What is “our democracy”?

20 July 2018

At the heart of the Democratic Party-led anti-Russia hysteria is the claim that Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin threaten “our democracy.”

What are the indices of “our democracy” which the master conspirator in the Kremlin has worked so hard to undermine?

Inequality and oligarchy

Police repression and mass incarceration

The costs of the “war on terror”

The military-industrial complex

Elections and corporate control of government

The attack on immigrants

Censorship and state surveillance

This is the reality of “our democracy,” and Mr. Putin, whatever else he may have done, cannot be blamed for any of the conditions enumerated above. The roots of this degeneration lie in the capitalist system and the growth of unprecedented levels of social inequality.

The intense political infighting between the factions of the ruling class over “Russian interference in our democracy” confirms that there is no constituency for democratic rights within the ruling class. Their abandonment of democratic forms of rule poses a great danger to the working class. The only way to defend democratic rights is through a fight against imperialist war, inequality, and capitalism.

Eric London