More signs of global downturn send stocks plunging again

By Andre Damon, 2 September 2015

Renewed assurances from the Federal Reserve of continued infusions of cash into the financial markets have been insufficient to calm fears of a sharp deterioration in world economic activity.

Central banks step in to prop up global financial bubble

World capitalism “toboggans toward catastrophe”

Refugee crisis deepens across central Europe

By Patrick Martin, 2 September 2015

While the EU governments are intensifying repressive measures, many ordinary people have shown a healthy sympathy for the refugees fleeing war and repression.

UK government pursuing vicious anti-immigrant response to migrant crisis

By Tom Pearse, 2 September 2015

German Left Party leader proposes separating refugees according to ethnicity

By our correspondent, 2 September 2015

German defence minister exploits refugee crisis to strengthen military

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As contract expires, USW orders steelworkers to stay on the job

By our reporters, 2 September 2015

Thousands of steelworkers rallied ahead of the expiration at midnight yesterday of three-year contracts covering 30,000 workers at US Steel and ArcelorMittal.

US steelworkers union blocks fight against wage and benefit cuts

US contract deadlines in auto and steel
For a united offensive of autoworkers and steelworkers against the corporate-government assault

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Two California killings used as pretext for attack on immigrants

By Dorota Niemitz, 2 September 2015

Two violent felonies attributed to undocumented immigrants in California are being used to launch a vicious attack on the entire immigrant community.

31,000 public schoolchildren in Kentucky are homeless

By Naomi Spencer, 2 September 2015

Kentucky has the highest rate of homelessness among US public schoolchildren, and little in the way of social services to help them.

Water shutoff moratorium in Flint as water crisis continues

US imperialism and the new race to the Arctic

By Clara Weiss, 2 September 2015

The US is increasingly vehement in its efforts to secure claims in the Arctic, with Obama becoming the first sitting US president to make an official visit to the region.

Ultra-right Maidan forces riot in Kiev over eastern Ukrainian autonomy law

By Alex Lantier, 2 September 2015

The riot underscores the reactionary character of Washington’s client state in Ukraine, substantial sections of which are pushing for total war with Russia.

UK psychologists campaign against cuts and social inequality

By Ross Mitchell, 2 September 2015

Psychologists report that they are seeing growing numbers of parents unable to take their children to therapy centres because of the cost of travel.

Brazil’s economy falls sharply amid deepening political crisis

By Bill Van Auken, 2 September 2015

The slide into recession has been steeper than predicted, with the Workers Party government presiding over a sharp rise in unemployment and social misery.

Sri Lankan president announces “national unity government”

By K. Ratnayake, 2 September 2015

The new coalition government is an attempt by the ruling class parties to close ranks in order to impose savage austerity measures on the working class.

US shift on Sri Lankan war crimes probe exposes Tamil nationalists

Sri Lankan unions promise to protect new pro-US administration

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Australian mining giant replaces Blackwater workers with contractors

By Declan O’Malley, 2 September 2015

The mining union is pleading with the company to keep collaborating in cutting costs at the expense of jobs and conditions.

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Setenta y cinco años del asesinato de León Trotsky

Por Joseph Kishore, 2 septiembre 2015

A los 75 años de su muerte, Trotsky resalta como una figura histórica de influencia sobre el curso del siglo XX. Sus obra escrita y sus ideas siguen siendo una guía esencial para orientar al proletariado actual.

Las atrocidades del Estado Islámico y la matanza de sociedades

Por Bill Van Auken, 2 septiembre 2015

Estado Islámico y la carnicería de Siria e Irak son el resultado de el asesinato de sociedades a manos del imperialismo yanqui.

Se calientan las tensiones entre Venezuela y Colombia

Por Bill Van Auken, 2 septiembre 2015

El gobierno de Maduro se aprovecha de recientes conflictos fronterizos para azuzar el nacionalismo y desviar la atención de la crisis social que encara el proletariado mexicano.

El capitalismo y la crisis global de refugiados

Por Robert Stevens, 2 septiembre 2015

Las guerras de Afganistán, Irak, Siria, y Libia han dejado a millones de personas sin techo y en la pobreza extrema.

New in French

L'Arabie Saoudite et les Emirats préparent une invasion du Yémen

Par Niles Williamson, 2 septembre 2015

Après des mois de frappes aériennes facilitées par le renseignement militaire américain et son soutien logistique, les puissances du Golfe préparent une invasion du Yémen.

Le PS et le PG virent à droite dans leurs universités d'été

Par Francis Dubois, 2 septembre 2015

Le PS et le Parti de gauche de Jean-Luc Mélenchon préparent des alliances avec des forces de droite explicitement hostiles au socialisme.

Le revirement des USA sur la guerre civile sri Lankaise démasque les nationalistes tamouls

Par K. Nesan, 2 septembre 2015

En soutenant un gouvernement proaméricain, les nationalistes tamouls se rendent complices de l'impunité dont jouissent les criminels lors de guerre au Sri Lanka.

Canada: Le NPD promet un budget équilibré et veut une force militaire plus importante

Par Roger Jordan, 2 septembre 2015

Le dirigeant du NPD Mulcair réagit à l'augmentation des turbulences économiques en réaffirmant l'appui de son parti pour la «responsabilité fiscale».

New in German

Die US-Präsidentschaftswahl 2016 und die Hetze gegen Einwanderer

Von Bill Van Auken, 2. September 2015

Der Vorwahlkampf in den USA ist von aggressiver Fremdenfeindlichkeit der Republikaner und Demokraten geprägt.

