Socialist Equality Party launches digital WSWS Autoworker Newsletter

By Jerry White
15 July 2015

The Socialist Equality Party in the US is pleased to announce the launching of the weekly digital World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter. The newsletter will provide regular coverage of the struggle confronting 139,000 General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler workers whose labor contracts expire September 15. It will also include articles on national and international developments from the WSWS.

In the first newsletter sent out Tuesday the SEP explained its purpose is to “tell workers the truth and cut through the lies of the corporate-controlled media, the auto bosses and the UAW company union. It will provide a voice for workers and advance a fighting program to mobilize autoworkers to abolish the two-tier wage system and guarantee the right to a good-paying, secure and safe job for all.

“All over the world there is growing opposition to the war on the working class. In opposing the austerity demands of the European banks, the Greek workers are saying ‘no’ to unemployment, poverty wages and pension cuts. Autoworkers in the US are no less determined to fight for better living standards and conditions after wage cuts that spread across the US economy produced $73 billion in profits for the auto companies since 2011.

“The weekly WSWS Autoworkers Newsletter insists that a successful fight is only possible by building new organizations of struggle, democratically controlled by the workers themselves and armed with a new political strategy. In opposition to the ‘Buy American’ nationalism of the UAW, we say workers in the US must unite with our brothers and sisters in Mexico, Canada and throughout the world against the global auto giants.

“In opposition to the UAW’s undying commitment to the corporations’ profits, we are socialists and insist that poverty, inequality and war will only be ended when economic life is reorganized to meet the needs of society’s producers, not the criminals that control the banks, corporations and the government. To fight for this, we insist that workers must be organized as an independent political force, apart from and against the Obama administration and the corporate-controlled Democrats and Republicans.

“We urge autoworkers to share the newsletter, send your comments to the ‘Workers Speak Out’ section and to join the fight to build rank-and-file committees and a new leadership of the working class.”

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