The US Sequester Cuts

Illinois Democrats concoct pseudo-legal justification for cutting public employee pensions

By Alexander Fangmann, 9 February 2015

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan will argue before the state Supreme Court that Illinois is entitled to use its “police powers” to overturn the state constitution.

Snowstorms cripple aging public transit in Boston area

By John Marion, 9 February 2015

The recent spate of snowstorms in the Boston area have laid bare the effects of years of inadequate funding for public transportation in Boston.

Budget cuts slam Minnesota services

By Eric London, 25 September 2013

Sequester cuts imposed by Democrats and Republicans will force children out of pre-school, reduce disease research, and slash funding for Native American services.

Sequester cuts to deprive over 125,000 households of housing aid

By Thomas Gaist, 27 August 2013

Federal spending on housing aid will be cut by more than $2 billion in 2013 alone as a result of the so-called sequester budget cuts that began July 1.

Arizona wildfire exposes authorities’ lack of preparation

By Nick Barrickman, 4 July 2013

In the wake of the tragic deaths of 19 firefighters Sunday in Arizona, the wildfire, nicknamed Yarnell Hill, remains uncontrolled.

Furloughs of civilian defense department workers begin in the US

By Andre Damon, 31 May 2013

About 750,000 civilian Defense Department employees began receiving furlough notices Tuesday and will take up to 11 unpaid furlough days starting July 8, amounting to a 20 percent pay cut.

Sequester cuts shut down four government agencies for one day

By David Brown, 25 May 2013

The IRS, EPA, and Department of Housing and Urban Development all closed on Friday, sending employees home on unpaid furloughs as part of the sequester cuts.

US Defense Department to furlough 650,000 civilian workers

By Naomi Spencer, 16 May 2013

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday announced plans to impose 11 days of unpaid leave for most of the Pentagon’s 800,000 civilian employees beginning in July.

Minnesota: Sequester cuts hit education and state’s most vulnerable

By Aleksandr Kascak, 10 May 2013

Minnesota faces approximately $85 million in cuts from the sequestration order signed by President Obama, affecting education, public health, childcare, and environmental protection.

Obama administration seeks to sell off Tennessee Valley Authority

By E.P. Bannon, 22 April 2013

In addition to unprecedented cuts in Social Security and Medicare, the White House budget targets the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the electrification project created under the New Deal, for sale to private energy firms.

Obama’s budget

By Joseph Kishore, 12 April 2013

The budget released by the Obama administration on Wednesday marks a significant escalation of the assault on Social Security and Medicare, the most important federal retirement and health care programs in the United States.

Medical researchers protest sequestration cuts

By Bryan Dyne, 10 April 2013

A rally called by the American Association of Cancer Research is an initial expression of the mass opposition to the sequester cuts.

Obama attacks Medicare and Social Security

By Kate Randall, 6 April 2013

The new Obama budget will cut hundreds of billions of dollars from vital programs on which millions of retired and disabled people depend.

US sequester cuts treatment for thousands of cancer patients

By Kate Randall, 5 April 2013

Medicare patients are being told to seek cancer treatment at hospitals, where it will be more expensive and accessibility is not assured.

The drive to dismantle Medicare

By Andre Damon, 1 April 2013

Following the imposition of $1.2 trillion in sequester spending cuts, Obama and the Republicans are turning their attention to slashing and ultimately dismantling Medicare, the government health insurance program for the elderly in the United States.

US sequester cuts and the fraud of “political gridlock”

By Andre Damon, 27 March 2013

The Democrats’ passage of a bill that makes the US sequester cuts permanent this year underscores their support for slashing social spending.

Obama calls for deeper cuts as Republicans, Democrats propose budget plans

By Andre Damon, 13 March 2013

Less than two weeks after the start of $1.2 trillion in budget cuts, President Obama has pressed Democrats to agree to far deeper cuts in social programs, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Obama, Republicans conspire to attack Medicare, Social Security

By Andre Damon, 8 March 2013

President Barack Obama has initiated what commentators called a “charm offensive,” including dinner with Paul Ryan, aimed at a “Grand Bargain” with the Republicans.

After US sequester, Wall Street demands cuts in Medicare and Social Security

By Andre Damon, 6 March 2013

As Democrats and Republicans move to make $1.2 trillion in sequester cuts permanent, Wall Street is clamoring for more cutbacks.

Obama signals cuts to remain in place

Sequester initiates new austerity drive against US workers

By Barry Grey, 4 March 2013

Obama and the Democrats continue to pose as opponents of the sequester cuts even as they maneuver with the Republicans to make them permanent.

Sequester cuts: A new stage in the assault on the US working class

By Andre Damon and Barry Grey, 2 March 2013

The across-the-board cuts in health care, housing, education, public transit, jobless benefits, nutrition assistance and other vital services establish a new base line for even deeper cuts to come.

Obama combines sequester cuts with demagogy

By Andre Damon, 27 February 2013

The unstated agenda is to deliberately create a crisis atmosphere in order to claim that the only way out is an assault on the basic social “entitlement” programs.

Sequester to spearhead historic assault on US social programs

By Andre Damon, 25 February 2013

Whatever the outcome of the political theatrics in advance of the March 1 deadline, the sequester crisis marks a new stage in the ruling class assault on the social conditions of working people in America.