US navy secretary fired in case of pardoned SEAL war criminal

By Bill Van Auken, 26 November 2019

The crimes of Gallagher and the other war criminals pardoned by Trump account for a minuscule portion of the civilians massacred in the illegal wars waged by US imperialism over the past 18 years.

Trump overrides Navy’s bid to evict war criminal from SEALS

Thousands of UK university staff begin eight-day strike with support of students

By Robert Stevens, 26 November 2019

Hundreds of strikers mounted picket lines at university campuses at 63 institutions around the UK.

Lecturers and students speak out in UK university strike
”Whether you’re in Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile or Lebanon, in Britain or in Italy, it’s the same fight…against social inequality and social injustice”

By our reporters, 26 November 2019

WSWS reporters spoke to university workers and lecturers on the first day of the strike at 60 higher education institutions in the UK.

Eight-day strike by 40,000 UK university workers begins

Judge denies “absolute immunity” of White House aides

By Patrick Martin, 26 November 2019

The ruling by Judge Kenji Brown Jackson was a sweeping rejection of the Trump administration’s claims that top officials cannot be compelled to testify before Congress.

The impeachment crisis and American imperialism

US Attorney General Barr adds to coverup in death of Jeffrey Epstein

By Kevin Reed, 26 November 2019

In an interview Friday with the Associated Press, US Attorney General William Barr said the prison death of Jeffrey Epstein was a suicide made possible by “a perfect storm of screwups.”

Epstein scandal engulfs Britain’s Royal family after BBC interview with Prince Andrew

Three homeless men die in abandoned house fire in New York City

By Philip Guelpa, 26 November 2019

As the city’s homelessness crisis continues to worsen, increasing numbers face life-threatening risks.

Wisconsin’s Democratic governor signs oil lobby-backed bill criminalising free speech

By Jacob Crosse, 26 November 2019

Governor Tony Evers made Wisconsin the tenth state to enact legislation drafted by the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers association placing greater restrictions on anti-pipeline protests.

French courts sabotage probe of official financing of Islamic State terrorism

By Francis Dubois, 26 November 2019

The French courts are covering for the multibillion-dollar Lafarge corporation and its ties to both the French state and the Islamic State terrorist militia in Syria.

Workers and youth protest French president’s visit to Amiens

By Pierre Mabut, 26 November 2019

The town was in lockdown, with riot police on duty at all intersections, and only vetted guests were allowed to attend official engagements.

UK defies UN deadline to hand over Chagos Islands/Diego Garcia to Mauritius

By Jean Shaoul, 26 November 2019

The UN meeting in May condemned Britain’s occupation of the Chagos Islands and a non-binding ruling by the International Court of Justice calling on the UK to relinquish its hold on the territory within six months.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro launches chauvinistic “green and yellow” youth employment program to foster “competitiveness”

By Tomas Castanheira, 26 November 2019

While draping the program in the national colors, Bolsonaro himself has admitted that its aim is to “reduce labor costs” in order to attract investment.

Australian media and intelligence agencies reveal “Chinese spy” defection

By Oscar Grenfell, 26 November 2019

Despite the implausible character of many of the defector’s claims, they have been presented uncritically by media outlets seeking to bolster the escalating and protracted campaign against supposed “Chinese interference.”

24 November 2019

Leaked email on alleged chemical attack shows 2018 strikes against Syria based on lies

By Niles Niemuth, 25 November 2019

Billionaire Bloomberg enters race for Democratic presidential nomination

By Patrick Martin, 25 November 2019

Bernie Sanders dispenses with his “political revolution” at fifth Democratic presidential debate

In the face of attacks by billionaires, Obama
Elizabeth Warren backpedals on “Medicare for All”

Bloomberg and his fellow oligarchs lay down the law: Not a penny more in taxes

UAW Region 5 Director Vance Pearson resigns after embezzlement charges

By Jerry White, 25 November 2019

GM bribery lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler fueling growing outrage among autoworkers over UAW corruption

