in a women’s prison

By Ed Hightower, 11 July 2015

In the third season of the series about a fictional woman’s correctional facility, based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, privatization comes to Litchfield prison.

The Face of an Angel and Danny Collins: A notorious murder trial and an aging musician

By Joanne Laurier, 10 July 2015

Terminator Genisys and the trajectory of American “independent” filmmaking

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

11 July 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

London trains shut down in rail worker strike

By our reporters, 10 July 2015

German Ver.di trade union sells out postal workers strike

Featured Video

“People deserve respect whether they can pay their bills or not”
Life without water in Detroit

By Seraphine Collins, 8 July 2015


Military officials declare Russia the “greatest threat” to US interests

By Niles Williamson, 10 July 2015

UN report: Syria faces worst refugee crisis in recent history

By Thomas Gaist, 10 July 2015

South Carolina legislature ends display of Confederate flag

By Patrick Martin, 10 July 2015

Why the politicians have united to take down the Confederate flag

Obama welcomes Vietnam’s Communist Party head

By Peter Symonds, 10 July 2015

German SPD’s new program: Racism and law and order

By Ulrich Rippert, 10 July 2015

Illinois governor proposes deep pension cuts

By Alexander Fangmann, 10 July 2015

China share rout hits global markets

US lawyers argue Manila’s case against China in The Hague

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Why the German media refuses to report Humboldt University students’ defense of Münkler-Watch

Humboldt University student parliament defends freedom of speech

IYSSE delegate addresses Humboldt University student parliament
“Failure to defend freedom of expression would have dire consequences”

Defend student free speech at Humboldt University! Stop state-sponsored censorship!


New Horizons spacecraft prepares for Pluto flyby

By Bryan Dyne, 8 July 2015

Socialist Equality Party

SEP meetings oppose US-Australian war drive against China

By our reporter, 7 July 2015

SEP/IYSSE public meetings to discuss Sri Lankan political crisis

25 June 2015


The Nazi past of Germany’s post-war political elite

By Verena Nees, 7 July 2015

Auto workers struggles

UAW vs. autoworkers: Who are the freeloaders?

By Shannon Jones, 6 July 2015

25 years ago: US-backed Nicaraguan regime calls out military against strikers

On July 9, 1990, President Violeta Chamorro called out the army to restore order during a strike in Managua, the capital city.

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50 years ago: Vietnam “will get worse before it gets better,” Johnson warns

US President Lyndon Johnson, speaking from the White House on July 9, 1965, warned that US involvement in Vietnam would increase beyond the officially stated goal of 75,000 soldiers.

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75 years ago: Stalin orders crackdown in Lithuania

On July 7, 1940, the Lithuanian security department, under direction from Stalin, ordered the liquidation of all bourgeois parties.

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100 years ago: Austria-Hungary defeats Italy in first battle of the Isonzo

On July 7, 1915, Italian troops suffered a defeat to Austro-Hungarian forces just inside the border of the territory of Austria-Hungary.

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