Rising global tensions surface at G20 summit

By Nick Beams, 5 September 2016

It is a sure sign of the deepening malaise of the global capitalist economy, afflicted by lower growth and falling trade, that “overcapacity” in steel was at the very centre of the G20 economic agenda.

New Zealand defence minister blames Beijing for South China Sea tension

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US and Japan attack plans for post-Brexit Britain

By Julie Hyland, 5 September 2016

President Obama made plain Washington’s opposition to the UK leaving the EU, while Tokyo warned that Japanese corporations would leave the UK if it went ahead with the move.

UK: Corbyn, Brexit and the so-called progressive alliance

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Irish government to appeal European Commission ruling on Apple’s tax bill

By Steve James, 5 September 2016

Ireland, a centre for tax dodging by leading US-based transnational corporations, is uniquely vulnerable to the deepening divisions between the US and the European Union.

Philippine president declares “state of lawlessness” after bomb blast

By Joseph Santolan, 5 September 2016

While stating that this was “not martial law,” Duterte told the press that the military would be “running the country.”

The rise of Duterte in the Philippines: A warning to the international working class

Green Party presidential candidate seeks to corral antiwar sentiment

By Jerry White, 5 September 2016

In a visit to Detroit, Jill Stein criticized Clinton’s policy towards Russia only to say that war could be stopped by appealing to sections of the foreign policy establishment.

Trump outlines ten-point plan for mass deportations and martial law

Nothing revolutionary about Sanders’ “Our Revolution”

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Private security forces attack Native American protesters with dogs, pepper spray

By Janel Flechsig, 5 September 2016

Hundreds of members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe have been peacefully protesting the construction of an oil pipeline that traverses burial grounds they regard as sacred.

FBI director says agency preparing attack on data encryption after the elections

By Kevin Reed, 5 September 2016

In a keynote address to cyber security specialists, FBI Director James Comey elaborated on plans to force a backdoor into encrypted private data and communications.

Mass layoff at Harley-Davidson in York, Pennsylvania

By Douglas Lyons, 5 September 2016

Harley-Davidson has recently announced approximately 200 workers will be laid off due to declining profits.

US lost 14,000 manufacturing jobs in August

German Luftwaffe begin NATO patrols over the Baltic

By Johannes Stern, 5 September 2016

NATO’s growing operations in Eastern Europe heighten the danger of direct conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia.

German armed forces prepare for domestic operations

Polish and Ukrainian governments use World War II war crimes to promote nationalism

By Jason Melanovski, 5 September 2016

Relations between Poland and Ukraine have soured in recent months, as their respective right-wing governments promote ethnic nationalism, anti-communism, and militarism.

Intelligence agencies reportedly question Australian PM’s “stance” on China

By James Cogan, 5 September 2016

The question mark over Turnbull’s allegiance to the US alliance and anti-China agenda has been raised under conditions in which he holds office by a thread.

German military desperate for new recruits

By Ludwig Weller, 5 September 2016

The aim of the current recruitment campaign is to solve the Bundeswehr’s manpower problem and win over young people for Germany’s war drive.

Warmongers united: Germany’s Left Party welcomes former top army general

Australian supermarket chain sheds hardware stores and jobs

By John Roberts, 5 September 2016

The closure by Woolworths of Masters and Home Timber and Hardware stores reflects the impact of slump and deflation on the retail industry.

New in Turkish

Birinci Moskova Duruşması’nın sekseninci yılı

Fred Williams, 5 Eylül 2016

Stalinizmi, Ekim’in devamı değil, ama Ekim’e karşı karşı-devrimci bir tepki olarak kavramak, önümüzdeki devrimci mücadelelere hazırlanmak için can alıcıdır.

G-20 zirvesi görüşmelerine giderken Suriye savaşı tırmanıyor

Johannes Stern ve Alex Lantier, 5 Eylül 2016

Türkiye, Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’ın Çin’deki G-20 zirvesinde ABD Başkanı Barack Obama ve Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile ilan edilen görüşmeleri öncesinde, Suriye’deki NATO müdahalesi tırmanmaya devam ediyor.