GM lawsuit: UAW engaged in criminal conspiracy with FCA to cut labor costs

More on autoworkers struggles »

Madrid steps up repression in Catalonia after PSOE-Podemos government accord

By Alejandro López, 25 November 2019

German bus drivers in state of Hesse on strike

By Marianne Arens, 25 November 2019

“It’s bordering on slavery how they treat us”
Bus drivers in Hesse, Germany, discuss their strike

By Marianne Arens, 25 November 2019

German student organisation bombarded with far-right hate mail

By Gregor Link, 25 November 2019

Hamburg: Social Democrats and Greens plan new police law

South Korea extends military intelligence sharing agreement with Japan

By Ben McGrath, 25 November 2019

Australian Labor Party leader steps up pitch to big business

By Mike Head, 25 November 2019

Australian bushfire crisis spreads as PM denies climate change link

Indian government uses police, paramilitaries to repress protests at Jawaharlal Nehru University

By Kranti Kumara, 25 November 2019

Strike wave in Peru stokes ruling class fears of Chilean “contagion”

By Cesar Uco and Bill Van Auken, 25 November 2019

Leaked audio of top Colombian officials exposes failure of US coup operation in Venezuela

National strike shakes Colombia’s right-wing government

New in Norwegian

Klinisk psykolog Lissa Johnson om Julian Assange: «Et maksimalsikkerhetsfengsel er ikke stedet for behandling av et torturoffer»

Laura Tiernan, 26. november 2019

Lissa Johnson, en australsk klinisk psykolog, er en ledende underskriver av det åpne brevet publisert av leger til forsvar for Julian Assange.

Leger krever «umiddelbar» medisinsk inngripen for å redde Julian Assanges liv

Laura Tiernan, 26. november 2019

Mer enn 65 prominente leger fra Storbritannia og rundt om i verden har meldt et åpent brev der de oppfordrer til hastehandlinger for å beskytte livet til den fengslede WikiLeaks-grunnleggeren og journalisten Julian Assange.

Et åpent brev fra leger: Julian Assange «kan dø i fengsel»

26. november 2019

«Skulle en slik presserende vurdering og behandling ikke finne sted har vi, basert på bevisene som p.t. foreligger, reelle bekymringer for at Mr. Assange kan dø i fengsel.»

Assanges forsvarsadvokat Jennifer Robinson talte på offentlige møter i Australia

Patrick O’Connor, 26. november 2019

Robinson advarte for at USAs forsøk på å straffeforfølge Assange for å ha publisert sannheten satte en «fryktinngytende presedens» for alle journalister og medieorganisasjoner.

New in German

Bundeswehr-Offizier Franco A. wird wegen Terrorverdachts angeklagt

Dietmar Gaisenkersting, 23. November 2019

Der Bundesgerichtshof hat beschlossen, dass gegen Franco A. doch Anklage erhoben werden muss. Die nun öffentlich gewordenen Einzelheiten legen nahe, dass es sich bei dem 30-jährigen Ex-Bundeswehr-Offizier um einen rechtsextremen Terroristen handelt.

Lufthansa lässt Schlichtung mit Ufo platzen

Marianne Arens, 23. November 2019

Am Mittwoch hat der Lufthansa-Konzern die bereits beschlossene Schlichtung mit der Unabhängigen Flugbegleiter Organisation (Ufo) wieder rückgängig gemacht.

Zerreißprobe in der Nato wegen Spannungen zwischen den Großmächten

Alex Lantier, 23. November 2019

Bei ihrem Gipfeltreffen in Brüssel befassten sich die Außenminister der Nato-Staaten mit den politischen Folgen von Präsident Macrons Erklärung, das amerikanisch-europäische Bündnis sei „hirntot“.

