WHO warns coronavirus pandemic entering a “dangerous phase”

By Benjamin Mateus, 20 June 2020

As nations open their economies, new cases of COVID-19 are on the rise, and the death toll has begun to climb again.

One month after the reopening: COVID-19 rips through US states and workplaces

Sharp rise in new coronavirus cases in US south and west

Global outrage over violent police arrest of 50-year-old French nurse Farida

By Will Morrow, 20 June 2020

The response of the French ruling class to health care workers’ demands for increased resources to combat the pandemic in decent and safe conditions is naked repression.

Companies vow no more shutdowns for COVID-19 as US auto plants resume full production

By Shannon Jones, 20 June 2020

All the major carmakers have expressed their determination to continue production without interruption even as COVID-19 cases surge in many areas of the US.

Death of two workers sparks wildcat strike by 3,200 workers at auto parts plant in Matamoros, Mexico

By Andrea Lobo, 20 June 2020

When news broke that Luciano Romero Contreras, a 48-year-old janitor at Plant 52, had died the previous day, workers downed tools and began discussions at the facility and on social media.

“They believe their profits are more relevant than human life”
Mexican autoworkers say General Motors is covering up COVID-19 outbreak at Silao plant

Around 250 workers infected with COVID-19 in three UK food processing plants

By Robert Stevens, 20 June 2020

The outbreaks underscore the criminality of the government’s decision to enforce a mass return to work and the lack of basic work safety in plants that have been operating during the pandemic.

COVID-19 killing the working class in Britain at more than twice the rate of the wealthiest

Hundreds of new COVID-19 infections in German meat industry

By Marianne Arens, 20 June 2020

More than two-thirds of the meat packers at the Tönnies abattoir in Rheda-Wiedenbrück have been infected with COVID-19, with 730 positive initial test results out of 1,050 tested.

More on the coronavirus pandemic »

US stokes India-China conflict, blames Chinese “aggression” for border clash

By Keith Jones, 20 June 2020

Senior US official David Stilwell provocatively told a press briefing that the Chinese army had “invaded” the “contested area” between India and China.

More provocations, threats from Trump ahead of Tulsa rally

By Barry Grey, 20 June 2020

In the run-up to his campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday evening, President Donald Trump is focusing his energies on issuing threats against counter-protesters and incitements to fascistic elements and police officers.

“How can dissent be illegal when that is how the country was started?”
Oklahoma teachers oppose Trump and his Tulsa rally

By Phyllis Steele, 20 June 2020

Educators in Oklahoma, who waged a wildcat strike in 2018, are still ranked near the bottom in the US in pay and per pupil funding.

Millions across the US mark twenty-fifth day of mass demonstrations against police violence

By Kevin Reed, 20 June 2020

Ongoing demonstrations against police violence merged with celebrations of Juneteenth across the country on Friday as the Democratic Party attempts to adapt itself to the movement and inject racial identity politics.

Amy Klobuchar ends bid to become Biden’s running mate in favor of a “woman of color”

By Genevieve Leigh, 20 June 2020

Neither Klobuchar nor the “women of color” being considered for vice president have anything to do with progressive politics.

Richmond, Virginia police chief ousted following days of violent attacks on protesters

By Ray Coleman, 20 June 2020

Top-level changes at US police departments are bound to continue as public opinion increasingly turns against repressive state measures against peaceful demonstrators.

Aviation industry workers face deep cuts to pay and hours worldwide

By Steve Filips, 20 June 2020

Airlines are slashing jobs, pay, and hours of workers in a desperate attempt to bolster profits at worker expense during the pandemic.

130,000 jobs at risk in the German auto industry

By Dietmar Gaisenkersting and Peter Schwarz, 20 June 2020

Although German auto companies received a lion’s share of the government’s €130 billion stimulus package, and are collecting billions more via the short-time working scheme, the industry plans to axe more than 100,000 jobs.

Air France-KLM prepares to slash at least 6,000 jobs

By Anthony Torres, 20 June 2020

After receiving a €7 billion public bailout, the French-Dutch airline is preparing to slash between 6,000 and 10,000 jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

OECD warns of deep recession in Britain and Europe due to pandemic

By Steve James, 20 June 2020

The OECD envisages no “return to normal” in the world economy, predicting instead mass unemployment and instability.

