Tony Williams

Why I read the WSWS

22 February 2013

Professor and author of books on film criticism and history, Illinois, USA

Wendy Thatcher

Why I read the WSWS

22 February 2013

Actor from Toronto, Canada. WSWS reader since 1998


Why I read the WSWS

22 February 2013

Former university student. Montreal, Canada. WSWS reader since 2008


Why I read the WSWS

22 February 2013

California, USA. WSWS reader since 2008


Sam, Maryland, USA

20 February 2013

Baltimore, Maryland, USA. WSWS reader since 2010


Dylan, Canada

20 February 2013

Canada. WSWS reader since 2012

Terrence McGovern

Why I Read the WSWS

20 February 2013

South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA. WSWS reader since 2006

Diana Toma


20 February 2013

Romania. WSWS reader since 2008

Nick Barrickman

“The truth never hurt anyone, provided he was on the level”

18 February 2013

Washington DC, USA. WSWS reader since 2007


“It helps to keep me sane in an insane world”

18 February 2013

Missouri, USA. WSWS reader since 1998


“Quality in journalism is no simple matter, and you deliver”

18 February 2013

Regular reader since 2008 from Norway


“The war was always in the back of my mind; I wanted to know what happened”

16 February 2013

A refugee of the Yugoslavian civil war living in Australia. WSWS reader since 2008

Steven Brust

“The WSWS functions for me as an antidote”

15 February 2013

Science fiction author and son of veteran Trotskyists Jean and Bill Brust. WSWS reader since 1998

Kristina Betinis

“Recognizing the historic tasks to be carried out could not but make a forceful impact on my political consciousness”

14 February 2013

Chicago, Illinois, USA. WSWS reader since 1999

Ric Size

“I discovered that no media source anywhere offered the precise analysis and revolutionary perspective of the WSWS”

14 February 2013

Florida, USA. WSWS reader since 2001


“The WSWS was the only media outlet that provided spot-on analysis of the Obama administration’s punitive education policies”

14 February 2013

Teacher, New York, USA. WSWS reader since 2010

Janel Flechsig

“I was impressed by the inclusion of the party’s own history and the availability of its vast archive of articles and documents related to the history of the Fourth International”

14 February 2013

Michigan, USA. WSWS reader since 2010