Obama denounces recount effort

By Eric London, 28 November 2016

President Barack Obama is denouncing an entirely legitimate legal action to verify the outcome of the election in states where the result was exceptionally close.

Growing concerns in Europe over Trump agenda

Republican Congress, Trump plan assault on Medicare

Trump names opponent of public schools to head Department of Education

Scottish government in crisis over Trump victory

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Federal judge blocks new Obama administration overtime rules

By Shannon Jones, 28 November 2016

The court ruling upset 70 years of prior precedent that gave the Labor Department the authority to set rules regulating overtime pay.

France: Fillon wins presidential primary of right-wing parties

By Alex Lantier, 28 November 2016

Fillon’s victory as the candidate of The Republicans signifies a sharp shift to the right toward intensified austerity, nationalism and militarism.

French right’s presidential primary highlights shift far to the right

Lufthansa makes new offer to striking pilots

By Dietmar Henning, 28 November 2016

The offer made by the Lufthansa board on Friday evening is aimed at breaking the resistance of the pilots’ union and pushing through fundamental changes in working conditions.

The 2017 German budget: Billions for the military and war

By Johannes Stern, 28 November 2016

Almost three years after President Gauck and the German government announced the end of military restraint, a massive build-up of the military is at the centre of the budget.

EU fears ‘no’ vote in Italian referendum

By Marianne Arens, 28 November 2016

The constitutional reform, a step toward authoritarian rule, is the key element of the program of Prime Minister Renzi.

Huge growth in “precarious employment” in the UK

By Thomas Scripps, 28 November 2016

The total number of workers in self-employment, temporary work and zero-hours contracts has increased by nearly 2 million over the past decade.

Nearly two million people demand South Korean president’s removal

By Ben McGrath, 28 November 2016

With a vote on President Park’s impeachment looming, last weekend’s protests are a sign of growing social and political discontent.

Chinese fears about Trump and the South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 28 November 2016

A Chinese think tank director warned that “strategic rivalry between China and the US is likely to continue over the South China Sea.”

India moves to enhance strategic ties with Japan and Israel

By Deepal Jayasekera, 28 November 2016

The Modi government is forging closer strategic ties with Japan and Israel to aggressively pursue the great power ambitions of India’s elite against China and Pakistan.

Chicago police kill two over Thanksgiving holiday

By Jessica Goldstein, 28 November 2016

The recent shootings take place one year after the release of dashcam footage of the murder of 17-year-old black youth Laquan McDonald by a Chicago cop.

New in Spanish

El Día de Acción de Gracias del 2016 y la crisis social en EE.UU.

Por Andre Damon, 28 noviembre 2016

Para millones de familias en EE.UU., el Día de Acción de Gracias tan sólo les hará sentir con mayor peso la inseguridad económica y miseria social que enfrentan.

Margen del voto popular contra Trump alcanza los 1,7 millones

Por Patrick Martin, 28 noviembre 2016

Trump perdió el voto popular por un margen mayor al de todos los ganadores previos del voto electoral.

New in French

Fillon remporte la primaire de la droite et devient candidat présidentiel

Par Alexandre Lantier, 28 novembre 2016

Sa victoire signifie une droitisation majeure de la politique française, vers une austérité, une incitation du nationalisme, et une poussée vers la guerre accrues.

La montée de Fillon expose la banqueroute du soutien du NPA à Hollande

Par Alice Laurençon, 28 novembre 2016

C'est l'absence d'une alternative à gauche du PS et de ses satellites comme le NPA, qui serait visible pour les masses, qui donne à Fillon et au FN l'apparence de force.

Le programme de Trump inquiète l'Europe

Par Nick Beams, 28 novembre 2016

La Banque centrale européenne met en garde contre les turbulences financières qui résulteraient de la montée des taux d'intérêt et des politiques commerciales d'une administration Trump.

L’establishment allemand critique la politique économique protectionniste de Trump

Par Peter Schwarz, 28 novembre 2016

L’establishment allemand craint que la politique de Donald Trump de « l’Amérique d’abord » ne plonge l’économie mondiale dans le genre de guerre économique qui eut lieu dans les années 1930.

L’élite financière veut un Canada au sein des «murs» de Trump

Par Roger Jordan et Keith Jones, 28 novembre 2016

L’élite canadienne veut accroître sa collaboration avec Washington au moment où ce dernier poursuit, sous le gouvernement le plus à droite de l’histoire des États-Unis, une politique de confrontation avec ses principaux rivaux.

Australie : L’ÉJIES établit un club étudiant à l’Université de Melbourne

Par Nos correspondants, 28 novembre 2016

En 2017, année du centenaire de la Révolution russe, l’ÉJIES luttera pour le trotskysme en opposition à la politique de pseudo-gauche qui a dominé sur le campus.

