UAW “highlights” of Fiat Chrysler deal expose corporate-union conspiracy against autoworkers

By Joseph Kishore, 19 September 2015

Autoworkers should reject the sellout agreement—which will escalate the attack on jobs and living standards—with the contempt that it deserves.

New update in the contract fight
Fiat Chrysler autoworkers demand time to study contract before vote

The UAW-Fiat Chrysler deal: A conspiracy against autoworkers

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German government adopts drastic measures to deter refugees

By Peter Schwarz, 19 September 2015

Refugees are to be scared away through hunger and homelessness, and transported back like cattle to countries where unspeakable conditions prevail.

The resurrection of borders in Europe

France to close borders, Germany to cut benefits as refugee crisis escalates

Who is responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe?

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Widespread disillusionment in Greece ahead of Sunday’s election

By Robert Stevens, 19 September 2015

According to polls, no party is close to winning a majority under the Greek electoral system.

Election program of Greece’s Popular Unity is a political fraud

European allies of Syriza issue a reactionary “Plan B in Europe”

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Locked out Allegheny Technologies steelworkers continue fight

By Evan Winters, 19 September 2015

The lockout of 2,200 steelworkers at Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) at 12 mills in six states has entered its sixth week.

Contract worker killed at US Steel mill in Pittsburgh

By Evan Winters, 19 September 2015

Parrish Sewell, 44, fell to his death at the US Steel Edgar Thomson Plant Wednesday night in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

US poverty rate and income growth stagnated in 2014

By Niles Williamson, 19 September 2015

The US Census Bureau reported this week that staggering levels of poverty remained unchanged between 2013 and 2014 as median household income held steady.

Nearly 14 million Americans live in neighborhoods of extreme poverty

Seattle teachers face sellout contract

By David Brown, 19 September 2015

Union officials are pushing a sellout contract on teachers after calling off the strike last Tuesday.

Seattle teachers union calls off strike

Thousands more jobs to go across all sectors in UK

By Margot Miller, 19 September 2015

Local authorities in the UK face more devastating cuts, after already having their budgets slashed to pay for the bailout of the super-rich following the 2008 economic crisis.

Spain: Corruption charges and police raids ahead of key Catalan elections

By James Lerner, 19 September 2015

The 2008 economic crisis has destabilized the whole post-Franco set-up, of which the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia was a part.

Malcolm Turnbull: Australia’s wealthiest prime minister

By Mike Head, 19 September 2015

Representing the financial elite, Turnbull has been assigned the task of imposing sweeping cuts to working-class living standards.

Outrage over banning of New Zealand novel Into the River

By Tom Peters, 19 September 2015

The decision to ban the popular novel after a complaint by a fundamentalist Christian group is an attack on democratic rights.

Spate of killings by New Zealand police

Sri Lankan prime minister visits India

By Deepal Jayasekera, 19 September 2015

Talks between Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his Indian counterpart focused on deepening economic and military ties between the two countries.

New in Arabic

تصاعد دقات طبول الحرب ضد سوريا

بیل ون اوکن, 11 سبتمبر 2015

صعّد السياسيون و وسائل الاعلام في كل من الولايات المتحدة الامريكية و اوروبا الغربية، النقد بشكل يدعو الى السخرية، لمحنة اللاجئين الفارين من مناطق العنف في سوريا ، كذريعة لشن حرب من اجل تغيير النظام في سوريا.

New in French

La crise des réfugiés s’aggrave: la France ferme ses frontières et l’Allemagne coupe les prestations sociales.

Par Alex Lantier, 19 septembre 2015

Les principaux pouvoirs européens intensifient leurs attaques contre les centaines de milliers de réfugiés qui fuient des pays ravagés par la guerre en Afrique, au Moyen-Orient et dans les Balkans.

Les conditions désastreuses des réfugiés en Europe

Par Martin Kreickenbaum, 19 septembre 2015

La générosité de vastes couches de la population envers les réfugiés contraste vivement avec la réaction des gouvernements européens et des agences de sécurité.

