Taiwanese president meets senior Republicans, fuelling US-China tensions

By Peter Symonds, 12 January 2017

To underline Beijing’s concerns about closer US ties with Taiwan, the Chinese navy sailed its aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, through the Taiwan Strait.

Anti-Russian war-mongering dominates Senate hearing on Trump nominee for secretary of state

By Andre Damon, 12 January 2017

Senators from both parties took turns denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, autocrat and murderer.

Trump nominee for attorney general defends right-wing, anti-democratic agenda

As Senate confirmation hearings begin
Trump names son-in-law to White House post

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Jeremy Corbyn: The abortive rebranding of a “left muddlehead”

By Paul Mitchell, 12 January 2017

Corbyn’s speech was a signal that he is prepared to make the political shifts demanded of him by the party’s right wing, including the adoption of an anti-immigration agenda.

Mexican protests continue as consumer prices rise

By Rafael Azul, 12 January 2017

Sections of the Mexican ruling class are posturing as opponents of the gasolinazo subsidy cut.

Mexican government, trade unions mobilize against protests to pave the way for Trump

Protests against gas price hikes spread across Mexico

Union reaches deal, moves to end Dayton, Ohio transit strike

By Vernon Stevens, 12 January 2017

Transit workers, who have not had a raise since 2014, will be voting on the agreement, which undoubtedly contains major concession on pay and out-of-pocket health expenses.

Dayton, Ohio transit workers strike over wages, health care

Illinois man dies after police shootout on commuter train

By George Marlowe, 12 January 2017

Jamal Parks died from a gunshot wound to the head in Deerfield, Illinois, in the midst of a dangerous police shootout aboard a passenger-filled train.

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US trails other developed countries in access to health care

By Esther Galen, 12 January 2017

A recent survey of adults in 11 advanced countries placed the United States dead last in access to medical care and affordability.

Demonstration in Germany against deportations to Afghanistan

By Marianne Arens, 12 January 2017

All of the established parties, including the Left Party, support the inhumane German government policy of deporting refugees to war zones.

Protests follow “planned operation” police killing of Yasser Yaqub in UK

By Harvey Thompson, 12 January 2017

The killing of Yaqub was the fifth fatal police shooting in England and Wales in the past nine months.

Public anger in China as smog crisis continues

By Oscar Grenfell, 12 January 2017

The government fears that the air pollution disaster will become a focal point for broader discontent.

Record climate warming recorded in Australia for 2016

By Patrick Kelly, 12 January 2017

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology detailed several record-breaking temperature anomalies caused by global climate change.

Newfoundland fishers consider disaffiliating from Unifor

By Carl Bronski, 12 January 2017

Fishers have cited many examples of the FFAW-Unifor apparatus feathering its own nest at the expense of the workers.

New in Turkish

ABD destroyeri İran devriye teknelerine uyarı ateşi açtı

Peter Symonds, 12 Ocak 2017

Pazar günü, bir ABD güdümlü füze destroyeri, ABD savunma yetkililerinin iddiasıyla “taciz edici” davranışta bulunan İran devriye teknelerine uyarı ateşi açtı.

Suriye üzerine ABD-Rusya gerilimleri şiddetleniyor

Jordan Shilton, 12 Ocak 2017

Wall Street Journal’da dün yayınlanan bir haber, Suriye’de, Rusya ile Türkiye’nin arabuluculuğundaki ateşkese rağmen devam eden son derece patlayıcı jeopolitik durumu gözler önüne seriyor.

New in French

Le nationalisme économique et l’effondrement de l’ordre d’après-guerre

Par Nick Beams, 12 janvier 2017

Les États-Unis ont été le garant de l’ordre économique d’après-guerre fondé sur la baisse des tarifs douaniers et des barrières commerciales sous l’enseigne du « libre échange », mais la politique de « l’Amérique d’abord » de Trump signale l’effondrement de cet ordre.

Tirs de semonce d’un destroyer américain contre des patrouilleurs iraniens

Par Peter Symonds, 12 janvier 2017

Cet incident met en relief la situation instable qui prévaut au Moyen-Orient et la possibilité d’une montée rapide des tensions américano-iraniennes avec l’arrivée de Donald Trump à la présidence américaine

New in German

Wirtschaftsnationalismus markiert Zusammenbruch der Nachkriegsordnung

Von Nick Beams, 12. Januar 2017

Die USA waren einst der Garant der wirtschaftlichen Nachkriegsordnung, in der Zölle und Handelsbarrieren abgebaut werden sollten. Trumps Politik nach dem Motto „America First“ markiert das Ende dieser Ordnung.

Obamas Abschiedsrede: Klischees und Lügen pur

Von Niles Niemuth, 12. Januar 2017

Obama rühmte sich der angeblichen Fortschritte während seiner achtjährigen Amtszeit, bezeichnete aber gleichzeitig die soziale Ungleichheit, für die er mitverantwortlich ist, als Gefahr für die Demokratie. Im Ganzen: eine ebenso banale wie unaufrichtige Rede.

USA: Dokument über angebliche Beziehungen Trumps in Moskau verschärft Konflikt im Staatsapparat

Von Joseph Kishore, 12. Januar 2017

Mit der Veröffentlichung des Materials versuchen Kräfte innerhalb der Geheimdienste offenbar, die Amtseinführung Trumps in letzter Minute zu verhindern.