Doctors head legal challenge to UK government on health care deaths and PPE

By Rory Woods, 20 June 2020

At least 181 health workers and 131 social care workers have died while working on the frontline.

Financier of 1994 Rwandan genocide Félicien Kabuga arrested in Paris

By Jacques Valentin, 20 June 2020

Kabuga, who financed and helped equip the genocidal Interahamwe militias, had been located by police in 2007 but was still living quietly in the Paris suburbs.

Brazilian police arrest key ally of Bolsonaro

By Miguel Andrade, 20 June 2020

Several investigations are threatening the fascist president, who has rallied military ministers to declare “the army doesn’t follow absurd orders.”

ANC imposes back to work drive amid sharp rise in South Africa’s coronavirus cases

By Stephan McCoy, 20 June 2020

More than 84,000 people—25 percent of Africa’s confirmed cases—have now been infected with the virus, which has claimed the lives of almost 1,800 people.

Australian COVID-19 cases increase as governments ease restrictions

By Martin Scott, 20 June 2020

For the first time since May 20, more than 100 positive tests were recorded in a seven-day period.

Joblessness reaches Great Depression levels in Australia

By Mike Head, 20 June 2020

The rate of youth unemployment and underemployment would be a staggering 48 percent if everyone who had lost their job was counted.

Canada’s political establishment inject racialist narrative into protests against police violence

By Roger Jordan, 20 June 2020

Prime Minister Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh are working to divert the mass anger over police brutality and racism along reactionary racialist lines.

Canada: Unifor urges acceptance of historic concessions in oil refinery lockout

By Carl Bronski, 20 June 2020

While the locked out workers have fought valiantly against an employer-government-police assault, the union has systematically isolated their struggle.

19 June 2020

US jobless disaster intensifies as 1.5 million filed for unemployment last week

By Shannon Jones, 19 June 2020

Mass protests against police violence expand in advance of Juneteenth rallies across the US

By Kevin Reed, 19 June 2020

Atlanta cop who killed Rayshard Brooks charged with felony murder, could face death penalty

Far-right US Air Force sergeant charged in slaying of federal officer and local police

New signs of New York City police revolt, as Democratic mayor and governor announce “reforms”

Hundreds rally outside sheriff’s office demanding justice for Missouri woman killed by police

By Jacob Crosse, 19 June 2020

More on police violence »

Bolton account of Trump White House: Another volley in the conflict within the US ruling elite

By Patrick Martin, 19 June 2020

Supreme Court blocks Trump administration’s plan to “immediately end” DACA

By Meenakshi Jagadeesan, 19 June 2020

Turkish army launches ground attacks into Iraqi Kurdistan to target PKK

By Ulaş Ateşci, 19 June 2020

India and China remain on knife edge as war tensions continue

By Shuvu Batta and Keith Jones, 19 June 2020

The India-China border clash and the inflammable state of world geopolitics

US escalates trade and economic conflicts

By Nick Beams, 19 June 2020

Australian government alleges cyber-attack to ramp-up provocations against China

By Oscar Grenfell, 19 June 2020

Top French general announces preparations for “state against state” wars

By Will Morrow, 19 June 2020

Sharp spike of coronavirus deaths in India

By Saman Gunadasa, 19 June 2020

Chile’s health minister resigns as disastrous policies lead to explosion in coronavirus infections and deaths

By Mauricio Saavedra, 19 June 2020

Anatomy of a Massachusetts nursing home catastrophe in the COVID-19 pandemic

By Julian James, 19 June 2020

COVID-19 infections skyrocket in American prisons

By Sam Dalton, 19 June 2020

British Airways workers in limbo as deadline for mass redundancies passes

By Alice Summers and John Newham, 19 June 2020

Johnson government reneges on waiving health surcharges on NHS workers from overseas

By Tony Robson, 19 June 2020

UK nurses from overseas demand permanent residence after battling COVID-19

By our reporter, 19 June 2020

Risking COVID-19 spread, the state makes Turkish students take mass exams

By Çetin Akın, 19 June 2020

Pandemic’s negative impact on Australian scientific research future could last decades

