Massive bombing in Kabul as Washington mulls Afghan escalation

By Bill Van Auken, 1 June 2017

The huge truck bomb was exploded in an area of the capital that includes foreign embassies and government ministries, killing at least 90 people and wounding over 400 more.

Germany turns to Asia

By Johannes Stern, 1 June 2017

In the midst of a historic crisis in transatlantic relations, Berlin is working systematically to expand political and economic ties with Asia.

As US-German rift widens
Left Party campaigns for German imperialism

Police claim Manchester suicide bomber was a “lone wolf” after all

By Robert Stevens, 1 June 2017

Salman Abedi was allowed to “slip through the net” because he was a protected asset of the security services.

UK and US mount damage control operation over Manchester bombing

What did the UK government know?
British intelligence received warnings that Manchester bomber was plotting attacks

Green Party mayor demolishes refugee camp in Grenoble, France

By Athiyan Silva, 1 June 2017

More than one hundred CRS police rounded up and forcibly expelled refugees from the Valmy Refugee camp in southeast France.

French media hail Macron’s moves away from US anti-Russian policies

Ghanaian woman dies of hypothermia attempting to walk across US-Canada border

By Niles Niemuth, 1 June 2017

The tragic death of Mavis Otuteye comes amid a spike in the number of immigrants living in the US seeking asylum in Canada.

More on the attack on immigrants in the US »

Oregon Republican appeals to far-right militias
Accused Portland killer Jeremy Christian makes first court appearance

By Toby Reese, 1 June 2017

Jeremy Joseph Christian was arrested for stabbing three individuals with a knife, killing two, after the victims intervened to defend two girls targeted by Christian's anti-Muslim tirade.

Almost 10,000 Detroit households face water shutoff

By James Brewer, 1 June 2017

Some 400 households had their water service disconnected in the one-week period following the city’s resumption of water shutoffs earlier this spring.

Venezuelan death toll continues to rise as Maduro government pushes for constituent assembly

By Alexander Fangmann, 1 June 2017

Around 60 people have died in clashes, as the chavistas seek to retain power through a reconciliation with sections of the right-wing opposition.

Canada’s Conservatives choose Harper disciple as new leader

By Roger Jordan, 1 June 2017

Andrew Scheer upset frontrunner Maxime Bernier by appealing to social conservatives and touting himself as the strongest supporter of Harper’s hard-right, pro-corporate record.

More warnings of a housing-led crash in Australia

By Mike Head, 1 June 2017

Any sharp downturn in the debt-fuelled property market would have far-reaching economic and political consequences.

Australian timber mill slated to close

By Will Morrow, 1 June 2017

The closure, in the state of Victoria, is part of a restructuring by Carter Holt Harvey and other producers across the timber industry.

Sri Lankan government claims EU tariff facility will solve economic ills

By Saman Gunadasa, 1 June 2017

The GSP+ will not resolve the problems facing the economy, but will result in further attacks on workers’ wages, conditions and basic rights.

New in Russian

Проведено наблюдение спектра антиводорода

Джо Маунт, 1 июня 2017 г.

Первоначальные результаты эксперимента на аппарате ALPHA-2 показывают, что материя и антиматерия отличаются друг от друга в пределах 200 частиц на триллион.

New in Turkish

Almanya ve Amerika arasındaki çatlak: Bir “dönüm noktası”

Nick Beams, 1 Haziran 2017

Almanya Başbakanı Angela Merkel, savaş sonrası istikrara zemin oluşturan Atlantik ötesi ittifakın neredeyse sona erdiğini ilan etti.

Manuel Noriega ve ABD emperyalizmi

Bill Van Auken, 1 Haziran 2017

Panama'nın eski askeri diktatörü ve CIA'in uzun süreli “varlığı” Manuel Noriega, Panama'daki bir hastanede geçirdiği beyin operasyonunun ardından, Pazartesi günü öldü..

Quebec inşaat işçileri grevi: Grev kırıcı yasaları ve tavizleri yenilgiye uğratın! Kamu hizmetlerini savunun!

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi (Kanada), 1 Haziran 2017

Quebec yönetimi bir kez daha inşaat işçilerinin bir grevine suç muamelesi yapıyor. İnşaat işçileri, liberallerin grev karşıtı yasasının doğrudan hedefi ama saldırı altında olan tüm işçi sınıfıdır.

