Trump’s election overshadows Asia-Pacific summit

By Mike Head, 21 November 2016

The meeting was dominated by anxiety and uncertainty in the face of an incoming Trump administration based on protectionist and nationalist policies.

Trump victory triggers uncertainty in Tokyo

US “pivot to Asia” in disarray

Trump lines up militarists for cabinet posts

By Tom Eley, 21 November 2016

The unprecedentedly right-wing cabinet being formed is meeting no opposition from the Democrats.

Trump’s election as seen from Europe

Trump transition team discussing registry of Muslims

After the election of Trump: The realignment of US politics

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Obama rejects pardon for Snowden

By Jerry White, 21 November 2016

In an interview with German media outlets, Obama rejected a presidential pardon for NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Fillon, Juppé win first round of French right’s presidential primary

By Alice Laurençon, 21 November 2016

The media presented the Les Républicains primary as determining the candidate who will most likely run against Marine Le Pen of the neo-fascist National Front in the second round of the presidential elections next year.

UK students and lecturers protest education cuts

By a reporting team, 21 November 2016

Young people brought their own homemade banners such as “No fees, no cuts, no debt”, “Drop Fees, Not Bombs” and “Education, not Deportation.”

Russian minister of economic development arrested

By David Levine, 21 November 2016

Aleksey Ulyukayev was arrested last week on suspicion of extorting a bribe from the state-controlled oil corporation Rosneft.

Indian government’s demonetisation causes mass hardship and economic chaos

By Kranti Kumara and Arun Kumar, 21 November 2016

The true aim of the Indian government's demonetisation scheme is to shore up the country's fragile banking system.

Indian elite welcome Trump’s election

By Deepal Jayasekera and Keith Jones, 19 November 2016

Indian rail accident kills more than 120

By Arun Kumar, 21 November 2016

Sunday’s disaster is a direct result of poor safety standards and the run-down of essential maintenance throughout India’s extensive rail network.

Australia: Pacific National axes more rail jobs

By Terry Cook, 21 November 2016

The rail union is complicit in the widespread job-shedding and casualisation within the haulage sector.

Significant opposition as Philadelphia transit workers ratify contract

By Alan Whyte, 21 November 2016

After shutting down a six-day strike to boost the vote for Hillary Clinton, the Transport Workers Union imposed a concessions deal on Philadelphia transit workers.

Flint residents threatened with water shutoffs

By Carlos Delgado, 21 November 2016

The shutoff notices come as the state challenges a federal order to begin door-to-door water delivery.

US agency report documents failure to act on Flint water crisis

Research team hikes estimate: At least half of Flint, Michigan homes have lead pipes

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Income and racial segregation grows in Virginia public schools

By Alex Gonzalez, 21 November 2016

Segregation in Virginia public schools has increased by 60 percent since 2003.

New in Spanish

Los demócratas buscan contener las crecientes protestas y oposición hacia Trump

Por Barry Grey, 21 noviembre 2016

El ascenso al poder del gobierno más derechista en la historia estadounidense está radicalizando a una generación entera de jóvenes que comienzan su vida política.

De “revolución política” a colaboración: Sanders y Warren prometen trabajar con Trump

Por Patrick Martin y Joseph Kishore, 21 noviembre 2016

Mientras que Trump reúne a su gobierno, el Partido Demócrata y los medios de difusión buscan normalizar a un gobierno de extrema derecha como nunca se ha visto antes en la historia estadounidense.

New in Turkish

Avrupa’dan görüldüğü haliyle Trump’ın seçilmesi

Alex Lantier, 21 Kasım 2016

20. Yüzyıl faşizminin mirasına bakan egemen sınıflar, militarizmi, dünya savaşını ve işçi sınıfına ve gençliğe karşı polis baskısını tırmandırmaya hazırlanıyorlar.

Trump’ın seçilmesine karşı kitlesel öğrenci protestoları: İleriye giden yol

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi ve Toplumsal Eşitlik için Uluslararası Gençlik ve Öğrenciler, 21 Kasım 2016

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi (SEP) ve Toplumsal Eşitlik için Uluslararası Gençlik ve Öğrenciler (IYSSE), Donald Trump’ın seçilmesine karşı gösterilerin ülke genelinde yayılmasını memnuniyetle karşılamakta ve desteklemektedir.

New in German

Trumps Wahlsieg aus Sicht Europas

Von Alex Lantier, 21. November 2016

Einzelheiten über Trumps Außenpolitik sind noch nicht bekannt, doch sein Wahlsieg stellt eindeutig einen historischen Wendepunkt dar, mit dem die Kriegsgefahr näher rückt.

Trump bildet ultrarechtes Kabinett

Von Patrick Martin, 21. November 2016

Ein Rassist aus den Südstaaten als Justizminister, ein islamfeindlicher Fanatiker als nationaler Sicherheitsberater und ein NSA-Unterstützer als CIA-Direktor werden Trumps Kabinett angehören.