By John Mackay, 19 June 2020

New wave of protests in Lebanon amid escalating economic crisis

By Jean Shaoul, 19 June 2020

CIA acknowledges its trove of cyber warfare tools was exposed by WikiLeaks in 2017

By Kevin Reed, 19 June 2020

Frontier Communications executives receive bonuses with firm in bankruptcy

By Mark Witkowski, 19 June 2020

New in Turkish

Türk ordusu Irak Kürdistanı’na kara harekatı başlattı

Ulaş Ateşci, 20 Haziran 2020

Büyük güçler ve bölgesel güçler arasında Libya, Doğu Akdeniz ve Suriye üzerine artan uluslararası çatışmaların ortasında, Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri (TSK) Irak Kürdistanı’na askeri harekat başlattı.

New in Mandarin


David North, 2020年6月18日

在第四国际创始文件《过渡纲领》中,列昂·托洛茨基将1936-1937年大萧条期间在美国爆发的静坐罢工描述为 “美国工人为了将自己提升到历史给予他们的那些任务的水准所做的本能努力”。


大卫.诺斯, 2020年5月3日


伦敦工人拼死与冠毒作战 富豪纷纷撤离

Michael Barnes, 2020年5月9日


New in Russian

Представитель «Социалистической альтернативы» Кшама Савант выступает за реформу местной полиции и поддерживает политику Демократической партии

Хулио Патрон и Кайла Коста, 20 июня 2020 г.

Настаивая на том, что полиция может быть радикально реформирована в рамках капитализма, член городского совета Сиэтла Кшама Савант скрывает фундаментальный характер полиции как инструмента капиталистического государства.

Лидер немецкой Левой партии Сара Вагенкнехт призывает к деглобализации

Петер Шварц, 20 июня 2020 г.

«Защита рабочих и отечественных поставщиков от дешевого импорта и враждебных поглощений является не националистической, а демократической обязанностью», — заявляет Вагенкнехт.

Эта неделя в истории
25 лет назад: Чеченские боевики освободили захваченных заложников

20 июня 2020 г.

20 июня 1995 года чеченские боевики освободили последнюю группу из более чем 1 тысячи человек, удерживавшихся в течение пяти дней в качестве заложников в Буденновске, и возвратились в Чечню в соответствии с соглашением, заключенным с российским премьер-министром Виктором Черномырдиным.

New in French

Un mois après la réouverture: la COVID-19 fait des ravages dans les États et les lieux de travail américains

Jerry White, 20 juin 2020

Le conditionnement de la viande aux États-Unis, les usines automobiles et d’autres importants lieux de travail ont été un vecteur important de la propagation de cette maladie mortelle.

De nouvelles demandes d’allocations de chômage indiquent une récession prolongée aux États-Unis

Shannon Jones, 20 juin 2020

Les nouvelles demandes pour la semaine qui se termine le 13 juin se sont élevées à 1,5 million, soit une baisse marginale par rapport aux semaines précédentes, ce qui indique que le choc produit par la pandémie a déclenché un effondrement plus vaste de l’économie.

Un général français de haut rang annonce les préparatifs de guerres «État contre État»

Will Morrow, 20 juin 2020

Faisant une analogie avec la pandémie de coronavirus, Burkhard a déclaré que l’éruption d’une guerre majeure «ne manque que la patient zéro de l’epidémie guerrière».

L’armée turque lance des attaques terrestres au Kurdistan irakien pour cibler le PKK

Ulaş Ateşci, 20 juin 2020

Au milieu de conflits internationaux croissants sur la Libye, la Méditerranée orientale et la Syrie, la Turquie a envahi le nord de l’Irak pour attaquer les milices nationalistes kurdes.

Comment les syndicats canadiens et le NPD ont ouvert la voie à un projet de loi imposant le retour au travail en pleine pandémie

Roger Jordan et Keith Jones, 20 juin 2020

La législation proposée appauvrirait et criminaliserait les travailleurs qui refusent de risquer leur vie et celle de leur famille pour le profit du patronat.

