General Wesley Clark calls for putting “disloyal” Americans in internment camps

By Thomas Gaist, 21 July 2015

”Radicalized” US residents should be subject to indefinite detention “for the duration” of the global war on terrorism, Clark said during a recent interview with MSNBC.

US Army simulates gun battles, sets off explosives in Flint, Michigan

After Berlin dictates EU bailout of Greece
French ruling elite debates how to deal with Germany

By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier, 21 July 2015

While the French bourgeoisie supports harsh attacks on Greek workers, it is shocked by Berlin’s threat to unilaterally expel Greece from the euro zone.

More on the crisis in Greece »

Veteran filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki denounces government plans to remilitarise Japan

By Richard Phillips, 21 July 2015

Miyazaki’s denunciations of the Abe government are another indication of widespread anti-war sentiment in Japan.

Japanese government pushes militarist legislation amid mass protests

UK defence secretary admits flouting parliamentary ban on military involvement in Syrian war

By Chris Marsden, 21 July 2015

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon used the parliamentary debate to propagandize for war.

Conservative government concealed UK participation in Syria air strikes

More on the crisis in Iraq and Syria »

UN Security Council approves pact on Iranian nuclear programs

By Peter Symonds, 21 July 2015

Despite the UN vote, the nuclear pact still faces concerted opposition in the US Congress and political establishment.

GM officials unlikely to face criminal charges for coverup of deadly defects

By Shannon Jones, 21 July 2015

The company’s executives are apparently the latest in a long list of corporate malefactors to escape prosecution for their actions.

Official death toll from GM ignition defect reaches 100

Federal Reserve documents stagnant state of US economy

By Barry Grey, 21 July 2015

The explosion of asset values and wealth accumulation at the very top of the economic ladder has occurred alongside an intractable and continuing slump in the real economy.

IMF report: Global growth lowest since 2009

US heroin deaths triple in four years

By Gabriel Black, 21 July 2015

The enormous growth in heroin use, particularly among young people, reflects the depth of the social crisis in America.

US and Cuba reopen embassies after 54 years

By Bill Van Auken, 21 July 2015

The resumption in diplomatic relations is seen by Washington as a path toward reasserting semi-colonial domination of Cuba, while boosting its image in Latin America.

Obama and Castro at the OAS summit

Frankfurt university winds down research on National Socialism

By Marianne Arens, 21 July 2015

The attacks against National Socialism research are linked to the revival of German militarism and the aggressive foreign policy of the German government.

Canadian police fatally shoot man outside meeting on controversial dam project

By Roger Jordan, 21 July 2015

Many questions remain unanswered in the troubling death of James Daniel McIntyre at the hands of the police in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

New in Spanish

Grecia: la seudoizquierda en el poder

Por Joseph Kishore, 21 julio 2015

La traición de SYRIZA es tanto más descarada porque ocurre a solo días del repudio popular de los ultimatums de la Unión Europea en un plebiscito convocado por su gobierno.

Gobierno de Puerto Rico planea hacer que los trabajadores paguen por la crisis de la deuda de la isla

Por Rafael Azul, 21 julio 2015

Una combinación de supuestas medidas “del lado de la oferta” y “pro desarrollo” empobrecerán a la clase obrera puertorriqueña.

Plutón y la Tierra

Por Patrick Martin, 21 julio 2015

La visita de la nave espacial New Horizons a Plutón es una conquista significa de primera que contrasta con la aparentemente insoluble crisis social en nuestro planeta.

New in French

Les banques d'État chinoises engagent 200 milliards de dollars pour endiguer la chute des marchés

Par Nick Beams, 21 juillet 2015

L'intervention massive des banques faisait partie d'un ensemble de mesures prises par le gouvernement et les autorités financières chinoises pour enrayer la chute de la valeur des actions.

Les confessions de Yanis Varoufakis: La pseudo-gauche en tant que type social

Par Chris Marsden, 21 juillet 2015

Dans une récente interview, l’ancien ministre des Finances de la Grèce a décrit «l’atmosphère de défaite» qui régnait au sein de la direction de Syriza après la victoire écrasante du «non» lors du référendum du 5 juillet sur l’austérité de l’Union européenne.

Sebastian Kempkens dans Uni Spiegel: les bas-fonds du journalisme au service de l'impérialisme allemand

Par l’organisation des Etudiants jeunes internationalistes pour l’Egalité sociale (Allemagne) - EJIES, 21 juillet 2015

Sebastian Kempkens, l'éditeur d'un magazine universitaire publié par Der Spiegel, a rejoint le chœur des médias dénonçant les étudiants anti-militaristes de l'Université Humboldt.

Contre la censure politique à l’Université occidentale de Sidney!

Par l’organisation des Etudiants jeunes internationalistes pour l’Egalité sociale (Australie) - EJIES, 21 juillet 2015

Les responsables de l’université cherchent à contrôler le contenu des tracts de l’IYSSE et à relever l’identité des étudiants qui les diffusent, en violation de droits démocratiques fondamentaux.

New in German

Der bevorstehende Kampf der US-Autoarbeiter

Von Jerry White, 21. Juli 2015

Die Eröffnung der Gespräche über neue Tarifverträge für 140.000 Autoarbeiter in den USA war von einer grotesken Atmosphäre der Einheit von Gewerkschaft und Management geprägt.

Seehofer und de Maizère hetzen gegen Flüchtlinge

Von Martin Kreickenbaum, 21. Juli 2015

In den letzten Tagen kam es in Deutschland zu einer Serie von Brandanschlägen auf Flüchtlingsunterkünfte.