US-Verteidigungsminister droht alle Raketen Nordkoreas abzuschießen

Von Peter Symonds, 12. Januar 2017

Donald Trumps Rücksichtslosigkeit und seine Neigung zum Militarismus erhöhen die Gefahr eines Konflikts auf der koreanischen Halbinsel, einem besonders gefährlichen Krisenherd.

Zeit-Journalisten Joffe und Bittner verlieren Unterlassungsklage gegen Satiresendung „Die Anstalt“

Von Peter Schwarz, 12. Januar 2017

Der Bundesgerichtshof hat ein Urteil des OLG Hamburg aufgehoben, das es dem ZDF untersagte, die Verbindung der beiden Journalisten zu sicherheitspolitischen Lobbygruppen zu thematisieren.

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Trump press conference: The oligarchy rules

12 January 2017

Trump’s press conference Wednesday morning was an hour-long demonstration of oligarchic arrogance and contempt for democratic principles that has no parallel in modern American history.

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Centenary of the Russian Revolution

Socialism and the centenary of the Russian Revolution: 1917-2017

By David North and Joseph Kishore, 3 January 2017

A specter is haunting world capitalism: the specter of the Russian Revolution. This year marks the centenary of the world-historical events of 1917, which began with the February Revolution in Russia and culminated in October with the conquest of political power by the Bolshevik Party, under the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky.

From the Archives

The End of the USSR

By David North, 30 December 2016

On January 4, 1992, David North, national secretary of the Workers League (predecessor of the Socialist Equality Party), delivered a report which explained the historical background and significance of the end of the USSR. To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of this critical event, the World Socialist Web Site is posting North's report.


The Chicago Facebook torture video: A symptom of social decay in capitalist America

By George Gallanis, 12 January 2017

The issues raised by this violent and cruel incident can be properly understood only by placing it within its socio-economic and political context.

Economic nationalism and the breakdown of the post-war order

By Nick Beams, 11 January 2017

Obama’s farewell address: One last round of clichés and lies

By Niles Niemuth, 11 January 2017

Obama's legacy of war, repression and inequality

In town hall broadcast, Sanders declares his readiness to work with Trump on trade war agenda

By Tom Hall and Barry Grey, 11 January 2017

German Left Party leader blames Merkel’s refugee policy for attack in Berlin

President Hollande gives French army, intelligence “green light to kill”

Racial politics in the service of the CIA
New York Times columnist Charles Blow’s McCarthyite rant on Russian hacking


Hidden Figures and Passengers: One official story, and another trite one

By Joanne Laurier, 12 January 2017

Hidden Figures retells the story of three African-American female scientists who made extraordinary contributions to NASA’s aeronautics and space programs in the 1960s. Passengers is a boiler-plate science fiction thriller.

Meryl Streep, Donald Trump and the Golden Globes

By David Walsh, 11 January 2017

Hail to the Chief—wealthy celebrities bid farewell to Obama


The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw—Part 2
From the Holocaust to present-day Poland

By Clara Weiss, 11 January 2017

The core exhibition at the recently opened POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw has now marked its second anniversary.

The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw—Part 1
Jewish life in Poland before World War II

By Clara Weiss, 9 January 2017

Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856–1918): His Place in the History of Marxism

By David North and Vladimir Volkov, 5 December 2016

Workers Struggles

Ohio workers face precedent-setting pension and retiree health cuts

By Evan Winters, 11 January 2017

Low turnout for University of California workers’ one-day strike

By our reporters, 11 January 2017

University of California support staff in one-day strike

25 years ago: European Community moves to dismember Yugoslavia

On January 15, 1992, the European Community formally opened diplomatic ties with the two northern Yugoslav republics Croatia and Slovenia.

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50 years ago: Johnson promises “more agony” in Vietnam

President Lyndon Johnson used his State of the Union address, delivered on January 10, 1967, to promise that the US would “face more cost, more loss, and more agony” in a war that had already killed thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese.

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75 years ago: Roosevelt sets up War Labor Board

On January 12, 1942, US President Franklin Roosevelt established the War Labor Board, aimed at suppressing the class struggle in America for the duration of the Second World War.

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100 years ago: Leon Trotsky arrives in New York

On January 14, 1917, Leon Trotsky arrived in New York as a political exile, having been deported first by France and then by Spain for his anti-war writings and activities.

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Socialist Equality Party

Berlin university meeting discusses election of Trump and the return of German militarism

By our correspondents, 7 January 2017

Sri Lankan SEP and workers’ action committee oppose attacks on plantation workers

Book Review

A Pound of Flesh: The US legal system’s war against the poor

By Nancy Hanover, 7 January 2017

A Pound of Flesh: Monetary Sanctions as Punishment for the Poor, a new book by sociologist Alexes Harris, shows how legal financial obligations (LFOs) penalize the poorest among us.

Mehring Books

100 Years since the Russian Revolution
Mehring Books announces centenary edition of landmark documentary, Tsar to Lenin

12 December 2016

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

NYU, the Gulf monarchies and university-backed political repression

By Daniel de Vries, 28 December 2016

Security and the Fourth Internaional

Security and the Fourth International
The Smith Act trial and government infiltration of the Trotskyist movement

By Eric London, 8 December 2016

Security and the Fourth International
The Smith Act trial and government infiltration of the Trotskyist movement—Part two
Why wasn’t Joseph Hansen a defendant in the Smith Act trial?