USA und EU haben der Ukraine seit 2014 über 20 Milliarden Dollar zur Verfügung gestellt

Patrick Martin, 23. November 2019

Die Zeugenaussagen bei der abschließenden Impeachment-Anhörung bestätigen das massive Ausmaß der imperialistischen Operationen in der Ukraine, die darauf abzielen, Russland zu untergraben und anzugreifen.


New in French

Madrid intensifie la répression en Catalogne après l'accord de gouvernement entre le PSOE et Podemos

Alejandro López, 26 novembre 2019

Le gouvernement social-démocrate soutenu par Podemos menace de destituer le Premier ministre régional catalan et de réduire l'utilisation de la langue catalane dans les écoles publiques catalanes.

La fuite d'un courriel sur une prétendue attaque chimique révèle que la justification des frappes aériennes contre la Syrie en 2018 était un mensonge

Niles Niemuth, 26 novembre 2019

Le note de service du lanceur d’alerte établit que le rapport de l’OIAC de juillet 2018 sur l’attaque chimique alléguée à Douma a falsifié les conclusions des enquêteurs afin de justifier l’attaque contre les forces du gouvernement syrien par les États-Unis, la Grande-Bretagne et la France.

La poursuite de GM contre Fiat Chrysler alimente l'indignation des travailleurs de l'automobile face à la corruption de l’UAW

Tom Hall, 26 novembre 2019

Cette poursuite s'inscrit dans le cadre d'une lutte acharnée pour les parts de marché dans l'industrie automobile, dans un contexte de ralentissement mondial accéléré et d’intensification des attaques contre les travailleurs de l'automobile.

New in Russian

По поводу смерти советского диссидента Владимира Буковского (1942–2019)

Клара Вайс, 23 ноября 2019 г.

Жизнь и политическая роль Буковского за последние полвека должны быть поняты в более широком контексте развития Октябрьской революции 1917 года и сталинистской реакции против нее.

New in Arabic

راديكالية الشبيبة العالمية والنضال من أجل الاشتراكية

إريك لندن, ٢٩ تشرين الأول أكتوبر ٢٠١٩

في جميع أنحاء العالم ، في بلدان مختلفة ثقافياً مثل الإكوادور ولبنان وفرنسا وألمانيا والولايات المتحدة والعراق وتشيلي وهايتي ، دخل جيل جديد من شباب الطبقة العاملة في ساحة المعركة من النضال الطبقي العالمي.

New in Turkish

İsveç’in “cinsel istismar” entrikasının çökmesi, Assange’a karşı siyasi komployu açığa vuruyor

Oscar Grenfell, 23 Kasım 2019

On yıllık süreçte üç kez düşürülen ve hiçbir zaman “ön” aşamayı geçememiş olan soruşturmanın yüz kızartıcı bir şekilde çökmesi, onu bir devlet entrikası ve kirli operasyon olarak damgalamaktadır.

Wall Street Journal’ın araştırması, Google sansürünü doğruluyor

Andre Damon, 23 Kasım 2019

Siyaset kurumunun tüm hizipleri tarafından teşvik edilen aralıksız siyasi sansür çabalarını güdüleyen, tüm dünyada işçi sınıfı muhalefetinin büyümesinden ve onunla bağlantılı olarak sosyalizme giderek artan ilgiden duyulan korkudur.

İran yönetimi protestoların ardından interneti kesti

Keith Jones, 23 Kasım 2019

İran’da bir işçi cumhuriyeti uğruna mücadelenin, Ortadoğu genelinde işçi sınıfını ve ezilenleri Washington’a ve bir bütün olarak emperyalizme karşı harekete geçirme mücadelesiyle birleştirilmesi gerekiyor.

