Fiat Chrysler, UAW tentative contract: A corporatist conspiracy against US autoworkers

By Shannon Jones, 16 September 2015

The stage-managed contract talks are a façade behind which two business entities seek to work out the terms for their mutual enrichment at the workers’ expense.

Why the UAW picked Fiat Chrysler

As contract deadline passes
Autoworkers denounce UAW sabotage of wages fight

UAW used threats to stop walkout at Detroit Fiat Chrysler plant

By Jerry White, 16 September 2015

Late shift workers at the Warren Truck Plant described the strikebreaking role of the UAW as the contract expired at midnight on Monday.

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Hungary closes its border with Serbia

By Markus Salzmann, 16 September 2015

Hungary detained over 150 migrants Tuesday after closing its last remaining border crossing, leaving hundreds of refugees on the Serbian side of a razor wire fence.

Germany closes its borders to refugees

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UK Labour leader Corbyn, addressing Trades Union Congress, makes first policy speech

By Chris Marsden, 16 September 2015

Corbyn’s assignation of a progressive role to the trade unions flies in the face of political realities as experienced by almost two generations of workers.

German ruling elite reacts nervously to Corbyn election in UK

By Ulrich Rippert, 16 September 2015

The political issues posed by Corbyn’s election as UK Labour Party leader

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UK Conservatives’ Trade Union bill criminalises strikes and protests

By Michael Barnes, 16 September 2015

Some of the repressive measures contained in the Bill have previously been enacted only under dictatorial regimes.

Australian business chiefs hail Turnbull as prime minister

By Nick Beams, 16 September 2015

Turnbull’s insistence on the need to “explain” is aimed at winning support among the upper layers of the better-off middle classes for deepening attacks on the working class.

Australian police fatally shoot 51-year-old postal worker

By Terry Cook, 16 September 2015

The deadly shooting follows a pattern of increasing police repression and violence in Australia.

Egyptian gunships attack tourist convoy, killing at least 12

By Thomas Gaist, 16 September 2015

At least eight Mexican nationals touring Egypt’s historic Western Desert were among those killed in the apparently accidental attack.

Seattle teachers union calls off strike

By David Brown, 16 September 2015

The teachers union has moved to end the six-day strike on the basis of a sellout contract, despite broad public support for the teachers.

Uncontrolled wildfires burn hundreds of homes in California

By Gabriel Black and Dan Conway, 16 September 2015

Wildfires have consumed hundreds of thousands of acres throughout California amidst the state’s worst drought in 500 years.

Minimum-wage workers cannot afford apartments in New York City

By Isaac Finn, 16 September 2015

According to a recent report, it is impossible for a worker making New York’s minimum wage to find an affordable apartment in any New York City neighborhood.

India: Over 80 killed in Madhya Pradesh explosion

By Deepal Jayasekera, 16 September 2015

Saturday’s tragedy resulted from the widespread practice of storing explosives in residential areas to maximise profits.

New in Portuguese

Demissões em massa levam trabalhadores automotivos brasileiros a greves

Por Armando Cruz, 16 de setembro de 2015

Os 38,700 empregos destruídos na indústria automobilística representam 11% de todas as demissões até agora no ano.

Os 70 anos da bomba de Hiroshima

Por Peter Symonds, 16 de setembro de 2015

A decisão de Washington de usar bombas atômicas sobre a população civil foi um ato criminoso de primeira ordem, derrubando de vez o mito dos EUA como país representante da democracia e de exemplo para o resto do mundo.

New in French

Alors que passe l'échéance du contratLes travailleurs de l'automobile américains dénoncent le sabotage par l' UAW de leur lutte pour les salaires

Par Eric London, 16 septembre 2015

Des travailleurs de l'automobile à travers les Etats-Unis se sont prononcés contre l'opération du syndicat UAW pour étouffer les revendications des travailleurs.

Les conventions collectives dans l'industrie automobile américaine arrivées à échéance La voie à suivre pour les travailleurs de l'auto

Par Jerry White et Eric London, 16 septembre 2015

Pour empêcher une autre trahison, le Parti de l'égalité socialiste lance un appel aux travailleurs de l'auto pour la construction de nouvelles organisations de lutte: des comités de membres de la base élus démocratiquement et complètement indépendants du syndicat.

L’Allemagne ferme ses frontières aux réfugiés

Par Peter Schwarz, 16 septembre 2015

La fermeture de la frontière allemande a déclenché une réaction en chaîne internationale: les réfugiés sont rejetés d’une frontière à l’autre, placés en détention et maltraités.

Les grèves étudiantes québécoises de 2012-2015 et la faillite politique de l'anarchisme

Par Louis Girard et Richard Dufour, 16 septembre 2015

Les anarchistes se basent sur le nationalisme québécois, des appels à l’élite dirigeante et le rejet de la lutte pour la mobilisation de la classe ouvrière en tant que force sociale indépendante.

New in German

Sieben Jahre nach dem Crash an der Wall Street

Von Nick Beams, 16. September 2015

Sieben Jahre nach dem Ausbruch der Krise hat der Finanzparasitismus beispiellose Ausmaße erreicht, während die globale Wirtschaft stagniert.

Politik und Medien werben für deutsche Militärintervention in Syrien

Von Johannes Stern, 16. September 2015

Die deutschen Eliten nutzten die Flüchtlingskrise in Europa, um ihre Kampagne für Militarismus und Krieg zu verstärken.