Lebhafte Diskussion auf IYSSE-Veranstaltung zur US-Wahl an der Humboldt-Universität

Von unseren Korrespondeten, 21. November 2016

Die große Resonanz und die intensive Diskussion auf der Veranstaltung zeigen, dass sich eine neue Generation radikalisiert und nach einer politischen Perspektive sucht, um den Kampf gegen Reaktion und Krieg zu führen.

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Trump’s authoritarian government of nationalism and war

21 November 2016

As the Democratic Party seeks to normalize the transfer of power to Trump, the appointments of the president-elect confirm the historically unprecedented character of the incoming US administration.

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Mass student protests against Trump election: The way forward

The Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 16 November 2016


A chilling attack on free speech
Trump attempts to bully cast of Hamilton over criticism of anti-democratic policies

By David Walsh, 21 November 2016

President-elect Donald Trump responded to concerns about his incoming administration as expressed by the cast of the Broadway show Hamilton with a series of thuggish, threatening Tweets.

As anti-Trump protests spread, Democrats scramble to contain opposition

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Guardian columnist Will Hutton rants against the Brexit “mob”

By Paul Mitchell, 21 November 2016

Hutton’s defence of a political and economic system that is committed to austerity only legitimises UKIP’s demagogic posturing as the voice of the “people” against “the elites.”

The lessons of the Canadian autoworkers’ contract struggle

By Roger Jordan and Carl Bronski, 19 November 2016

Fed set to lift key interest rate

By Nick Beams, 19 November 2016

Obama seeks to placate concerns over Trump in final tour of Europe

By Peter Schwarz, 18 November 2016

Socialist Equality Party

Report by Julie Hyland to the Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)

By Julie Hyland, 21 November 2016

SEP Assistant National Secretary Julie Hyland moved the second resolution to the SEP (UK) Third National Congress, “Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: The strategic lessons.”

Report to the Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2016 Congress resolutions
Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: The strategic lessons

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2016 Congress resolutions
For a new socialist movement against militarism, austerity and war

SEP public meeting in Colombo: The international implications of Trump’s election

19 November 2016

SEP and IYSSE public meetings
The election of Donald Trump: The political issues facing workers and youth

18 November 2016

Public meetings in New Zealand and Australia
The political causes and international implications of Trump’s election: A Marxist assessment

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 15 November 2016

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Berlin IYSSE meeting on Trump election provokes intense discussion

By our correspondents, 21 November 2016

The large attendance and lively discussion at the meeting indicate that a new generation of young workers and students is being radicalized.

Well-attended IYSSE meeting at Humboldt University on Trump’s election

Oppose right-wing ideology at Humboldt University: An open letter to Professor Thomas Sandkühler

”We have people in office that support war. We no longer need them”
Detroit high school students speak on Trump and the danger of war

By Zac Corrigan, 18 November 2016

David North addresses packed meeting in San Diego on the election of Donald Trump

By our reporters, 18 November 2016

25 years ago: Haitian refugees die on the high seas

Late on November 22, 1991, a boat carrying 160 refugees sank in the straits between Haiti and Cuba, with all those aboard lost.

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50 year ago: Chinese Red Guards attack workers

On November 23, 1966, the newspaper of the Chinese Red Guards reported a violent clash between student members of the Red Guards and factory workers in Beijing.

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75 years ago: Red Army defeats Wehrmacht at Rostov

On November 21, 1941, as part of the attack upon the Soviet Union’s Caucasus region during Operation Barbarossa, German forces entered the Soviet city of Rostov and seized a bridgehead across the River Don.

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100 years ago: Austrian Emperor Franz Josef dies

On November 21, 1916, Emperor Franz Josef I, the Habsburg ruler of Austria-Hungary, died in Vienna at the age of 88.

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International Committee of the Fourth International

The International Committee of the Fourth International founds its French section

By our reporter, 15 November 2016

Build the Socialist Equality Party (France)!

15 November 2016

Mehring Books

NEW! Available for your eReader from Mehring Books
Globalization and the International Working Class: A Marxist Assessment

17 November 2016

Mehring Books is offering this analysis of the transformation of world economy, first published in 1998 and now out of print, for both ePub and Kindle eReaders.

David North’s A Quarter Century of War now available in ePub and Kindle formats

3 November 2016

Both ePub and Kindle versions of David North’s recent book A Quarter Century of War: The U.S. Drive for Global Hegemony 1990–2016 are now available from Mehring Books.

Workers Struggles

Barnard College contingent faculty vote on strike authorization

By Sandy English, 19 November 2016

Philadelphia transit workers must reject sellout deal

By Alan Whyte, 17 November 2016

November 5 Antiwar Conference

Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference
SEP candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates Naomi Spencer speaks on the social crisis in Appalachia

12 November 2016

Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference
SEP’s vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth reviews lessons of the Sanders campaign

11 November 2016

Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference
The global crisis and the danger of world war

By Andre Damon, 9 November 2016

SEP candidate Jerry White addresses Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference

Broad turnout for “Socialism vs. Capitalism and War” conference in Detroit