Carl Cooley

Why I read the WSWS

27 February 2013

About fourteen years ago, Yahoo used to cite in its roundup of issues. This was stopped shortly after, but I had found the site. I sought out other websites including CPUSA. They were not serious journalistic efforts. No attempt was made to cover breaking world news. The same material was left on their sites for a week or more.

I was shocked when I first read about the general sellout of the unions. I had bad experiences with the UAW. But I thought that my experience was not typical, and that unions were basically “for - the – worker.” WRONG!

The history of the 1927 Stalinist sellout of the Chinese revolution was an early eye opener for me, as well as the idiotic story of the rise of Hitler. Both the results of errors and betrayals from the inside of the socialist movement.

Not all who call themselves socialist are in reality socialist, and not all who “lead” the workers’ organizations are willing to fight for the workers.

The failures of the socialist movements have NOT been the result of the strength of the bourgeoisie in Germany, China, Spain, Italy, etc., but rather the lack of Marxist perspective in the working class. This essential perspective has grown and will continue to grow as a result of the web site and its vast readership. We cannot change the character of the working class solely by educating its leaders. Rather, its leaders must reflect an advanced perspective within the rank and file of the workers. The WSWS has taken on the task of raising the socialist perspective among the worldwide working class by honest and complete reporting of both the history and the present events in the workers’ struggles. I can’t imagine a more valuable effort.

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