Ungarn riegelt Grenze zu Serbien ab

Von Markus Salzmann, 16. September 2015

Ungarn hat am gestrigen Dienstag den letzten noch offenen Teil an der Grenze zu Serbien geschlossen.

Deutsche Reaktionen auf Jeremy Corbyn

Von Ulrich Rippert, 16. September 2015

Die deutschen Eliten fürchten die linke Stimmung breiterer Bevölkerungsschichten, die sie hinter dem Votum für Corbyn vermuten.

Tsipras tritt im Wahlkampf für Sparpolitik ein

Von Alex Lantier, 16. September 2015

Die Debatten im griechischen Wahlkampf zeigen eine Syriza, die ihren anfangs versprochenen Anti-Austeritäts-Kurs völlig aufgegeben hat.

PSG diskutiert Lehren aus Griechenland

Von Marianne Arens, 16. September 2015

Unter dem Motte „Solidarität mit den griechischen Arbeitern!“ führte die Partei für Soziale Gleichheit Veranstaltungen in Leipzig, Bochum und Frankfurt durch.

Malcolm Turnbull nach parteiinternem Putsch zum australischen Premierminister ernannt

Von James Cogan, 16. September 2015

Der ehemalige Goldman-Sachs-Banker Turnbull verkörpert die Interessen des Finanzkapitals und wurde eingesetzt, um drastische Sparmaßnahmen durchzusetzen

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Another palace coup in Australia

16 September 2015

For the third time in five years, the Australian population awoke yesterday to find the government changed, behind their backs, as a result of an inner-party putsch.

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Featured Comment

A world convulsed by crises

By Andre Damon and Barry Grey, 12 September 2015

Crisis is not the exception, but the rule. The very speed of events, with virtually no intervals of calm between the storms, denotes an intensifying general crisis.

Autoworkers Struggles

How Wall Street took over the auto industry

By Gabriel Black, 16 September 2015

The US auto industry has increasingly become dominated by financial capital, leading to the destruction of jobs, wages, and benefits.

Behind the UAW news blackout
What is taking place in the US auto contract negotiations?

As the Big Three contracts expire
The way forward for US autoworkers

What is the UAW?

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Refugee crisis reveals human cost of French NPA’s “humanitarian” wars

By Anthony Torres, 16 September 2015

Imperialist wars in Libya and Syria, promoted by the New Anti-capitalist Party, have destroyed entire societies and forced millions of people to flee

General Petraeus calls for recruiting Al Qaeda

By Bill Van Auken, 16 September 2015

Fourteen years after 9/11, the former CIA director and other top US officials are proposing to once again recruit Al Qaeda-linked militias as a proxy force for US imperialism in Syria.

Seven years since the Wall Street crash

By Nick Beams, 15 September 2015

Obama’s war crimes in Yemen

By Niles Williamson, 15 September 2015

Tsipras defends record of austerity in Greek election debate

By Alex Lantier, 15 September 2015

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Canada’s NDP attacks Liberal deficit spending plan from the right

By Dylan Lubao, 15 September 2015

Obamacare coverage terminated for 430,000 immigrants

By Kate Randall, 15 September 2015

Drumbeat grows for escalating war against Syria

By Bill Van Auken, 11 September 2015

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2016 US Elections

US presidential campaign: Sanders opens up lead in Iowa, New Hampshire polls

By Patrick Martin, 15 September 2015

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Clinton pledges to outdo Obama in militarism

The reactionary campaign around Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis

The 2016 US election and the scapegoating of immigrants

Donald Trump: The ugly face of capitalist politics

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Workers Struggles

As Allegheny Technologies lockout enters fifth week
ArcelorMittal walks out of negotiations with USW

By Evan Winters, 14 September 2015

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Australian tram drivers strike over jobs and conditions

By Margaret Rees, 14 September 2015

Arts Review

Diego Rivera murals in San Francisco—Mostly hidden and obscured
Change the World or Go Home by Alejandro Almanza Pereda

By Jeff Lusanne, 14 September 2015

Exhibition in London
Shirley Baker: A compassionate photographer of 1960s working class life

By Paul Mitchell, 12 September 2015


The crimes of the Nazis in Greece: Part three

By Katerina Selin, 14 September 2015


Remains of a new species of early human discovered in South African cave

By Philip Guelpa, 14 September 2015


IYSSE in Sri Lanka, India condemn ban at University of Melbourne

14 September 2015

IYSSE in Germany protests against University of Melbourne ban

25 years ago: US Air Force chief of staff cashiered

General Michael J. Dugan, the Air Force chief of staff, was summarily dismissed from his post on September 17, 1990 by US Defense Secretary Richard Cheney.

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50 years ago: Government of “national emergency” installed in Greece

On September 17, 1965, former Deputy Premier Stephanos Stephanopoulos was installed as prime minister of Greece by King Constantine.

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75 years ago: US Congress passes draft bill

On September 16, 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Selective Service and Training Act, which required men from the ages of 26 to 35 to register for the draft.

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100 years ago: Tsar suspends Russian Duma amid mass strike wave

On 16 September, 1915, the Tsar suspended the Fourth Russian Duma, or parliament, amid a deepening crisis of the regime spurred by disastrous reversals in World War One, deepening social discontent, and a mass strike movement of the working class.

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75 years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

75 years since the assassination of Trotsky: 1940-2015
Leon Trotsky’s place in history

By David North, 21 August 2015

Published here is a section of a lecture delivered on the 60th anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky. The full lecture is included in David North’s book, In Defense of Leon Trotsky.

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By Joseph Kishore, 20 August 2015