New in French

Le gouvernement Macron prépare sa loi Travail II avec les syndicats

Par Francis Dubois, 1 juin 2017

Le gouvernement Macron prépare un affrontement social majeur avec la classe ouvrière en s’appuyant sur les appareils syndicaux.

Manuel Noriega et le militarisme américain

Par Bill Van Auken, 1 juin 2017

L’invasion américaine de Panama en décembre 1989 et le renversement de Noriega, ont établi le mode opératoire de la série de plus en plus grave de guerres et d’interventions américaines qui a suivi.

L’enquête sur les liens entre la Maison-Blanche et la Russie s’élargit à l’avocat personnel de Trump

Par Barry Grey, 1 juin 2017

Le Parti démocrate s’est complètement aligné sur les factions les plus férocement anti-russes de l’État et a fait de cette question de la politique impérialiste la base de son opposition à Trump.

Le Parti de gauche fait campagne pour l’impérialisme allemand

Par Johannes Stern, 1 juin 2017

Les représentants en vue du Parti de gauche ont salué le discours prononcé par la chancelière allemande Angela Merkel en Bavière dimanche qui a mis en doute l’alliance de l’Allemagne avec les États-Unis.

Le professeur allemand Baberowski explique son programme de droite

Par Peter Schwarz, 1 juin 2017

Dans un entretien paru dans le Neue Zürcher Zeitung, le professeur de l’université Humboldt, Jörg Baberowski, fulmine contre l’« hégémonie culturelle de la gauche » et réclame « l’élimination des tabous » contre les positions d’extrême-droite.

Les conservateurs baissent dans les sondages, les médias britanniques lancent l’offensive contre Corbyn

Par Robert Stevens, 1 juin 2017

Les entretiens télévisés de la Première ministre de droite Theresa May et du chef du Parti travailliste Jeremy Corbyn étaient l’occasion de façonner l’opinion pour l’élite dirigeante.

Les travailleurs d’Amazon dénoncent à travers le monde leurs conditions de travail dictatoriales

Par Eric London, 1 juin 2017

La Voix internationale des travailleurs d’Amazon a été inondée de messages de travailleurs d’Amazon exposant les conditions dictatoriales imposées par la société dans ses milieux de travail à travers le monde.

New in German

Berlins Hinwendung nach Asien

Von Johannes Stern, 1. Juni 2017

Nachdem Bundeskanzlerin Merkel am Sonntag das transatlantische Bündnis in Frage gestellt hat, arbeitet die Bundesregierung systematisch an der Ausweitung der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Beziehungen mit Asien.

Französische Medien begrüßen Macrons Distanzierung von der antirussischen Politik der USA

Von Alex Lantier, 1. Juni 2017

Die französischen und deutschen Zeitungen sprachen von einem „europäischen Moment,“ in dem sich der europäische Kontinent unter der Führung von Deutschland und Frankreich gegen die USA und Großbritannien vereint.

Untersuchungen zu Verbindungen mit Russland auf Trumps Anwalt ausgedehnt

Von Barry Grey, 1. Juni 2017

Die Demokratische Partei hat sich vollständig hinter die fanatisch anti-russischen Fraktionen des Staats gestellt und macht diesen Aspekt der imperialistischen Politik zur Grundlage ihrer Opposition gegen Trump.

New in Urdu

سری لنکا کے وزیر اعظم نے امریکی اتحادیوں کے ساتھ تعلقات کو مزید تقویت دی ہے

11 May 2017

اسکے باوجو د کہ سری لنکا کو چین کی سرمایہ کاری کی اشد ضرورت ہے لیکن وہ ابھی تک ایشیاء میں امریکی قیادت میں فوجی اقدامات کا اتحادی ہے

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Senator McCain solicits support in Australia for Trump’s removal

1 June 2017

Speaking in Australia before high-ranking state and military officials, Senator John McCain delivered a damming indictment of Donald Trump and called upon the Australian government to defy his administration.

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Barry Levinson’s The Wizard of Lies on HBO: The tame, New York Times’ version of the Madoff scandal

By David Walsh, 1 June 2017

The HBO film is an account of the downfall of Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff, whose multi-billion-dollar stock and securities fraud unraveled in December 2008.