New in Spanish

Un mes tras el desconfinamiento: el COVID-19 hace estragos en muchos estados y centros laborales de EE.UU.

Jerry White, 20 junio 2020

Los frigoríficos, plantas automotrices y otros centros laborales grandes se han vuelto importantes vectores de propagación de la mortal enfermedad.

El desastre del desempleo en EE.UU. se intensifica, según 1.5 millones de personas solicitaron beneficios por desempleo la semana pasada

Shannon Jones, 20 junio 2020

El desempleo masivo en los EE.UU. no se ha visto desde la Gran Depresión de los años 30.

Las protestas masivas contra la violencia policial se expanden antes de las manifestaciones del 15 de junio en los EE. UU.

Kevin Reed, 20 junio 2020

Se han realizado manifestaciones en 1,670 pueblos y ciudades de los Estados Unidos en respuesta al asesinato de George Floyd, otros actos de violencia asesina por parte de la policía y la represión de los manifestantes.

Una entrevista con la Dra. Mona Masood, fundadora de la Línea de Apoyo Médico

Kate Randall, 20 junio 2020

El WSWS habló con la Dra. Mona Masood sobre su experiencia en la creación de una línea de apoyo de psiquiatras para atender las necesidades de salud mental de los médicos durante la pandemia de coronavirus.

La CIA reconoce que WikiLeaks expuso su tesoro de herramientas de guerra cibernética en 2017

Kevin Reed, 20 junio 2020

Porciones de un informe interno de la CIA sobre la exposición de 2017 han sido publicadas por el senador de Oregón, Ron Wyden, miembro del Comité de Inteligencia del Senado.

New in German

Covid-19 verbreitet sich in den USA in Fabriken und Betrieben

Jerry White, 20. Juni 2020

Einen Monat nach der Wiederaufnahme der Produktion zeichnet sich ein starker Anstieg der tödlichen Lungenkrankheit ab. Besonders die Fleischverarbeitungsindustrie und Autofabriken sind betroffen, aber auch weitere Großbetriebe.

Mordprozess im Fall Lübcke hat begonnen

Dietmar Gaisenkersting, 20. Juni 2020

Am Dienstag hat das Frankfurter Oberlandesgericht den Mordprozess gegen Stephan Ernst und Markus Hartmann eröffnet. Die Rolle des Verfassungsschutzes und der neonazistischen Szene in Kassel bleiben außen vor.

Nein zur Wiedereröffnung der Schulen!
Gründet Aktionskomitees zum Schutz von Schülern und Lehrern!

den International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 20. Juni 2020

Die IYSSE lehnen die Wiedereröffnung der Schulen in Deutschland und Europa unter unsicheren Bedingungen inmitten der Covid-19-Pandemie strikt ab.

Französischer Stabschef gibt Kriegsvorbereitungen bekannt

Will Morrow, 20. Juni 2020

General Thierry Burkhard, Stabschef der französischen Landstreitkräfte, erklärte, dass für den Ausbruch eines großen Kriegs „nur noch der Patient Null der Kriegsepidemie“ fehlt.


New in Portuguese

O conflito na fronteira Índia-China e o quadro inflamável da geopolítica mundial

Keith Jones, 19 Junho 2020

A disputa da fronteira indochinesa é apenas um dos inúmeros focos de conflito globais onde a agressão norte-americana tem incitado ou agravado conflitos entre Estados e os transformado em potenciais catalisadores de uma conflagração mundial.

A violência policial e a dominação de classe

Niles Niemuth e Joseph Kishore, 19 Junho 2020

O que não está presente em nenhum dos comentários da mídia sobre a violência policial, ou nas declarações dos políticos burgueses, é qualquer exame do que é a polícia e da sua relação com a sociedade capitalista.

"Eles acham seus lucros mais importantes que a vida humana"
Operários mexicanos dizem que a General Motors está encobrindo surto de COVID-19 na fábrica de Silao

Andrea Lobo, 19 Junho 2020

O encobrimento dos casos da COVID-19 pela GM e centenas de outras fabricantes em todo o México não só é sancionado pelo governo López Obrador, mas faz parte de uma política oficial de subnotificação de casos.