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The most unpopular candidates in American history

5 September 2016

The contest between the militaristic Clinton and the fascistic Trump has alienated tens of millions from the corporate-controlled two-party system.

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Workers Struggles

Mobilize the entire working class in the Twin Cities
Defend the striking Allina nurses!

By Ron Jorgenson, 5 September 2016

4,800 nurses at five hospitals in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area begin a strike today to defend their health care benefits and oppose dangerous patient-to-nurse ratios.

Minnesota nurses union calls open-ended strike for Labor Day

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

Socialism and the 2016 elections
Socialist Equality Party campaign launches fall election meetings

5 September 2016

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White and vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth will be speaking at meetings throughout the country. We invite readers to contact the SEP to organize a meeting in your area.

SEP West Virginia candidate Naomi Spencer speaks on heroin epidemic

By Naomi Spencer, 5 September 2016

Overdoses, alcoholism and suicide are leading causes of death for young and middle-aged workers nationwide. Appalachia and the “rustbelt” of the Midwest are among the worst hit regions.

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Arts Review

War Dogs: Cry havoc? Or what exactly?

By Kevin Martinez, 5 September 2016

Based on a true story about two young arms dealers who defrauded the US government out of millions, the film is a coarse yet oddly sanitized version of a little-known episode of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A film version of Philip Roth’s Indignation: Young lives overshadowed by war

By Joanne Laurier, 2 September 2016

An interview with Roy Scranton, author of War Porn

Comic actor Gene Wilder: 1933–2016

25 years ago: Greyhound striker freed on bail

Roger Cawthra, the framed-up Greyhound bus lines striker, walked out of a Connecticut prison September 5, 1991, free on bail.

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50 years ago: President Johnson rejects Vietnam withdrawal

On September 5, 1966, US President Lyndon Johnson rejected a proposal by French President Charles de Gaulle to establish a timetable for the withdrawal of US military forces from Vietnam.

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75 years ago: Nazi Germany lays siege to Leningrad

On September 9, 1941 German armies encircled Leningrad and launched a supposed final blitzkrieg to take the city.

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100 years ago: Mass transit strike in New York

On September 6, 1916, the second phase of a mass strike by New York transit workers began with a unanimous vote to walk off the job on the IRT subway lines.

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The ouster of Brazil’s Workers Party government

By Bill Van Auken, 3 September 2016

New York Times launches McCarthyite witch-hunt against Julian Assange

By Bill Van Auken, 2 September 2016

Eighty years since the first Moscow Trial

By Fred Williams, 1 September 2016

EpiPen price gouging: Capitalism and the US health care crisis

Detroit professor advances “structural racism” theory of Flint water crisis

The socioeconomic basis of identity politics: Inequality and the rise of an African American elite


Warming of Earth proceeding at unprecedented pace

By Bryan Dyne, 3 September 2016

The 2016 US elections

As Clinton escalates war threats, Sanders begins campaigning for Democratic nominee

By Patrick Martin, 3 September 2016

Clinton’s “American exceptionalism” speech: A bipartisan policy of militarism and war

By Patrick Martin, 2 September 2016

The 2016 elections and the crisis of American democracy

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Socialist Equality Party (US)

Socialist Equality Party (US) 2016 Congress Resolutions
Perspectives and Tasks of the Socialist Equality Party

24 August 2016

SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

PSG election campaign: Anger at the government’s new civil defence guidelines

By our correspondents, 31 August 2016

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Join the IYSSE! Join the fight against war, inequality and the danger of dictatorship! Join the fight for socialism!
Statement of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality

27 August 2016


The class essence of the Confederacy in the American Civil War
A further comment on Free State of Jones

By Douglas Lyons, 30 August 2016