“The chilling effect of it is that you begin to think of any and every possibility…”
Artists who were harassed at the US border speak out

Netflix’s War Machine: A hard-hitting attack on America’s military madness

By Joanne Laurier, 30 May 2017

Conversations with Joseph Goebbels’s secretary
A German Life: A glimpse into the Nazi inner circle


Manuel Noriega and US militarism

By Bill Van Auken, 31 May 2017

German Professor Baberowski explains his far-right agenda

By Peter Schwarz, 31 May 2017

“A declaration of hostility towards the principles of humanity”
Professor Mario Kessler publishes comment criticizing views of right-wing professor Jörg Baberowski

More on the fight for historical truth »

Why did the New York Times hire neoconservative columnist Bret Stephens?

By Tom Hall, 31 May 2017

Investigation of White House-Russia ties expands to Trump’s personal lawyer

By Barry Grey, 31 May 2017

New eruption of political warfare in Washington focuses on Jared Kushner’s meetings with Russians

More on the Trump presidency »

School privatization critic Diane Ravitch offers advice to the Democrats

US-backed Iraqi forces carry out “annihilation tactics” in Mosul

Mehring Books

Mehring Books launching June sale

1 June 2017

Limited time opportunity for big savings.

International Amazon Workers Voice

Amazon ordered employee to work despite heatstroke risk, sought to cover up incident

By Eric London, 30 May 2017

German Amazon worker denounces company’s collective punishment tactics

Socialist Equality Party launches International Amazon Workers Voice newsletter

the Socialist Equality Party, 24 May 2017

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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Free the Maruti Suzuki workers!

Sri Lanka: SEP holds meeting and picket in Hatton for release of Maruti Suzuki workers

By our correspondents, 27 May 2017

The frame-up of the Maruti Suzuki workers—Part 5: Judge Goyal mangles the law to sustain the legal vendetta

By Eric London and Keith Jones, 18 May 2017

More on the frame-up of Maruti Suzuki workers »

The Flint Water Crisis

Watch: “If they can poison the people of Flint, they can poison anyone!”

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Watch: Anger erupts at Flint City Council meeting

Three years after the lead poisoning of Flint, residents face water shutoffs, home foreclosures

More on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan »


Zbigniew Brzezinski, architect of the catastrophe in Afghanistan, dead at 89

By Bill Van Auken, 29 May 2017

“What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe?” the former national security adviser said of the CIA alliance with Al Qaeda.

Workers Struggles

Quebec government adopts law to break construction workers’ strike

By Roger Jordan, 31 May 2017

Gasoline and chemical truck drivers strike in France

By Francis Dubois, 30 May 2017

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
May 29 – June 4: Lenin and Trotsky move toward unity as calls for Soviet power spread

29 May 2017

Lenin and Trotsky have been brought together politically by the imperialist world war and the course of the Russian Revolution. Both insist on the transfer of power to the Soviets and for a final break with the nationalist and opportunist socialist tendencies.

From the archives of the Revolution
Speech at a Session of the Petrograd Soviet on reports by the socialist ministers

By Leon Trotsky, 27 May 2017

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

Book Reviews

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’s Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign
The Democratic Convention, anti-Russian hysteria, and Clinton’s concession
Part Two

By Eric London, 27 May 2017

A new book provides insight into how the Democratic Party attempted to manipulate popular opposition to war and inequality to advance the interests of the American financial aristocracy.

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’s Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign
An inside look at Bernie Sanders’s role in the Democratic Party primaries
Part One

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party (UK) public meetings
The class issues in Britain’s snap election: Austerity, dictatorship and war

19 May 2017


International Youth and Students for Social Equality member wins student senate seat at New York University

By our reporters, 23 May 2017

Isaac Oseas, a member of the IYSSE, has won the position of student senator for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at NYU, which includes 4,000 graduate students at the university.

NYU involved in Department of Defense supercomputer project
No to militarism and surveillance! NYU must reveal all ties to military and spy agencies!

More on the fight for democratic rights at NYU »

The ICFI's International May Day Online Rally

May Day 2017: Lessons of history and the fight for socialism

By David North, 1 May 2017

Watch the video »

A political appraisal of the ICFI’s 2017 International May Day Online Rally