New in Norwegian

Etabler grunnplankomitéer på fabrikker og arbeidsplasser for å forhindre overføring av Covid-19-virus og redde liv!

Uttalelse fra Socialist Equality Party (USA), 22. mai 2020

Regjeringen og selskapene krever gjenopptakelse av arbeid midt under en pandemi, som hver uke krever flere tusen liv. Deres pådriv for profitter prioriterer ikke arbeideres og deres familiers helse og sikkerhet.

Trump-administrasjonen gjør Taiwan til sin seneste front i antiKina-kampanjen

Peter Symonds, 22. mai 2020

USA har provoserende hyllet gjenvalget av den taiwanske presidenten Tsai Ing-wen og presset på for Taiwans sak under det årlige ministermøtet for Verdens helseorganisasjon (WHO).

USA forbereder antiRussland-krigsspill midt under pandemien

Andrea Peters, 22. mai 2020

Om litt mer enn to uker vil 6 000 amerikanske og polske tropper simulere bakke og luftbårne angrep ca. 56 kilometer fra det russiske territoriet Kaliningrad.

Covid-19-pandemien avslører Frankrikes Nytt Antikapitalistisk Parti

Alex Lantier, 22. mai 2020

Pandemien setter arbeidere i alle land opp i en uforsonlig konflikt med de pro-imperialistiske middelklassepartiene som styringsklassen lenge har fremstilt som venstresiden.

New in Italian

La classe lavoratrice, il socialismo e la lotta contro la pandemia

David North, 1 aprile 2020

Gli scioperi e le proteste dei lavoratori di Instacart, Amazon e Whole Foods sono in risposta alla criminale subordinazione della sicurezza dei lavoratori ai profitti aziendali.

Other Languages


Socialist Equality Party challenges undemocratic ballot access laws in Michigan

20 June 2020

The lawsuit is part of the SEP’s fight against an undemocratic electoral system that is designed to prevent any opposition to the two parties of the ruling class, the Democrats and Republicans.

Earlier Perspectives »

SEP US presidential election campaign

SEP candidates Kishore and Santa Cruz file federal lawsuit challenging ballot access laws in Michigan

By Socialist Equality Party (US), 19 June 2020

Michigan’s ballot access requirements for independent candidates for president and vice-president force the SEP to collect tens of thousands of physical signatures, which is impossible during the global coronavirus pandemic.

SEP launches petition to appear on the presidential ballot in Illinois

Andreja Pejić interviews Joseph Kishore on Instagram

The Socialist Equality Party US presidential candidate spoke about the multiracial protests against police violence, identity politics, and the way forward for the international working class.

Socialist Equality Party

Introduction to The Fourth International and the Perspective of World Socialist Revolution: 1986–1995

By Joseph Kishore, 19 June 2020

We are publishing here the introduction to the upcoming book The Fourth International and the Perspective of World Socialist Revolution: 1986–1995. The book consists of lectures on the development of the perspective and program of the International Committee of the Fourth International in the aftermath of the split with the British Workers Revolutionary Party in February 1986.

Book Review

Yellow Star, Red Star
Capitalist counterrevolution and the rise of fascism in southeastern Europe since 1989

By Clara Weiss, 20 June 2020

Though fatally flawed by its equation of Stalinism with communism, and the author’s reluctance to discuss the social character of the restoration of capitalism, the book exposes the close relationship between capitalist counterrevolution and the rise of fascist forces.

Arts Review

Quebec film distributors censor Roman Polanski’s J’accuse

By Louis Girard, 20 June 2020

Yielding to the anti-democratic #MeToo campaign, distributors in Quebec refused to buy the rights to Polanski’s remarkable film about the Dreyfus Affair.

Seven Days in May (1964): When American filmmaking envisioned a military coup

By Joanne Laurier and David Walsh, 19 June 2020

Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

SEP (Australia) June 23 online lecture
The ICFI and the war against Pabloism

19 June 2020

The lecture will review the international political context of the emergence of Pabloism, a national-opportunist tendency within the Fourth International.