New in Bengali

ভারতে মাদারসন মোটরগাড়ি শ্রমিকদের ধর্মঘটকে মাওবাদী ইউনিয়ন নেতৃত্ব ক্রমাগত বিচ্ছিন্ন করে রাখছে

মোসেস রাজকুমার ও শশী কুমার, ২৫ অক্টোবর ২০১৯

মাসারসন অটোমোটিভ টেকনোলজিস অ্যান্ড ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং (এম-এ-টি-ই বা মেট)-এর শ্রমিকদের দ্বারা সংগঠিত অনির্দিষ্টকালের ধর্মঘট এখন তৃতীয় মাসে পড়ল।

মার্কিন ফ্যাসিবাদকে এক বলিষ্ট না! ট্রাম্পকে গদিচ্যূত করতে গণআন্দোলন গড়ে তুলুন!

সোশ্যালিস্ট ইকুয়ালিটি পার্টি-র রাজনৈতিক কমিটি, ১৪ অক্টোবর ২০১৯

সন্দেহের ওপর ভিত্তি করে যে তদন্ত কংগ্রেস শুরু করেছিল তার পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে রাষ্ট্রপতি ডোনাল্ড ট্রাম্পের প্রতিক্রিয়া প্রকাশ্যেই সম্পূর্ণ ফ্যাসিবাদী চরিত্রের। গত সপ্তাহে মিনিয়াপোলিস, মিনেসোটা ও লেক চার্লসে ট্রাম্প প্রকাশ্যে বিদেশীদের প্রতি আতঙ্ক, জাতিগত বিদ্বেষ এবং ইহুদি-বিদ্বষের স্বপক্ষে কথা বলেছে।

New in Portuguese

O golpe na Bolívia apoiado pelos EUA

Por Bill Van Auken, 14 Novembro 2019

Apoiado por Washington, o violento golpe na Bolívia foi facilitado pela covardia política e traição do governo de Morales e seu partido MAS.

Other Languages


The significance of the doctors’ open letter in defence of Julian Assange

26 November 2019

The doctors’ action marks a new stage in the struggle to free Assange because it has been taken independently by a group of professional workers, animated by profound concern for his fate and for democratic rights.

Earlier Perspectives »

Featurd Commentary

1619 Project director speaks at New York University
Nikole Hannah-Jones, race theory and the Holocaust

By Eric London and David North, 26 November 2019

There was not a single statement made by Hannah-Jones at NYU on historical issues that withstands serious examination.

Free Assange and Manning

Doctors demand “urgent” medical intervention to save Julian Assange’s life

By Laura Tiernan, 25 November 2019

An open letter from doctors: Julian Assange “could die in prison”

24 November 2019

Clinical Psychologist Lissa Johnson on Julian Assange: “A maximum security prison is no place to treat a torture victim”

By Laura Tiernan, 25 November 2019

Meetings in Australia and New Zealand pass resolutions demanding freedom of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

By our reporter, 26 November 2019

The meetings on the weekend took place just days after Swedish prosecutors had abandoned—for the third time—their “preliminary investigation” into the false allegations that Assange had committed sexual assault.

Attendees at meetings in Australia and NZ support campaign for release of Assange and Manning

By our reporters, 26 November 2019

“What’s happening to Julian Assange affects us all. He has told the truth and he has exposed the war criminals and that’s why the US wants him.”

Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson addresses public meetings in Australia

Public meetings in Australia and New Zealand
Meeting defending Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning in Melbourne this Sunday


The lessons of the Hong Kong protests for the working class

By Peter Symonds, 26 November 2019

In the absence of a turn to the working class throughout China based on a socialist and internationalist perspective, the Hong Kong protest movement is being corralled behind various pro-capitalist organizations.

Canada’s New Democrats and the Coup in Bolivia—A reply to a reader

By Roger Jordan, 25 November 2019

Protests continue across Bolivia as the MAS submits to coup

Who decided the US should fight a “hot war” with Russia?

By Andre Damon, 23 November 2019

Wall Street Journal investigation confirms Google operates censorship blacklist

By Andre Damon, 18 November 2019

Mehring Books

Fund Appeal

World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board Chairman David North appeals for support

The WSWS is launching its 2019-2020 New Year's fund appeal. Watch the appeal and donate today.

