Bob Jackson

Why I read the WSWS

24 April 2013

I read the WSWS to understand what is going on all over the world and why. But more importantly, I read it to see how the struggle for socialism is going, how the party is doing. You have every right to celebrate the web site since it is a great achievement. But I can see clearly that previous political struggles prepared the way for this. For example, when I first met Bill and Jean Brust they went on and on about Pabloism and the split in 1953. I didn’t understand at first but I learned. They would be so proud of the WSWS today, but they would also have the right to say that they helped. I was amazed at the destruction of the SWP but not surprised since that is what was predicted in the struggle with Pabloism. Today all the other so-called socialists are lost and end up supporting the system.

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