After Paris attacks, Brussels placed on lockdown

By Stéphane Hugues and Alex Lantier, 23 November 2015

Heavily armed police units launched large-scale manhunts across the Brussels area, but announced late last night that they had not found suspects, weapons or explosives.

Australian workers and youth denounce war drive after Paris attacks

By our reporters, 23 November 2015

Employers push to use French state of emergency against workers

Paris terrorists operated “in plain sight”

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German government preparing military intervention in Syria

By Johannes Stern, 23 November 2015

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, the German ruling elite is accelerating its shift to an aggressive foreign policy.

Dangerous developments in Germany

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US, China trade diplomatic blows over South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 23 November 2015

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin condemned the intrusion of a US navy destroyer within the 12-mile limit of its islands as a “political provocation.”

Obama demands China halt South China Sea activities

Australia: Labor Party attacks government over Chinese port contract

By James Cogan, 23 November 2015

Labor’s subservience to Washington and the US-Australia alliance is in line with its entire history.

Washington’s big lie of “peace and stability” in Asia

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Turkish video shows Greek coast guard trying to sink refugee raft

By Kate Randall, 23 November 2015

More than 600,000 refugees from the Middle East and Africa have made the treacherous journey to Greece by sea, and thousands have drowned making the attempt.

Thousands of refugees crammed into airport hangars in Berlin, Germany

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Russia declares state of emergency in Crimea after blasts leave 1.6 million without power

By Thomas Gaist, 23 November 2015

Efforts to repair electrical infrastructure have faced violent opposition from far-right militias allied to the US-backed Ukrainian regime.

“The workers will never forget what happened here”
Dearborn Assembly workers allege fraud in UAW-Ford contract vote

By Tim Rivers, 23 November 2015

Autoworkers reacted with disbelief, anger and profound skepticism to the United Auto Workers’ announcement Friday that its agreement with Ford had been ratified with 51 percent support.

UAW says contract passed at Ford amidst claims of ballot stuffing, intimidation

The vote at Ford and the way forward for autoworkers

UAW announces ratification of GM contract, overriding skilled trades vote

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New York City police deploy new counterterrorism unit

By Sandy English, 23 November 2015

The ultimate purpose of the new police unit is to deal with opposition from the city’s increasingly impoverished working class to growing social inequality and the drive toward war.

New police unit in New York: The ruling elite prepares for class struggle

City of Chicago prepares crackdown on protests in advance of release of police murder video

By Kristina Betinis, 23 November 2015

On November 19, Cook County Judge Franklin Valderrama ruled in favor of the release of dash camera video depicting an officer shooting an African-American youth 16 times.

US Supreme Court expands immunity for killer cops

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UK Chancellor “negotiates” decimation of public services ahead of spending review

By Simon Whelan, 23 November 2015

Chancellor George Osborne is demanding that governmental departments slash their expenditures by up to 40 percent.

More cuts to come as UK economy heads towards deeper crisis

By Robert Stevens, 23 November 2015

New data shows that the UK economy is fragile and teetering on the edge of a major crisis.

Canada’s finance minister acknowledges sharp economic slowdown

By Roger Jordan, 23 November 2015

Finance Minister Bill Morneau vowed the Liberals will implement their pledge to eliminate the budget deficit in 2019, even if that requires steeper cuts.

Bangladeshi government executes two opposition leaders

By Sarath Kumara, 23 November 2015

The Awami League-led government revived the 1971 charges as a means of diverting working class and student discontent.

New in Persian

بحران پناهجویان، جنگ و سوسیالیزم

۱۳۹۴ مهر ۲۱
پیتر شوارتز

برای ۱۴ سال آمریکا و هم پیمانان اروپائیش در خاورمیانه و آفریقای شمالی بی وقفه جنگ راه انداخته اند. آنها و دولت های دست نشانده اشان در منطقه، افغانستان، عراق، لیبی، سوریه و یمن را عمدتأ نابود کرده اند. میلیونها انسان کشته و ده ها میلیون آواره شده اند.

New in Turkish

Ford’daki oylama ve otomotiv işçileri için ileriye giden yol

Joseph Kishore, 23 Kasım 2015

İşçi sınıfı mücadelesi Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde ve uluslararası ölçekte gelişirken, bu mücadele, şirket ve mali sektör seçkinlerinin diktatörlüğüne karşı giderek açık bir siyasi biçim almalıdır ve alacaktır da.

New in French

Attentats de Paris: les terroristes ont agi « au grand jour »

Par Patrick Martin, 23 novembre 2015

Au moins six des dix hommes impliqués dans les attentats du 13 novembre à Paris étaient connus des services de sécurité français et belges

Obama: pas de fin de la guerre en Syrie sans changement de régime

Par Bill Van Auken, 23 novembre 2015

Le président américain réitère les objectifs stratégiques de Washington alors que le Pentagone prépare une escalade de l’intervention américaine.