The New York Times' 1619 Project

IYSSE holds meeting on “Race, Class, and the fight for Socialism” at New York University

By Owen Mullan and Sandy English, 21 November 2019

An interview with historian James Oakes on the New York Times’ 1619 Project

By Tom Mackaman, 18 November 2019

The New York Times’s 1619 Project: A racialist falsification of American and world history

By Niles Niemuth, Tom Mackaman and David North, 6 September 2019

SEP and IYSSE meeting series in the United States
Race, Class and the Fight for Socialism: Perspectives for the Coming Revolution in America

This meeting series will refute the historical falsifications advanced in the New York Times “1619 Project,” explain their underlying political motivations and present the strategy for socialist revolution in America today.

More on the campaign to Free Assange and Manning »

More on the New York Times’ 1619 Project »

Workers Struggles

Democratic Party calls on Washington Metro Transit Authority to intervene against striking transit workers

By Nick Barrickman, 26 November 2019

A letter by three local congresspeople to Metro executives called on the transit authority to reopen the closed routes and to “take a more proactive role” in the dispute between Transdev and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689.

Union reaches deal with University of Chicago, creating two-tier system for nurses

By Benjamin Mateus, 26 November 2019

Nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center will vote tomorrow on the new contract, which will drive a chasm between higher-paid veteran nurses and all new hires.

5,000 Vancouver bus drivers set to strike
Workers Struggles: The Americas

26 November 2019

The Unifor union has authorized a three-day transit strike in Vancouver, the first since 2001.

West Midland Trains workers escalate fight against strike-breaking operation

By Michael Barnes, 23 November 2019

As corporate Canada calls for strike-breaking legislation
CN Rail workers continue fight against onerous working conditions

Over 3,000 Canadian National Railway workers strike across Canada

Striking Dutch healthcare workers speak about first ever nationwide strike

By Daniel Woreck and Harm Zonderland, 23 November 2019

25 years ago: US House passes General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

On November 30, 1994, the US House of Representatives passed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) by a 288 to 146 vote. The lame-duck meeting of the Democratic-controlled House sent President Bill Clinton’s legislation to implement an expanded GATT to the Senate for a final vote. Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans supported the trade pact.

More »

50 years ago: Trial and cover-up of the My Lai Massacre

On November 25, 1969, the first reports emerged in the press that a low-ranking US Army officer, Lieutenant William Calley Jr., would be charged by a military court for killing 109 men, women and children at My Lai, South Vietnam, in March 1968. The charges against Calley were an attempt at damage control after the massacre at My Lai had been made public by journalist Seymour Hersh one week earlier.

More »

75 years ago: Himmler orders destruction of Auschwitz crematoria

On November 26, 1944, Heinrich Himmler, the chief of German police and director of the Reich Main Security Office for the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler, ordered preparations to be made for destruction of the crematoria at the Auschwitz concentration camp, at which nearly one million Jews had been murdered.

More »

100 years ago: Bulgaria signs peace treaty with Allied imperialist powers and Balkan states

On November 27, 1919, as a result of the Paris Peace Conference in the aftermath of the First World War, the Kingdom of Bulgaria signed a treaty with France, Britain, the United States and surrounding states such as Yugoslavia, Greece and Romania at Neuilly-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris.

More »

Arts Review

Modern-day philistinism and reaction: the New York Times considers “canceling” French painter Paul Gauguin

By David Walsh, 25 November 2019

#MeToo launches fascistic attack on Polanski’s film J’accuse

By Alex Lantier, 23 November 2019

J’accuse (An Officer and a Spy): Roman Polanski’s masterpiece on the Dreyfus Affair

Atlantics: The cruel fate of African youth

By Joanne Laurier, 22 November 2019


On the death of Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky (1942–2019)

By Clara Weiss, 19 November 2019

An understanding of Bukovsky’s life and role in politics over the past half century must be placed within the broader context of the development of the October Revolution of 1917 and the Stalinist reaction against it.

