Mariel Anderson

Why I read the WSWS

20 March 2013

Far from developing my political understanding of world events, the WSWS has reinforced and explained them analytically. My experience with Marxist philosophy was limited to a sociology component in an arts degree. Little attention was paid to it, so it was left as just another “theory”. But true to its origins, this theory explains the turmoil capitalism creates “on its own.”

A 2-party system in principle is supposed to put “balance” to the equation, but capitalism in momentum cannot risk “balance”, so for an “opposition” party to exist, it simply has to cater to the tenets of the existing political system. This is where the Socialist Equality Party comes in—for many, as an alternative way of thinking politically, an “oasis in the desert” so to speak!

This party, with its analytical expertise on significant world matters, opens up room for serious questioning of the current and ominous political system which ignores the needs of the total world population catering only to the few who have benefited from exploiting the many. The SEP alternative political system, theoretically and in practise, has a mandate for exercising “equality” in its fullest potential which is the right of the POPULATION in TOTO.

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