Citant l'économie mondiale, la Fed maintient ses taux proches de zéro

Par Barry Grey, 19 septembre 2015

L'exubérance face à la décision de retarder une hausse des taux d'intérêt directeurs fut limitée par les inquiétudes sur l'état de l'économie mondiale et du système financier, comme en témoigne la déclaration de la Fed.

Québec: le Front commun veut un mandat limité de grèves tournantes

Par Laurent Lafrance, 19 septembre 2015

En appelant à des actions aussi restreintes, les syndicats cherchent à minimiser leur impact et à diviser les travailleurs.

New in German

Deutsche Regierung schreckt Flüchtlinge ab

Von Peter Schwarz, 19. September 2015

Die deutsche Regierung will Flüchtlinge aushungern und ihnen jede Unterstützung versagen. Ein entsprechender Gesetzesentwurf soll demnächst verabschiedet werden.

Berlin weitet Bundeswehr-Einsatz im Mittelmeer aus

Von Johannes Stern, 19. September 2015

Die Ausweitung des Bundeswehreinsatzes im Mittelmeer dient der Vorbereitung einer umfassenden Militärintervention in Afrika.

Umfrage in Syrien:
Vier von fünf Befragten halten den Islamischen Staat für eine Schöpfung der USA

Von Bill Van Auken, 19. September 2015

Die Hälfte der Befragten lehnen die amerikanischen Luftangriffe ab und nur einundzwanzig Prozent sagen, dass sie heute ein besseres Leben hätten, als vor Beginn des vom Westen organisierten Bürgerkriegs in Syrien.

US-Notenbank verschiebt Zinserhöhung erneut

Von Barry Grey, 19. September 2015

In die Begeisterung über die Verschiebung der angekündigten Zinserhöhung mischt sich Angst vor einem neuen Finanzkollaps.

Der Kampf der Auto- und Stahlarbeiter in den USA

Von Dietmar Henning, 19. September 2015

Unter den Auto- und Stahlarbeitern der USA entwickelt sich eine massive Opposition gegen die rechte Politik der Gewerkschaften. Die Socialist Equality Party (SEP) gewinnt wachsende Unterstützung.

Republikanische Präsidentschaftsdebatte: Ein reaktionäres politisches System im Niedergang

Von Patrick Martin, 19. September 2015

Jeder der Kandidaten wird von einem oder mehreren Milliardären finanziert. Trump spielt in seinem Wahlkampf sogar beide Rollen.

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The GM ignition defect settlement and capitalist “justice”

19 September 2015

The slap on the wrist this week for General Motors, for the deaths of at least 124 people, is another demonstration that capitalism has one law for working people and another for the ruling elite.

Earlier Perspectives »

Seventy-five years ago, Leon Trotsky was assassinated by an agent of the Soviet secret police, the GPU, in Coyoacán, a suburb of Mexico City, where he was living in exile.

The assassination of Trotsky ranks among the most politically consequential crimes of the twentieth century, with far-reaching implications for the development of the world socialist movement. And yet, for decades the circumstances surrounding Trotsky’s assassination remained shrouded in secrecy.

In 1975, the International Committee of the Fourth International launched Security and the Fourth International, the first systematic investigation by the Trotskyist movement into the 1940 assassination. This investigation led to the exposure of the network of GPU agents within the Fourth International who ensured the success of Stalin’s conspiracy against Trotsky’s life.

David North, the chairman of the International Editorial Board of the WSWS, played a central role in the Security and the Fourth International investigation. In two online interviews on October 3 and October 10, North will discuss the significance of Trotsky’s assassination, the origins and development of the International Committee’s investigation and its key findings. The interviews will begin at 1:00 pm US Eastern Time and will be broadcast live internationally.