Socialist Equality Party (UK)

Socialist Equality Party announces candidates in UK general election

By our reporter, 18 November 2019

The SEP is waging a political struggle against austerity, authoritarian rule, militarism and war.

Socialist Equality Party stands in UK general election: No to austerity, militarism and war! Free Julian Assange! For class struggle and socialist internationalism!

Socialist Equality Party (UK), 6 November 2019

The Socialist Equality Party is standing candidates in the December 12 UK general election to wage a political struggle against austerity, authoritarian rule, militarism and war.

Socialist Equality Party campaign team attends University College London strike of outsourced workers

By Thomas Scripps, 21 November 2019

The Socialist Equality Party Election Campaign in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan presidential election: Workers must prepare to fight moves towards police-state rule

By K. Ratnayake, 16 November 2019

Vote for Pani Wijesiriwardena in the Sri Lankan presidential election! Rally to fight for international socialism!

Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 12 November 2019

More on the 2019 Sri Lankan SEP election campaign »


David North introduces Turkish-language edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky at Istanbul Book Fair

By our reporter, 11 November 2019

Mehring Yayıncılık announced the publication of five major works by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) at its Istanbul Book Fair stall, including two authored by David North.

Autoworkers Struggles

From the archive of the WSWS
What is the UAW?

By Shannon Jones, 12 November 2019

Former UAW-GM VP Joe Ashton charged in corruption scheme

How Ford and the UAW plan to cut autoworkers’ health care

Feds may have secretly recorded UAW President Gary Jones ordering cover-up of embezzlement of union funds

Socialist Equality Party

Video: 70 years after the Chinese Revolution—How the struggle for socialism was betrayed

31 October 2019

Introduction to the 1955 SWP resolution “The Third Chinese Revolution and its Aftermath”

From the archives
SWP resolution: The Third Chinese Revolution and its Aftermath

Introduction to the 1951 report to the Fourth International by Chinese Trotskyist Peng Shuzhi

From the archives
The Causes of the Victory of the Chinese Communist Party over Chiang Kai-Shek, and the CCP’s Perspectives

Mehring Books

Mehring Yayıncılık publishes new ICFI books for İstanbul Book Fair

By Ulas Atesci, 29 October 2019

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

By David North, 2 September 2019

Preview the new publication from Mehring Books
Author’s introduction to Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition

By Vadim Rogovin, 30 August 2019

Now available from Mehring Books
Bolsheviks Against Stalinism 1928-1933: Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition by Vadim Z. Rogovin

Featured Commentary

Drawing the lessons of the ICFI split—International Strategy and National Tactics: The change in the ICFI’s approach to national liberation movements

By Deepal Jayasekera, 30 September 2019

This lecture was delivered to the Socialist Equality Party (US) Summer School on July 25, 2019 by Deepal Jayasekera, Assistant Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party in Sri Lanka

Introduction to the Turkish language edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky’s four fateful years in Prinkipo: 1929-1933

By David North, 23 September 2019

The ICFI and the Crisis of Stalinism

The World Capitalist Crisis and the Tasks of the Fourth International: An analysis of the ICFI Perspectives resolution of 1988

The International Committee’s response to the “End of History”: The March 1992 Plenum of the ICFI

The Dissolution of the USSR and the Unipolar Moment of US Imperialism

China: Thirty years since the Tiananmen Square massacre

The Political Origins and Consequences of the 1982–86 Split in the International Committee of the Fourth International

The 2020 US Elections

Joe Biden: A familiar face, a deeply reactionary record

By Patrick Martin, 23 September 2019

Amy Klobuchar: The favorite Democrat of Senate Republicans

By George Gallanis, 19 August 2019