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The political legacy of Fidel Castro

28 November 2016

Castro’s legacy cannot be evaluated solely through the prism of Cuba, but must take into account the impact of his politics internationally and, above all, in Latin America.

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From the WSWS Archive

Castroism and the Politics of Petty-Bourgeois Nationalism

By Bill Van Auken, 7 January 1998

This lecture was delivered on January 7, 1998 to the International Summer School on Marxism and the Fundamental Problems of the 20th Century, organised by the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) in Sydney, from January 3-10, 1998.


“Buried alive by the National Coal Board”
The Aberfan disaster in Wales 50 years on

By Margot Miller, 28 November 2016

A total of 116 children perished in the avalanche of coal waste—almost half of those at Pantglas Junior School—along with 28 adults, including five teachers.

Thanksgiving 2016 and the social crisis in America

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles: Widespread hunger and homelessness

“There are a lot of struggling people in the Detroit Metro area”
Hard-pressed Detroit area families face bleak holiday

Syrian war threatens to escalate as Turkey accuses Damascus of attacking its troops

By Jordan Shilton, 25 November 2016

US arms Syrian Islamists with surface-to-air missiles

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2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony
Obama awards those who “have helped make me who I am”

By David Walsh, 24 November 2016

Canada must be inside Trump’s “walls,” declares voice of financial elite

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 25 November 2016

Trump to build on Obama’s antidemocratic legacy

King Donald meets his media courtiers

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Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lankan SEP holds meeting in Jaffna on the socialist alternative to nationalism and war

By our correspondents, 28 November 2016

Speakers explained the dangerous political agenda of the incoming Trump administration in the US and the necessity for workers and youth to mobilise on a revolutionary program.

Report by Julie Hyland to the Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)

By Julie Hyland, 21 November 2016

Report to the Third National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2016 Congress resolutions
Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: The strategic lessons

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2016 Congress resolutions
For a new socialist movement against militarism, austerity and war

Meetings on the US elections

SEP and IYSSE public meetings
The election of Donald Trump: The political issues facing workers and youth

SEP public meeting in Colombo: The international implications of Trump’s election

Public meetings in New Zealand and Australia
The political causes and international implications of Trump’s election: A Marxist assessment

25 years ago: Pan American World Airways ends operations

On Wednesday, December 4, 1991, one-time industry giant Pan American World Airways shut down operations and grounded all its aircraft after running out of cash.

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50 year ago: Jordanian troops clash with Syria

On December 2, 1966, Jordanian troops crossed the border into Syria in pursuit of alleged terrorist infiltrators, sparking an exchange of acrimonious charges by both governments.

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75 years ago: Nazi special forces massacre German Jews in Lithuania

On November 29, 1941, Nazi forces carried out their second mass killing of Jews in four days in Lithuania.

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100 years ago: British government takes over coal mines

On November 29, 1916, the British government of Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George announced that from December 1 it would assume direct control of all coal mines in South Wales, a hotbed of working class militancy.

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The “Mark Twain of jazz” dies at 89
Mose Allison: 1927-2016

By James Brewer, 26 November 2016

Over his six-decade musical career, Allison performed live thousands of times and released over 50 albums. He left behind a tremendous body of recorded work dating back to the mid-1950s.

Bleed for This and The Edge of Seventeen: Are these any match for the times?

By Joanne Laurier, 24 November 2016

Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) dies at 82

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE to stand candidates in 2017 student parliament election at Berlin’s Humboldt University

By our correspondent, 26 November 2016

Germany: Humboldt University Student Parliament opposes military advertising at university

Humboldt University Professor Sandkühler’s response to the IYSSE: A declaration of intellectual bankruptcy

Oppose right-wing ideology at Humboldt University: An open letter to Professor Thomas Sandkühler

The Fight for Historical Truth at Humboldt University »

Australia: IYSSE establishes student club at the University of Melbourne

By our reporters, 24 November 2016

Workers Struggles

After six-month lockout, workers reject UAW-Honeywell ultimatum

By Jerry White, 26 November 2016

Sharp Healthcare nurses in San Diego, California to begin three-day strike

By Marko Leone, 26 November 2016

GE Appliances workers in Louisville, Kentucky reject concessions deal

By Shannon Jones, 26 November 2016

Unions, aided by the pseudo-left, push through poverty-level wage deals
Lessons of the Harvard University Dining Services strike

International Committee of the Fourth International

The International Committee of the Fourth International founds its French section

By our reporter, 15 November 2016

Build the Socialist Equality Party (France)!

15 November 2016

November 5 Antiwar Conference

SEP candidate Jerry White addresses Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference

Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference
The global crisis and the danger of world war

Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference
SEP’s vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth reviews lessons of the Sanders campaign

Socialism vs Capitalism and War conference
SEP candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates Naomi Spencer speaks on the social crisis in Appalachia