US cops killed more people this year than in 2014

By Tom Hall, 22 December 2015

Despite mass protests against police violence by tens of thousands of people over the past year, the wave of police terror gripping the US has only intensified.

Notes on police violence in America
Four recent police shootings spark outrage

The International Socialist Organization, police violence and the Democratic Party

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Six US soldiers killed as Taliban overruns Helmand district in Afghanistan

By Bill Van Auken, 22 December 2015

The suicide bomb attack on a US-Afghan patrol is symptomatic of the escalating crisis of the continued American occupation of Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia and the “war on terror”

Chinese industrial zone engulfed by waste landslide

By Peter Symonds, 22 December 2015

Rescuers are struggling to find those missing after a tidal wave of mud and waste toppled buildings and inundated an area of Shenzhen.

Poland: Anti-government rallies continue as Lech Wałęsa warns of civil war

By Dorota Niemitz and Clara Weiss, 22 December 2015

As the constitutional crisis drags on, thousands took to the streets to oppose the new Polish government for the second week in a row.

Nexteer workers denounce UAW after ratification of sellout deal

By our reporters, 22 December 2015

Just days after the UAW pushed through a new five-year agreement, workers at the former GM steering complex spoke out against the union-management conspiracy to push through the deal.

After the Big Three contracts
Auto companies cheat retirees while posting record sales

“They want this contract shoved down our throats”
UAW claims ratification of Nexteer sellout as lies exposed

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Chicago area Coca-Cola workers enter fourth week of strike, face isolation by Teamsters

By George Gallanis, 22 December 2015

The Teamsters union, which represents 15,000 Coca-Cola workers, is isolating the 319 striking workers in order to block a wider fight.

Kellingley Colliery—last remaining deep coal mine in Britain—closes

By Harvey Thompson and Trevor Johnson, 22 December 2015

When Kellingley opened in 1965, coal production in Britain employed around 500,000 workers and produced up to 177 million tonnes of coal.

Haiti’s political crisis deepens in wake of fraudulent elections

By John Marion, 22 December 2015

The political crisis is unfolding as economic developments are further impoverishing one of the poorest countries in the world.

Haitian government reinstates the army

Australian report calls for cutting penalty wage rates

By Mike Head, 22 December 2015

Big business is demanding the further lowering of wages and conditions to match those imposed on workers across America and Europe following the 2008 global financial crisis.

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Etats-Unis et pouvoirs européens préparent de nouvelles opérations aériennes et terrestres contre la Libye

Par Thomas Gaist, 22 décembre 2015

Les puissances occidentales, Etats-Unis, Grande-Bretagne et France en tête, préparent un nouvel assaut contre la Libye avec le déploiement d’équipes de commandos, des troupes terrestres conventionnelles par centaines et une nouvelle campagne de bombardements

Elections espagnoles: parlement sans majorité et effondrement des partis traditionnels

Par Alejandro López, 22 décembre 2015

Les informations parues depuis dimanche soulignent toutes l'incertitude sans précédent sur la possibilité de former un gouvernement en Espagne.

Québec: le Front commun défend son entente de trahison

Par Laurent Lafrance, 22 décembre 2015

Les chefs syndicaux ont justifié un accord qui mine les salaires réels, augmente l’âge de la retraite et ouvre la voie au démantèlement des services publics.

New in German

USA und europäische Mächte bereiten neue Militäroperation gegen Libyen vor

Von Thomas Gaist, 22. Dezember 2015

Die Westmächte, allen voran die USA, Großbritannien und Frankreich, bereiten neue Luft- und Bodenoperationen in Libyen vor. Geplant sind u.a. die Stationierung von Kommandoteams, mehreren Hundertschaften konventioneller Bodentruppen und erneute Luftangriffe.

UN-Resolution verdeckt Konflikte in Syrienfrage

Von Bill Van Auken, 22. Dezember 2015

Die Resolution, die am Freitag angenommen wurde, lässt die Zukunft Assads und die Unterscheidung zwischen Opposition und Terrorgruppen offen.