Les forces spéciales américaines déployées au Mali après l’attaque d’un hôtel à Bamako

Par Thomas Gaist, 23 novembre 2015

Il y a déjà des signes que les États-Unis et la France sont se saisis de cette attaque afin d’intensifier leurs opérations militaires sur le continent africain.

L'UAW affirme que la convention collective chez Ford a été acceptée

Par Joseph Kishore, 23 novembre 2015

Pendant que les travailleurs de l'usine d'assemblage de Dearborn étaient les derniers à devoir voter, la convention collective était en voie d'être défaite jeudi. L'UAW dépendait d'un «oui» à forte majorité dans les usines restantes pour ratifier le contrat.

New in Arabic

اعتذار نتنياهو لهتلر!

22 أكتوبر 2015

أنحى رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي بنيامين نيتانياهو باللائمة على القيادة الوطنية الفلسطينية عن محرقة اليهود في أوروبا(الحل النهائي) "الهولوكوست" يوم الثلاثاء.

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Lessons of the autoworkers’ battle

23 November 2015

The resort to gangster-like methods has further discredited the UAW and taught workers that the only way they can defend their interests is by casting off the dead weight of this corporate-labor syndicate.

Earlier Perspectives »

75 Years Since The Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky

By our correspondents, 23 November 2015

Over 200 people participated in meetings organised by the International Youth and Students for Social Equality in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt and Bochum.

Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski
An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

ICFI Statement

The Political Lessons of Syriza’s Betrayal in Greece
Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International

13 November 2015

The warnings of the ICFI and WSWS that Syriza was a pro-capitalist party, hostile to the working class, have been completely vindicated.

The way forward in the struggle against austerity in Greece

25 years ago: NYPD reveals strikebreaking plan by Democrats, Daily News

New York City police official Robert J. Johnston Jr. revealed that the Democratic administration had organized a union-busting operation months ahead of the ongoing strike at the New York Daily News.

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50 years ago: Mobutu launches coup in Congo

On November 25, 1965, Congolese military strongman Joseph Mobutu ousted the government of President Joseph Kasavubu in a bloodless, CIA-backed coup.

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75 years ago: Roosevelt moves to bar defense industry strikes

On November 26, 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt declared that the federal government intended to bar strikes at plants under government contract to provide war materials for the US military and its allies.

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100 years ago: Einstein presents Theory of General Relativity

On November 25, 1915, in a presentation before the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Albert Einstein published the finished equations of his theory of General Relativity.

More »


More than 500,000 homeless in the US

By Kate Randall, 21 November 2015

Obama: No end to Syria war without regime change

By Bill Van Auken, 21 November 2015

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US Special Forces deploy to Mali in wake of Bamako hotel attack

By Thomas Gaist, 21 November 2015

NSA documents reveal bulk email collection continues despite official claims

By Nick Barrickman, 21 November 2015

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US politicians seize on Paris attacks to promote xenophobia

By Andre Damon, 19 November 2015

Britain’s Paul Mason: A left liberal warmonger

Sanders outlines pro-capitalist, pro-war positions in speech on “democratic socialism”

US releases Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard after 30 years in prison

Arts Review

Red Pill’s Look What This World Did To Us: The “everyman mentality,” its strengths and weaknesses

By Nick Barrickman, 20 November 2015

The Holocaust as Via Dolorosa: The mysticism of Piotr Chrzan’s Klezmer

Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lankan SEP to hold public meetings on the 75th anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s assassination

21 November 2015

Trotsky’s theoretical and political conceptions are essential for the development of revolutionary leadership in the international working class.

SEP public meetings in Australia:
Why and How the GPU Murdered Leon Trotsky

18 November 2015

Autoworkers Struggles

“I am not surprised…because that’s the way they treat us”
More autoworkers denounce UAW attack on WSWS Autoworker Newsletter reporters

By our reporters, 21 November 2015

Video shows UAW officials grabbing cell phone, forcibly ejecting WSWS reporters from press conference

By Shannon Jones, 19 November 2015

Vote “no” on UAW-Ford sellout contract!

“It’s pretty obvious that the UAW is a pro-company organization”
Chicago Ford workers reject UAW-corporate agreement

UAW contracts sanction moves to eliminate small car production in US

Autoworker speaks out: Life for young workers in America’s rustbelt

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The 2016 US Elections

Bernie Sanders lines up with Middle East war drive

By Patrick Martin, 16 November 2015

Bernie Sanders’ first campaign ad: From “political revolution” to “real change”

After the Democratic presidential debate
Pseudo-left groups step up promotion of Sanders and the Democrats

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

At Republican presidential debate
“Wages are too high,” declares billionaire Trump

By Patrick Martin, 12 November 2015

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