Contract talks set to begin for 140,000 US autoworkers

By Jerry White, 13 July 2015

The negotiations do not involve antagonistic parties, as the UAW long ago abandoned any defense of workers’ interests and tied its institutional fate to the profits of the auto companies.

As contract talks set to start
Ford threatens mass layoffs at Michigan truck plant

By Tim Rivers, 13 July 2015

UAW vs. autoworkers: Who are the freeloaders?

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Tensions erupt in Europe as Berlin threatens to expel Greece from the euro

By Alex Lantier, 13 July 2015

The German government intends not only to reduce Greece to semi-colonial status, but to whip critics of its Greek policy, such as France and Italy, into line.

Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek working class

A landslide “no” to EU austerity in Greece

Video report: Workers speak out against austerity at mass demonstration in Athens

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FBI Director Comey demands “backdoor” access to encrypted data

By Kevin Reed, 13 July 2015

Comey spoke before two Senate committees last week to press the case for stepped-up government surveillance of the American people.

WikiLeaks email release reveals hacking by governments worldwide

By Mike Head, 13 July 2015

At least 46 countries are identified as seeking Hacking Team software to secretly access and monitor computers and smart phones.

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Baltimore, Maryland police chief fired under pressure from police union

By Tom Hall, 13 July 2015

Baltimore's mayor caved in to demands by the Fraternal Order of Police that chief Anthony Batts be removed for not responding with sufficient brutality to the April demonstrations.

Notes on police violence
Video shows Philadelphia police ruthlessly beat unarmed youth

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Two Detroit firefighters injured fighting blaze with low water pressure

By Tyler Van Dyke and Lawrence Porter, 13 July 2015

Firefighters had to pump water from blocks away in order to contain a fire that engulfed a five-story apartment building.

Manchester protesters face eviction as UK rough sleeping rises

By Dennis Moore, 13 July 2015

A group of homeless protesters who have been camped out on the streets of central Manchester for the last few months could face jail if an injunction goes ahead.

New Zealand: Thousands forced to live in accommodation “outside the norm”

By John Braddock, 13 July 2015

According to Statistics NZ, almost 100,000 people are living in institutions, hotels, caravans, motor camps, boarding houses and even garages.

South Africa: ANC’s anti-immigrant measures impact tourism

By G. T. Maqhubela, 13 July 2015

Tourist arrivals into South Africa from abroad have plummeted amid the government’s enforcement of xenophobic anti-immigrant policies.

New in Serbo-Croatian

Ubjedljivo “ne” EU štednji u Grčkoj

Alex Lantier, 13. jul 2015.

Ubjedljiva pobjeda opcije “protiv” na referendum u Grčkoj predstavlja rasprostranjeno popularno odbacivanje Evropske unije i mjera štednje.

New in French

L'importance des événements en Grèce

Par Jerry White, 13 juillet 2015

Devant une campagne interminable de chantage économique et même des menaces de coup militaire, la classe ouvrière grecque a de façon écrasante rejeté les demandes d'austérité de l'Union européenne.

Un été sans emploi pour la jeunesse américaine

Par Andre Damon, 13 juillet 2015

La prévalence du chômage chez les jeunes, qui rappelle les conditions de la Grande Dépression, est pratiquement ignorée par les grands médias et l'establishment politique américains.

New in Turkish

Syriza’nın Yunan işçi sınıfına ihaneti

Alex Lantier, 13 Temmuz 2015

Yunanistan’daki Syriza önderliğindeki hükümet, Avrupa Birliği’nin (AB) kemer sıkma önlemlerine ilişkin Pazar günkü referandumda çıkan “hayır” oyu zaferini olağanüstü bir hızla reddetti.

AB “hayır” oyunu kınarken Tsipras sağa kayıyor

Chris Marsden, 13 Temmuz 2015

Sermayenin bu saldırısına verilecek tek yanıt, işçi sınıfının, sosyalist bir program temelinde, AB’ye ve onun hizmet ettiği bankalara karşı uluslararası bir karşı saldırısıdır.

Nemesis Operasyonu: Yunanistan’da protestolara karşı devlet baskısı tehlikesi

Alex Lantier, 13 Temmuz 2015

Yunanistan’da Avrupa Birliği’nin kemer sıkma programı üzerine Pazar günü yapılan referandumda “Hayır” oyu çıkmasının ardından, ülke içindeki siyasi durum son derece gergin olmaya devam ediyor.

Çin borsasındaki çöküşün önemi

Nick Beams, 13 Temmuz 2015

Çin borsasının, hükümetin ve mali yetkililerin durdurmaya yönelik hararetli çabalarına rağmen süregiden düşüşü, hem Çin içinde hem de küresel olarak, büyük ekonomik ve siyasi etkilere sahiptir.

