Campaign fundraising in 2016 US election cycle soars to new records

By Andre Damon, 17 July 2015

Candidates have spent twice as much in the first half of this year as at the same point in the last presidential election cycle, with the total cost of the election expected to rise to $10 billion.

Hillary Clinton outlines right-wing economic policies in New York City speech

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

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Japanese government pushes militarist legislation amid mass protests

By Oscar Grenfell, 17 July 2015

The passage of the laws marks a further stage in the militarist “reinterpretation” of Japan’s nominally pacifist constitution.

Japan joins US-Australian rehearsal for conflict with China

German auto workers condemn austerity deal imposed on Greece

By our correspondents, 17 July 2015

Workers at GM-Opel’s Rüsselsheim plant denounced the brutal austerity measures imposed on Greece last weekend by the German government.

Defend the Greek workers! Oppose the diktat of Schäuble and Merkel!

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White House official in charge of Obamacare rollout hired as health insurance lobbyist

By George Gallanis, 17 July 2015

Marilyn Tavenner will become the CEO of a firm that lobbies on behalf of some of the largest health insurance companies in America, including Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Paul Krugman’s apologia for Obamacare

Notes on police violence in America
Murky death of Sandra Bland points to possible police lynching

By Evan Blake, 17 July 2015

Bland was found hanging in a Texas jail cell on Monday, three days after her violent arrest.

Family of Eric Garner demands criminal prosecution after New York City announces $5.9 million settlement

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Voter suppression laws on trial in North Carolina

By Matthew Taylor, 17 July 2015

A federal lawsuit has challenged laws adopted by the state legislature to reduce voter turnout among minorities and the poor.

US seeks to placate Mideast allies angered by Iran nuclear deal

By Keith Jones, 17 July 2015

Obama and his top aides have indicated the US will offer Israel and the Saudi monarchy new weapons systems and enhanced intelligence cooperation and security guarantees.

US political infighting begins over Iran nuclear deal

Obama promotes “historic” nuclear deal with Iran

Pentagon ramping up US military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan

By Thomas Gaist, 17 July 2015

US air and drone strikes in Afghanistan more than doubled in the month of June, according to DOD statistics.

UK Conservative government curtails right to strike

By Paul Mitchell, 17 July 2015

Conservative business secretary Sajid Javid has presented a new Trade Union Bill to Parliament that represents a massive attack on the working class.

Canada boosts Kiev regime with free trade pact

By Roger Jordan, 17 July 2015

The agreement is aimed at demonstrating Canada’s staunch support for the Kiev regime, which was brought to power last year in a pro-western coup spearheaded by fascist forces.

Canadian prime minister backs right-wing regime in Ukraine

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Australian banking system vulnerable to global economic shocks

By James Cogan, 17 July 2015

A perfect storm is developing, leading towards a meltdown in the utterly speculative forms of wealth accumulation of the Australian ruling class.

Australian economic summit to plan new attacks on wages and social conditions

New in Greek

Οι συνέπειες της προδοσίας του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: Από τους όρους παράδοσης στους όρους κατοχής

Του Μπάρι Γκρέι, 16 Ιούλιος 2015

Στη συνάντηση τους αργά το βράδυ της Κυριακής, οι επικεφαλής των κυβερνήσεων της ευρωζώνης εξέδωσαν νέα τελεσίγραφα προς την Ελλάδα που ουσιαστικά θα απογυμνώσουν τη χώρα από την κυριαρχία της και θα τη μετατρέψουν σε οικονομική αποικία των γερμανικών τραπεζών.

New in Italian

Difendiamo i lavoratori greci! Opponiamoci al diktat di Schäuble e Merkel!

17 luglio 2015

Il Partito dell’Uguaglianza Sociale (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit o PSG) della Germania denuncia l’accordo imposto alla Grecia dal Cancelliere Angela Merkel e dal ministro delle finanze Wolfgang Schäuble al vertice dell’Eurogruppo di domenica.

New in French

Le parlement grec approuve le programme d'austérité dicté par l'Union européenne

Par Chris Marsden, 17 juillet 2015

La législation a été approuvée massivement par un vote de 229 à 64, au moment où le gouvernement grec déployait la police antiémeute contre les manifestations en dehors du parlement.

New in German

Griechisches Parlament bewilligt EU-Spardiktat

Von Chris Marsden, 17. Juli 2015

Das Gesetz wurde mit einer überwältigenden Mehrheit von 229 zu 64 Stimmen angenommen. Während der Abstimmung ging die Bereitschaftspolizei gegen Proteste vor dem Parlamentsgebäude vor.

Ein Brief aus Athen

17. Juli 2015

Die WSWS hat kürzlich einen Brief aus Griechenland zu Syrizas Verrat an der griechischen Bevölkerung erhalten.