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Autoworkers Struggles

Kokomo Transmission workers denounce UAW-Fiat Chrysler sellout

By Jerry White, 18 September 2015

“They are using smoke and mirrors to fool the people”
Auto workers denounce UAW-Fiat Chrysler deal

By Shannon Jones, 17 September 2015

UAW used threats to stop walkout at Detroit Fiat Chrysler plant

By Jerry White, 16 September 2015

How Wall Street took over the auto industry

Why the UAW picked Fiat Chrysler

As the Big Three contracts expire
The way forward for US autoworkers

What is the UAW?

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Socialist Project’s Panitch and Gindin defend Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek working class

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 19 September 2015

Panitch and Gindin are bitterly opposed to any challenge to Syriza from the left, claiming that the defeat of the Syriza government would be a “disaster.”

New York Times again mocks concerns over Jade Helm domestic military exercise

By Thomas Gaist, 19 September 2015

The “newspaper of record” has devoted yet another column slandering opponents of the Jade Helm 15 military exercises.

A world convulsed by crises

By Andre Damon and Barry Grey, 12 September 2015

Citing global economy, Fed keeps rates near zero

By Barry Grey, 18 September 2015

GM ignition defect settlement: A wrist-slap for corporate criminals

By Shannon Jones, 18 September 2015

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and the national anthem row

By Julie Hyland, 18 September 2015

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Republican presidential debate: A reactionary political system in decay

By Patrick Martin, 18 September 2015

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“Late Show” debut: After Colbert drops the satire, what’s left?

By Evan Blake, 18 September 2015

Refugee crisis reveals human cost of French NPA’s “humanitarian” wars

General Petraeus calls for recruiting Al Qaeda

Socialist Equality Party

Withdraw all Australian military forces from Syria and the Middle East!

By the Socialist Equality Party, 19 September 2015

The SEP condemns the government’s decision to expand its involvement in the US-led war in the Middle East by authorising air strikes in Syria.

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The Socialist Equality Party of Germany reviews the lessons of Greece

By Marianne Arens, 17 September 2015

An internationalist strategy to oppose the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

By the Socialist Equality Party, 17 September 2015

UGL workers face deepening job cuts in Australia and Asia

Australian steel unions enforce destruction of jobs and conditions

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

19 September 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.


A reply to the University of Melbourne’s Clubs and Societies Committee
Overturn the ban on the IYSSE!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (University of Melbourne), 17 September 2015

IYSSE in Sri Lanka, India condemn ban at University of Melbourne

IYSSE in Germany protests against University of Melbourne ban

Arts Review

Kamasi Washington’s The Epic: A bold statement in jazz

By Jeff Lusanne, 17 September 2015

Diego Rivera murals in San Francisco—Mostly hidden and obscured
Change the World or Go Home by Alejandro Almanza Pereda

2016 US Elections

US presidential campaign: Sanders opens up lead in Iowa, New Hampshire polls

By Patrick Martin, 15 September 2015

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Clinton pledges to outdo Obama in militarism

The reactionary campaign around Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis

The 2016 US election and the scapegoating of immigrants

Donald Trump: The ugly face of capitalist politics

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The crimes of the Nazis in Greece: Part three

By Katerina Selin, 14 September 2015


Remains of a new species of early human discovered in South African cave

By Philip Guelpa, 14 September 2015

25 years ago: US Air Force chief of staff cashiered

General Michael J. Dugan, the Air Force chief of staff, was summarily dismissed from his post on September 17, 1990 by US Defense Secretary Richard Cheney.

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50 years ago: Government of “national emergency” installed in Greece

On September 17, 1965, former Deputy Premier Stephanos Stephanopoulos was installed as prime minister of Greece by King Constantine.

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75 years ago: US Congress passes draft bill

On September 16, 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Selective Service and Training Act, which required men from the ages of 26 to 35 to register for the draft.

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100 years ago: Tsar suspends Russian Duma amid mass strike wave

On 16 September, 1915, the Tsar suspended the Fourth Russian Duma, or parliament, amid a deepening crisis of the regime spurred by disastrous reversals in World War One, deepening social discontent, and a mass strike movement of the working class.

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