Johnson government mounts offensive against mass opposition to police violence and racism

By Thomas Scripps, 20 June 2020

Home Secretary Priti Patel is linked with a Facebook group providing a platform for the far-right thugs who attacked Black Lives Matter protesters.

The UAW’s Juneteenth stunt

By Jerry White and Tom Hall, 19 June 2020

Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant promotes local police reform, Democratic Party politics

By Julio Patron and Kayla Costa, 19 June 2020

Police violence and class rule

By Niles Niemuth and Joseph Kishore, 17 June 2020

The protests against police murder: The way forward

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (US), 15 June 2020

Washington Post op-ed calls for news media to censor videos of police brutality

A call to the working class! Stop Trump’s coup d’état!

More on the police murder of George Floyd »

An interview with Dr. Mona Masood, founder of the Physician Support Line

By Kate Randall, 17 June 2020

June 7 Online Meeting

Workers Struggles

India: Bihar rural health workers demonstrate to defend jobs; Coimbatore textile workers protest over pay cuts
Workers Struggles: Asia and Australia

20 June 2020

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

“For the elite, lives are expendable”
Canadian nurse denounces budget cuts, government neglect and reckless back-to-work drive

By our reporter, 18 June 2020

Australian pseudo-left groups protect university union from revolt against pay-cutting plans

By a correspondent, 18 June 2020

Coronavirus pandemic in Poland: Silesian miners sacrificed for profit

By Bartosz Wyspianski and Martin Nowak, 16 June 2020

Indian cruise ship crew stage second protest in three days

By Tom Casey, 16 June 2020

Free Julian Assange

Journalists expose CIA spying on Assange and demand his freedom

By Oscar Grenfell, 15 June 2020

Julian Assange unable to attend court hearing due to illness as legal travesty continues

By Thomas Scripps, 2 June 2020

Assange extradition hearing rescheduled for September

Assange extradition hearing delayed following defence appeal

Application for delay in Assange extradition hearing as COVID-19 sweeps through UK prisons

Declassified Mueller investigation transcripts confirm no evidence WikiLeaks colluded with Russia

By Thomas Scripps, 15 May 2020

25 years ago: Chechen rebels release hostages

On June 20, 1995, Chechen rebel gunmen released the last of more than 1,000 people held hostage for five days in the Russian city of Budyonnovsk and returned to Chechnya under an agreement negotiated with Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.

More »

50 years ago: Soviet scientist released from imprisonment

Zhores Medvedev, a leading Soviet geneticist, was freed from his confinement in the Kaluga psychiatric hospital on June 17, 1970. He had been held in the asylum for drawing attention to serious problems in the development of scientific research in the Soviet Union.

More »

75 years ago: Japan on the brink of defeat in World War Two

This week in June 1945, the Japanese imperial government and the country’s emperor acknowledged that they were all but defeated in the Second World War.

More »

100 years ago: Rioting between nationalists and loyalists in Northern Ireland

On June 20, 1920, five people were killed in the northern Irish city of Derry and dozens seriously wounded during riots between nationalists, who opposed British legislation to separate the six counties of northern Ireland from the 26 counties in the south, and unionists who supported it.

More »


Book Review
Every Drop of Blood: The Momentous Second Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln

By Shannon Jones, 11 June 2020

The History Channel’s Grant

By Tom Mackaman, 1 June 2020

Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan president establishes military taskforce: Another step toward dictatorship

By the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 9 June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic

The Malthusian underpinnings of Boris Johnson’s “herd immunity” strategy

By Thomas Scripps, 8 June 2020

Build rank-and-file factory and workplace committees to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus and save lives!

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (US), 21 May 2020

Brazilian Trotskyists issue call for working-class action against pandemic
What will be the cost of implementing this program? Who will pay for it?

Statement of the Brazilian Socialist Equality Group (In Solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International), 2 June 2020

Turkish Trotskyists call for independent working-class action against the pandemic

By Sosyalist Eşitlik (in solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International), 5 June 2020

British Trotskyists issue call for working class action against pandemic

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (UK), 27 May 2020

SEP (Sri Lanka) calls for action committees to counter COVID-19 and defend jobs

By the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 2 June 2020

Oppose the premature lifting of COVID-19 safety restrictions!