Zweite Wahlveranstaltung der IYSSE an der Humboldt-Universität
Herfried Münkler: Ein Akademiker im Dienste des deutschen Imperialismus

Von unserem Korrespondenten, 22. Dezember 2015

Vertreter der Berliner Humboldt-Universität spielen eine führende Rolle dabei, die Rückkehr des deutschen Militarismus ideologisch zu rechtfertigen.

Spanische Wahlen bringen keine eindeutige Mehrheit

Von Alejandro López, 22. Dezember 2015

Die spanische Parlamentswahl endete am Sonntag mit einem historischen Zusammenbruch des Zweiparteiensystems.

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WTO buries Doha Round: Another rupture in the post-war order

22 December 2015

The decision to end the Doha Round signifies the end of the multilateralism that formed a crucial foundation of post-World War II economic expansion.

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WSWS New Year Fund

Support the WSWS New Year Fund!
A special appeal from WSWS Autoworker Newsletter editor Jerry White

Arts Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: No real awakening

By Matthew MacEgan and David Walsh, 22 December 2015

The new Star Wars offering serves as the first part of a “sequel” trilogy that tells the story of the next generation by reusing many of the same ideas and visuals.

“Bloody instructions ... return to plague the instructor”
A new film version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth


The US terror scare

By Patrick Martin, 21 December 2015

US, European powers prepare new air and ground operations against Libya

By Thomas Gaist, 21 December 2015

Putin news conference highlights Russian crisis

By Andrea Peters, 21 December 2015

After Fed rate hike, global economic fault lines deepen

Australia, Japan “strongly support” US, amid rising tensions with China

Turkey escalates war drive against Kurds at home and across the region

US Congress passes $1.8 trillion spending and tax package

European Union summit seeks to avert British exit from the EU


American Nazi web site acclaims Humboldt Professor Jörg Baberowski

By Johannes Stern, 19 December 2015

Mehring Books

Pamphlet on Syriza’s betrayal in Greece now available from Mehring Books

21 December 2015

The betrayal of the anti-austerity struggles of the Greek working class by the Syriza government is a strategic experience for the working class not only in Greece, but internationally.

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

22 December 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

The 2016 US Elections

Fear-mongering and war dominate third Democratic presidential debate

By Andre Damon, 21 December 2015

Republican “debate” in Las Vegas
A two-hour commercial for militarism and fear-mongering

The New York Times, fascism and Donald Trump

By Joseph Kishore, 11 December 2015

Trump: The ugly reality of American politics

Hillary Clinton calls for escalation of US war in Syria, Iraq

Sanders outlines pro-capitalist, pro-war positions in speech on “democratic socialism”

Bernie Sanders lines up with Middle East war drive

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

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Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lanka: A socialist program to fight budget cuts

the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 14 December 2015

An open letter
Socialist Equality Party (UK) demands the Undercover Police Inquiry release the names of all police agents and spies

Socialist Equality Party, 10 December 2015

Book Review

The fate of Zuckerberg’s “gift” to Newark schools

By Fred Mazelis, 14 December 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, philanthrocapitalism and parasitism

75 Years Since The Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski
An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky

ICFI Statement

The Political Lessons of Syriza’s Betrayal in Greece
Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International

13 November 2015

The warnings of the ICFI and WSWS that Syriza was a pro-capitalist party, hostile to the working class, have been completely vindicated.

25 years ago: First world wide web server goes online

On December 25, 1990, Tim Berners-Lee completed the initial implementation of his proposal for a world wide web, building and bringing online the first workstation dedicated to serving the files necessary for a working web..

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50 years ago: Four million immigrant workers in northern Europe

A report published in the New York Times on December 23, 1965, estimated that there were roughly 4 million immigrant workers then living in the northern European countries of West Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

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75 years ago: Churchill attacks Mussolini as threat to colonies

On December 23, 1940 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill broadcast a radio address to be aired to “the Italian people.”

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100 years ago: Lloyd George demands working class “sacrifices”

On December 16, 1915, British Minister of Munitions David Lloyd George addressed a meeting of several thousand trade union officials and shop stewards in Glasgow on the issue of suspending existing trade union rules in the interests of the “war effort.”

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