Merkel heuchelt Mitleid mit Flüchtlingen

Von Peter Schwarz, 2. September 2015

Die Politik der Bundesregierung ist weiterhin von brutaler Rücksichtslosigkeit gegen die Flüchtlinge geprägt, die aus den Kriegsgebieten im Nahen Osten und Afrika um ihr Leben fliehen.

Saudi-Arabien und VAE bereiten US-gestützte Bodenoffensive im Jemen vor

Von Niles Williamson, 2. September 2015

Die seit fünf Monaten andauernden Luftangriffe werden zunehmend durch den Einmarsch von Bodentruppen Saudi-Arabiens und der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate ergänzt.

Neuer Wettlauf zur Arktis

Von Clara Weiss, 2. September 2015

Die Arktis ist in den letzten Wochen zunehmend in den Fokus der geopolitischen Spannungen zwischen Russland und den USA gerückt.

Europa bereitet weitere Aufrüstung der Sicherheitsdienste vor

Von Francis Dubois, 2. September 2015

Der gescheiterte Anschlag im Hochgeschwindigkeitszug Thalys dient als Vorwand für verschärfte Angriffe auf demokratische Rechte und für eine allgemeine Überwachung der europäischen Bevölkerung.

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Abe accelerates the remilitarisation of Japan

2 September 2015

The latest defence budget increase, to fund the purchase of sophisticated new hardware and the expansion of bases, will push Japanese military spending to record levels.

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Workers Struggles in the US

Autoworkers speak out
GM workers: “If we can’t gain when they’re making profits, we’ll never get anything”

By Jerry White, 2 September 2015

GM workers have overwhelmingly voted for strike action. The WSWS spoke to GM workers at the Arlington, Texas and Lordstown, Ohio plants.

Autoworkers speak out: Louisville, Kentucky Ford worker denounces UAW-company alliance

Autoworkers speak out: GM worker in Wentzville, Missouri calls for international unity

Eighty years after founding of UAW
Homeless American autoworker speaks out

By Zac Corrigan, 31 August 2015

Video: The battle facing US autoworkers

A portrait of life in America’s Rust Belt
Part One

By Eric London, 27 August 2015

A portrait of life in America’s Rust Belt: Part Two
Part Two

A portrait of life in America’s Rust Belt: Part Three
Part Three

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Unions keep Verizon and AT&T workers on job without contracts

By Samuel Davidson and Maria Kovalenko, 1 September 2015

Workers Struggles

Indian workers need a socialist strategy

the Socialist Equality Party, 2 September 2015

Today’s general strike attests to workers’ opposition to the Indian bourgeoisie’s neo-liberal agenda. But the strike’s organizers, the unions and Stalinist parties, are themselves complicit in implementing that agenda.

Indian unions to hold one-day national strike

By Deepal Jayasekera, 1 September 2015

Arts Review

Author of books on Orson Welles, film noir, Vincente Minnelli and more
An interview with film historian and critic James Naremore

By David Walsh and Joanne Laurier, 2 September 2015

James Naremore has written influential books on directors Orson Welles, Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Kubrick, on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Alexander Mackendrick’s Sweet Smell of Success and the film noir genre.

Young Euro Classic: A music festival in Berlin opposing war and nationalism

By Verena Nees, 31 August 2015

David G. Spielman’s The Katrina Decade—An unsentimental look at how things are now

2016 US Elections

The 2016 US election and the scapegoating of immigrants

By Bill Van Auken, 1 September 2015

Donald Trump: The ugly face of capitalist politics

Sanders pledges his campaign to save Democratic Party

By Patrick Martin, 31 August 2015

Bernie Sanders: Silent partner of American militarism

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter: A revealing confrontation

By Patrick Martin, 22 August 2015

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Stalinism in Greece

By Christoph Dreier, 31 August 2015

New York Times paints Obama as “champion” of working people

By Andre Damon, 1 September 2015

Detroit Federation of Teachers president ousted by union executive board

By Walter Gilberti and Nancy Hanover, 1 September 2015

In wake of bloody factory bombing
Saudi Arabia and UAE prepare for major US-backed ground offensive in Yemen

By Niles Williamson, 1 September 2015

Egyptian junta hands down three-year jail terms to Al Jazeera journalists

On 10-year anniversary of Katrina
Former presidents Bush and Clinton celebrate transformation of New Orleans

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the pseudo-left, and the “Anybody but Harper” campaign


University of Melbourne student union imposes third ban on IYSSE club

the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 1 September 2015

75 years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

75 years since the assassination of Trotsky: 1940-2015
Leon Trotsky’s place in history

By David North, 21 August 2015

Published here is a section of a lecture delivered on the 60th anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky. The full lecture is included in David North’s book, In Defense of Leon Trotsky.

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By Joseph Kishore, 20 August 2015

25 years ago: Scorched earth plan for Soviet economy

The so-called 500-days plan drafted by the top economic advisers to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was published in the September 4, 1990 issue of Izvestia.

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50 years ago: Pakistan and India expand war

After several days of border clashes, Pakistan launched a large-scale invasion of the Indian-held Kashmir on September 1, 1965.

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75 years ago: US exchanges warships for British bases

On September 3, 1940 US President Franklin Roosevelt informed Congress and the public that he had completed an arrangement that would give Britain 50 destroyers in return for land and sea bases in the Western Hemisphere.

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100 years ago: Zimmerwald conference of socialist opponents of World War I

On September 5, 1915, 38 delegates representing socialist tendencies throughout Europe assembled in the Swiss town of Zimmerwald to discuss an antiwar program in opposition to the carnage of World War I.

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The British Library’s Magna Carta exhibition: A vital though flawed presentation

By Joe Mount, 28 August 2015

The Magna Carta and democratic rights