Rassismus und Arroganz: Anti-griechische Hetze in deutschen Medien

Von Johannes Stern, 17. Juli 2015

Seit der Niederlage des Dritten Reichs vor 70 Jahren haben die deutschen Eliten nicht mehr so aggressiv gegen ein Land und seine Bevölkerung gehetzt, wie in den letzten Wochen gegen Griechenland und „die Griechen“.

Auschwitz-Buchhalter Gröning zu vier Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt

Von Sybille Fuchs, 17. Juli 2015

Das Urteil ist eine vernichtende Anklage gegen die deutsche Justiz, die Beteiligte an der Mordmaschinerie der Nazis jahrzehntelang kaum verfolgte.

Uni Frankfurt: NS-Forschung für Lehramtsstudierende unerwünscht

Von Marianne Arens, 17. Juli 2015

Die Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main legt der Forschungsstelle NS-Pädagogik immer mehr Steine in den Weg.

Obama empfängt Vorsitzenden der Kommunistischen Partei Vietnams

Von Peter Symonds, 17. Juli 2015

Trongs Besuch im Weißen Haus ist ein deutliches Zeichen dafür, dass Hanoi und Washington ihre Zusammenarbeit gegen China verstärken.

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Pluto and Earth

17 July 2015

The flyby of Pluto by the spacecraft New Horizons—a scientific achievement of the first order—stands in contrast to the seemingly intractable social crises on our own planet.

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Arts Review

USA Network’s Mr. Robot: A provocative start, but where will it go?

By Christine Schofelt and David Walsh, 17 July 2015

Making a direct appeal to debt-ridden youth and branding itself as “anti-corporate,” Mr. Robot raises many issues. But how does it deal with them?

Mary Ellen Mark: Photographer and humanist

By Seraphine Collins, 16 July 2015

Manglehorn and The Cobbler: The influence of social-gravitational forces

New in Greek

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “The consequences of Syriza’s betrayal: From terms of surrender to terms of occupation”

Posted here is a translation into Greek of the Perspective of the WSWS posted on July 13.

Greek translation of “Defend the Greek workers! Oppose the diktat of Schäuble and Merkel!”

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Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

17 July 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.


Greek parliament endorses EU-dictated austerity programme

By Chris Marsden, 16 July 2015

Lessons from Greece: The pseudo-left in power

UK Socialist Workers Party and Left Platform debate: Joint apologists for Syriza

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German academics, generals promote military build-up and war

By Johannes Stern, 16 July 2015

US military launches Jade Helm domestic training operations

By Thomas Gaist, 16 July 2015

Syrian refugees speak about their protest in Dortmund, Germany

By our correspondents, 16 July 2015

Australian Greens senator talks of war with China

US preparing new drone deployments to North Africa

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party fields 43 candidates in Sri Lankan general elections

By our correspondent, 16 July 2015

Sri Lanka: SEP meeting defends victimised plantation workers

By our correspondents, 15 July 2015

SEP to stand in Sri Lankan general election

the Socialist Equality Party, 13 July 2015

SEP (Australia) meetings: The pseudo-left in power: Lessons of Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

13 July 2015

Autoworkers Struggles

The battle ahead for US autoworkers

By Jerry White, 16 July 2015

Fiat Chrysler, CNH sign performance-based deal with Italian trade unions

By Marc Wells, 16 July 2015

Socialist Equality Party launches digital WSWS Autoworker Newsletter

By Jerry White, 15 July 2015

Workers face 1930s-type exploitation at Chicago Ford plants

UAW-GM talks open in Detroit

Contract talks set to begin for 140,000 US autoworkers

As contract talks set to start
Ford threatens mass layoffs at Michigan truck plant

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New Horizons spacecraft completes Pluto flyby

By Bryan Dyne, 15 July 2015

New Horizons spacecraft prepares for Pluto flyby

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“People deserve respect whether they can pay their bills or not”
Life without water in Detroit

By Seraphine Collins, 8 July 2015

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Why the German media refuses to report Humboldt University students’ defense of Münkler-Watch

Humboldt University student parliament defends freedom of speech

IYSSE delegate addresses Humboldt University student parliament
“Failure to defend freedom of expression would have dire consequences”

25 years ago: Luzon earthquake devastates the Philippines

On July 16, 1990, a tremor measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit the densely populated Philippines island of Luzon.

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50 years ago: Mariner IV photographs surface of Mars

On July 14, 1965, the Mariner IV satellite, part of NASA’s Mars-Mariner program, sent back to Earth the photographic images of Mars.

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75 years ago: British government rejects overtures from Hitler

On the evening of July 19, 1940, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler made a lengthy speech calling for a negotiated settlement with Great Britain.

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100 years ago: Coal miners strike in Wales

On July 15, 1915, some 200,000 coal miners in Wales went on strike, defying calls for the abolition of industrial action under wartime conditions.

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