Why I read the WSWS

5 March 2013

I started reading the World Socialist Web Site a little over a year ago when a friend showed me some of the articles he had written. At first I was just curious to read his articles, but then I started to explore the site more and found that I agreed with many of its perspectives.

I had studied Globalization and been exposed to the anti-Globalization/anti-Development movements in college, so I already knew that there were problems with Capitalism, and I had already considered myself a Socialist at that point, but unfortunately I did not know what it really meant to be a Socialist. I was simply a Liberal at the time and soon realized after reading many of the articles that the Democrats were just as bad of a party as the Republicans and that many of my previous political views were not at all Socialist in any way, shape or form.

I decided to join the International Youth and Students for Social Equality. After educating myself about Marxism over the past year I feel like my world view has completely changed. In particular, the WSWS’s reviews of films and music had a very profound effect on me, and I especially enjoyed some of the critiques of Bourgeois philosophers in the site’s archives because I had minored in Philosophy in college.

I started attending public meetings last year and was initially a bit put off by the [Socialist Equality] Party’s stance on identity politics, but after doing more research and analyzing it more in depth I realized that the SEP has been correct in its analysis of all of the issues I was most concerned about. Now that my view of reality has been more clarified I have decided to join the SEP.

It has been a long road to this point because I did not want to make the wrong decision and let people down by breaking a commitment, but I believe that thanks to the WSWS I am now educated enough to make the correct decision. I also believe that many others will come to the same conclusions I have drawn and decide to join the Party if they are intellectually honest. Thank you for reading my testimonial.

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