IYSSE und Münkler-Watch: Studentische Initiativen treten Medienhetze entgegen

Von Christoph Dreier, 21. Juli 2015

An deutschen Universitäten mehren sich die Stimmen, die rechten Professoren und der Medienhetze gegen ihre Kritiker entgegentreten.

China: Staatliche Banken stellen 200 Milliarden Dollar für die Aktienmärkte bereit

Von Nick Beams, 21. Juli 2015

Die massive Intervention der Banken war eine von vielen Maßnahmen, mit denen Regierung und Finanzbehörden den Absturz der Aktienkurse aufhalten wollen.

Rechter Sektor droht mit Gewalt in der ganzen Ukraine

Von Andrea Peters, 21. Juli 2015

Nach den blutigen Gefechten in der Westukraine droht der neofaschistische Rechte Sektor auch in Kiew und anderen Städten mit „umfassenden Aktionen“.

Großbritannien: Konservative Regierung schränkt Streikrecht ein

Von Paul Mitchell, 21. Juli 2015

Das neue Gewerkschaftsgesetz des britischen Wirtschaftsministers stellt einen massiven Angriff auf das Streikrecht und auf bürgerliche Freiheiten dar.

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The Iran nuclear pact and US imperialism’s drive for global hegemony

21 July 2015

Obama’s “engagement” with Iran is a strategic bet that through a combination of pressure and inducements US imperialism will be able to harness Tehran to its predatory agenda.

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Mehring Books

An important contribution to Marxist theory
The Frankfurt School, Postmodernism and the Politics of the Pseudo-Left: A Marxist Critique

21 July 2015

The World Socialist Web Site is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of The Frankfurt School, Postmodernism and the Politics of the Pseudo-Left: A Marxist Critique by David North. The book is available for preorder today at Mehring Books.

Read the foreword to David North’s new book.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Student initiatives in Germany oppose media witch-hunt against IYSSE and “Münkler-Watch”

By Christoph Dreier, 21 July 2015

A growing number of students at German universities are speaking out in opposition to right-wing professors and the media campaign against their critics.

Sebastian Kempkens in Uni Spiegel: Gutter journalism in the service of German imperialism

More on the fight for historical truth in Germany »

Autoworkers Struggles

Autoworkers denounce UAW lies about ending two-tier system at Indiana plant

By Marcus Day, 21 July 2015

While the UAW claims to have “bridged the gap” at the Hammond plant, in reality it created a new tier of workers making as little as $11 an hour.

The battle ahead for US autoworkers

Socialist Equality Party launches digital WSWS Autoworker Newsletter

More on autoworkers struggles »


One year since the crash of MH17

By Niles Williamson, 21 July 2015

The American political establishment’s marking of the anniversary of the downing of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 over eastern Ukraine has been remarkably muted.

The US presidency for sale

By Patrick Martin, 20 July 2015

Campaign fundraising in 2016 US election cycle soars to new records

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

More on the 2016 US Elections »

Chinese state banks commit $200 billion to stem market selloff

By Nick Beams, 20 July 2015

Release of grand jury transcript points again to frameup of the Rosenbergs

By Fred Mazelis, 18 July 2015

President Obama postures as prison reformer

By Evan Blake, 20 July 2015

Buckingham Palace orders inquiry, threatens legal action over Nazi salute film

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

21 July 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

The Crisis in Greece

The confessions of Yanis Varoufakis: The pseudo-left as a social type

By Chris Marsden, 20 July 2015

German parliament supports attacks on Greek workers

By Peter Schwarz, 18 July 2015

Tsipras expels critics of EU austerity deal from Greek cabinet

By Alex Lantier, 18 July 2015

Racism and arrogance: Anti-Greek agitation in the German media

By Johannes Stern, 18 July 2015

France’s Left Party applauds Syriza’s imposition of EU austerity

By Kumaran Ira, 18 July 2015

Lessons from Greece: The pseudo-left in power

UK Socialist Workers Party and Left Platform debate: Joint apologists for Syriza

Defend the Greek workers! Oppose the diktat of Schäuble and Merkel!

More on the crisis in Greece »

New in Greek

WSWS publishes Greek translation of “The consequences of Syriza’s betrayal: From terms of surrender to terms of occupation”

Greek translation of “Defend the Greek workers! Oppose the diktat of Schäuble and Merkel!”

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Arts Review

Artist Shepard Fairey arrested on felony charges for Detroit graffiti

By Zac Corrigan, 20 July 2015

USA Network’s Mr. Robot: A provocative start, but where will it go?

By Christine Schofelt and David Walsh, 17 July 2015

Mary Ellen Mark: Photographer and humanist

By Seraphine Collins, 16 July 2015

25 years ago: US sets trap for Iraqi president Saddam Hussein

On July 25, 1990, US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie met with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and encouraged him to believe that Washington would not intervene if a military conflict broke out between Iraq and Kuwait.

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50 years ago: 10,000 battle riot police in Athens

On July 21, 1965, police in Athens attacked a crowd, estimated by western media at 10,000, demonstrating for the reinstatement of former Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou.

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75 years ago: Battle for Britain begins

On July 24, 1940, the first major clashes over the skies of southern Britain took place between the British and German air forces.

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100 years ago: British defeat Ottoman troops in Battle of Nasiriyah

On July 24, 1915, British troops defeated Ottoman forces in the battle of Nasiriyah, securing control of the strategically important city in modern-day Iraq.

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Pluto and Earth

By Patrick Martin, 17 July 2015

New Horizons spacecraft completes Pluto flyby

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party fields 43 candidates in Sri Lankan general elections

By our correspondent, 16 July 2015

SEP (Australia) meetings: The pseudo-left in power: Lessons of Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

13 July 2015