Berlin Özgür Üniversitesi öğrencileri sağcı Humboldt Üniversitesi profesörlerini eleştiren önergeyi kabul etti

Muhabirlerimizden, 13 Temmuz 2015

Berlin’in ikinci bir ünlü üniversitesindeki öğrencilerin kararı oybirliğiyle kabul etmesi, sadece Münkler ile Baberowski’ye karşı bir diğer darbe değildir. Bu, tüm egemen seçkinlere indirilmiş bir darbedir.

New in Greek

Η προδοσία της ελληνικής εργατικής τάξης από τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

Άλεξ Λαντιέ, 12 Ιούλιος 2015

Με εκπληκική ταχύτητα, η υπο την ηγεσία του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ κυβέρνηση απαρνήθηκε την σαρωτική ψήφο υπέρ του «όχι» στο δημοψήφισμα της Κυριακής ενάντια στις απαιτήσεις για λιτότητα της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης (ΕΕ).

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The consequences of Syriza’s betrayal: From terms of surrender to terms of occupation

13 July 2015

The EU is demanding terms that will condemn large sections of the Greek working class to destitution and turn the country into a virtual colony.

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New in Greek

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek working class”

Posted here is a translation into Greek of the Perspective of the WSWS posted on July 11.

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “As EU denounces ‘no’ vote, Tsipras moves to the right”

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “A landslide ‘no’ to EU austerity in Greece”


The American Psychological Association, torture and the Nuremberg doctors’ trial

By Tom Carter, 13 July 2015

A 542-page independent report made public Friday implicates the American Psychological Association in the CIA torture program.

Pew report: 84 percent of world population subsists on under $20 per day

By Andre Damon, 11 July 2015

Record campaign fundraising for Republicans, Democrats

By Patrick Martin, 11 July 2015

Eric Holder returns to law firm that represents Wall Street banks

By Tom Carter, 11 July 2015

Iran talks continue into the weekend

Military officials declare Russia the “greatest threat” to US interests

UN report: Syria faces worst refugee crisis in recent history

South Carolina legislature ends display of Confederate flag

Socialist Equality Party

SEP to stand in Sri Lankan general election

the Socialist Equality Party, 13 July 2015

The SEP is the only party advancing an internationalist and socialist program against war, austerity and attacks on democratic rights.

SEP (Australia) meetings: The pseudo-left in power: Lessons of Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

13 July 2015

The SEP meetings will provide a unique forum to discuss the crucial political lessons to be drawn from the experiences of the working class in Greece, and their relevance to the political tasks facing the working class in Australia and around the world.

SEP meetings oppose US-Australian war drive against China

By our reporter, 7 July 2015

Arts Review

Manglehorn and The Cobbler: The influence of social-gravitational forces

By David Walsh, 13 July 2015

The two films, Manglehorn, directed by David Gordon Green, and The Cobbler, directed by Tom McCarthy, both fall into the independent drama, or comedy-drama category.

Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, Season 3: Life goes on in a women’s prison

By Ed Hightower, 11 July 2015

The Face of an Angel and Danny Collins: A notorious murder trial and an aging musician

25 years ago: Luzon earthquake devastates the Philippines

On July 16, 1990, a tremor measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit the densely populated Philippines island of Luzon.

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50 years ago: Mariner IV photographs surface of Mars

On July 14, 1965, the Mariner IV satellite, part of NASA’s Mars-Mariner program, sent back to Earth the photographic images of Mars.

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75 years ago: British government rejects overtures from Hitler

On the evening of July 19, 1940, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler made a lengthy speech calling for a negotiated settlement with Great Britain.

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100 years ago: Coal miners strike in Wales

On July 15, 1915, some 200,000 coal miners in Wales went on strike, defying calls for the abolition of industrial action under wartime conditions.

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EPA study whitewashes the effects of fracking

By Philip Guelpa, 13 July 2015

The US EPA reports finding that the incidence of drinking water contamination due to hydraulic fracturing is low, but evidence of the danger of fracking continues to mount.

New Horizons spacecraft prepares for Pluto flyby

By Bryan Dyne, 8 July 2015

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“People deserve respect whether they can pay their bills or not”
Life without water in Detroit

By Seraphine Collins, 8 July 2015

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Why the German media refuses to report Humboldt University students’ defense of Münkler-Watch

Humboldt University student parliament defends freedom of speech

IYSSE delegate addresses Humboldt University student parliament
“Failure to defend freedom of expression would have dire consequences”

Defend student free speech at Humboldt University! Stop state-sponsored censorship!


The Nazi past of Germany’s post-war political elite

By Verena Nees, 7 July 2015