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 3 June 2020

London bus drivers face COVID-19 disaster: Build rank-and-file safety committees!

By Laura Tiernan, 5 June 2020

More on the coronavirus pandemic »


Thirty years of the Hubble Space Telescope

By Bryan Dyne, 2 May 2020

Science vs. Trump: The dangerous promotion of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19

By Benjamin Mateus, 13 April 2020

International May Day Online Rally

Governments worldwide respond to COVID-19 by saving profits, not lives

By Joseph Kishore—SEP candidate for US president, 12 May 2020

The ruling elite’s efforts to enforce a return to work—and impose a massive restructuring of class relations to pay for the bailout of Wall Street—will encounter enormous opposition from the working class.

Opening report to Online International May Day Rally
The COVID-19 pandemic: A trigger event in world history

By David North, 4 May 2020

We are publishing here the text of the opening report to the 2020 International Online May Day Rally delivered by David North.

On May 2, the International Committee of the Fourth International held its annual International May Day Online Rally, with speakers and participants from throughout the world. Readers can listen to the entire rally here.


Russian court keeps historian of Stalinist massacres jailed amid COVID-19 outbreak

By Clara Weiss, 12 May 2020

The vendetta against Dmitriev is part of the campaign by Russia’s state and ruling oligarchy to suppress all efforts to uncover the truth about the crimes of Stalinism.

One Hundred and Fifty Years Since the Birth of Lenin

By David North, 22 April 2020

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in the Russian city of Simbirsk on April 22, 1870. Known in history under the name of Lenin, he was the founder of the Bolshevik Party, leader of the 1917 October Revolution and, undoubtedly, a towering figure in the political and intellectual history of the twentieth century.

Fifty years since the massacre of students at Kent State

By Patrick Martin, 4 May 2020

The New York Times' 1619 Project

The Times’ 1619 Project is damned with faint praise
Hannah-Jones receives Pulitzer Prize for personal commentary, not historical writing

By Tom Mackaman and David North, 9 May 2020

The Pulitzer awards took no notice of the New York Times’ pretentious claims that the 1619 Project is an important contribution to the understanding of American history. It granted Hannah-Jones an award for “Commentary.”


Former UAW President Owen Bieber dead at 90

By Jerry White, 27 February 2020

From 1983 to 1995, Bieber presided over the final demise of the UAW as an organization that conducted a limited defense of the day-to-day interests of autoworkers and its transformation into what it is today: a direct arm of corporate management.

Hosni Mubarak, US-backed dictator of Egypt for 30 years, dead at 91

By Bill Van Auken, 26 February 2020

Mehring Books

Mehring Yayıncılık publishes Turkish-language edition of The struggle against imperialism and for workers’ power in Iran

By Ulaş Ateşçi, 30 March 2020

First published by the WSWS in February 2018, The Struggle against Imperialism and for Workers’ Power in Iran—A Reply to a Proponent of “Iranian Islamic Socialism” advances a socialist strategy for the working class in a country that has been the target of US imperialist aggression for decades.

Preface to the Turkish edition of The struggle against imperialism and for workers’ power in Iran

By Keith Jones, 30 March 2020

A viable strategy to defeat imperialism can only be founded on the working class, and requires its independent political mobilization against all factions of the Iranian bourgeoisie.


South Carolina Amazon worker speaks on loss of his health, benefits and job

By Ed Hightower and Michael Walters, 21 March 2020

Donald Thrift Jr was left jobless with $27,000 in medical debt after contracting double pneumonia while working in an Amazon fulfillment center in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

As more workers test positive for COVID-19, Amazon ignores demands to close warehouses

By Tom Carter, 25 March 2020

At least three Amazon workers in Shepherdsville, Kentucky tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, following the discovery of COVID-19 cases in New York, Florida and Michigan warehouses.

Amazon workers in New York City shut down warehouse after worker tests positive for coronavirus

By Shuvu Batta, 21 March 2020

The discovery that an Amazon worker in Queens had tested positive for coronavirus sparked work stoppages which shut the processing facility Thursday night.