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With platform changes, Democrats seek to conceal record of attacks on public education

By Khara Sikhan, 29 July 2016

The Democratic Party, working in collusion with the unions, changed the wording of its party platform to hide Clinton’s record of promoting for-profit charter schools and anti-teacher measures.

The New York Times, the state and the making of an amalgam

Who is James Bennet?

By Tom Hall, 29 July 2016

Bennet's family exemplifies the politically incestuous relationship between the media and the political establishment and state apparatus.

Democratic convention nominates Hillary Clinton

By Barry Grey, 27 July 2016

The official nomination of Clinton was part of a carefully-scripted spectacle designed to portray a corrupt and reactionary capitalist party as a vehicle of progress.

War and the Democratic National Convention

By Andre Damon, 27 July 2016

The great unmentionable in the 2016 election is the far-advanced US preparation for military conflict against Russia and China.

DNC’s leaked emails expose corrupt funding practices within the Democratic Party

By Isaac Finn, 27 July 2016

Internal Democratic National Committee emails detail the funneling of donations to the DNC and Clinton campaign, as well as perks to large contributors.

Sanders heaps praise on the “billionaire class’s” chosen candidate

By Jerry White—SEP (US) candidate for president, 27 July 2016

From the beginning the Sanders campaign was a political trap to corral social opposition and contain it within the Democratic Party.

Democratic convention: Sanders caps off a day of deceit and demagogy

By Barry Grey, 26 July 2016

Bernie Sanders sought to turn reality on its head by presenting Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party as fighters for the interests of the common people.

Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine: A supporter of war and big business

By Tom Hall, 25 July 2016

The selection of a figure with Kaine’s political resume is a clear indication of the right-wing administration that Clinton intends to form if she is elected president.

The promotion of racial politics and the US elections

By Barry Grey, 18 July 2016

The central issue in the struggle against police violence and all attacks on democratic rights is the unification of the working class in a common struggle against capitalism.

Democratic platform deal sets stage for Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton

By Jerry White, 12 July 2016

The political theatre in Orlando was aimed at convincing Sanders supporters that the Vermont senator’s “political revolution” had shifted the Democrats and Clinton to the left.

Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI in email investigation

By Patrick Martin, 4 July 2016

The Democratic presidential candidate was accompanied by five lawyers for her three-hour interview.

At the People’s Summit: An opportunist debate over Clinton vs. the Green Party’s Stein

By Patrick Martin, 21 June 2016

A workshop on “democratic socialism” at the People’s Summit turned into a discussion of how far to go in supporting Hillary Clinton.

Sanders calls for supporters to back Clinton, “transform” Democratic Party

By Tom Hall, 18 June 2016

Sanders’ speech exposes the real character of his “political revolution,” which has always been about channeling opposition behind the Democrats and Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and the “Spirit of 9/12”

By Niles Niemuth—SEP candidate for vice president, 17 June 2016

Clinton has seized on the tragedy in Orlando to distract the population from questions of economic inequality and steamroll opposition to the attack on democratic rights and the expansion of war.

Jerry White speaks on the next stage of the US presidential elections

By Jerry White—SEP presidential candidate, 11 June 2016

The American people are presented with a “choice” between two right-wing candidates of war and reaction.

With frontrunner’s poll numbers falling in California

Clinton campaign, media rush to declare Clinton the Democratic nominee

By Barry Grey, 7 June 2016

The rush to declare Clinton the presumptive nominee is a measure not of political strength on the part of the Clinton campaign, but rather immense weakness and crisis.

Who will follow the example of Muhammad Ali’s principled stand in our day?

By David Walsh, 6 June 2016

The former heavyweight boxing champion, who died June 3, made his chief mark on history and popular consciousness by his courageous opposition to the Vietnam War.

As her poll numbers decline, Clinton appeals to military in San Diego speech

By E.P. Bannon and Eric London, 4 June 2016

On the eve of the California primaries, Hillary Clinton made the case to the military-intelligence apparatus that she is best-suited to defend the interests of the ruling class abroad.

California Primary highlights political crisis in Democratic Party

By David Brown, 31 May 2016

Leading Democrats in California are nervous that Sanders cannot control the social unrest that he is trying to channel into the Democratic Party.

As Clinton crisis intensfies, Sanders pledges to back Democratic Party nominee

By Patrick Martin, 30 May 2016

With eight days to go before the final round of presidential primaries, Sanders reiterated his pledge to support Clinton if she prevails in the campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Author Steven Brust replies to petition of writers against Trump

30 May 2016

Science fiction and fantasy author Steven Brust wrote the following letter in reply to a petition being circulated among writers opposed to Trump’s candidacy for US president.

Socialist Equality Party candidates campaign at Fiat Chrysler Warren Truck plant

By WSWS reporting team, 27 May 2016

Many autoworkers expressed anger that the United Auto Workers is endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton for US president.

Bernie Sanders campaigns in San Diego, California

By our reporters, 23 May 2016

Sanders stopped in San Diego, California, for a two-day campaign swing, including a rally Saturday night in National City, near the US-Mexico border, where he addressed a crowd of some 10,000.

US media steps up witch-hunt over claims of Sanders “violence” in Nevada

By Patrick Martin, 20 May 2016

The bogus claims of violence and harassment have now reached the front page of the New York Times and the editorial page of the Washington Post.

Sheriff’s deputies called to Nevada Democratic Convention to preserve Clinton victory

By Patrick Martin, 16 May 2016

The meeting erupted in fistfights and catcalls after dozens of Sanders delegates were disqualified by the party leadership.

Trump signals backing for cuts to Social Security, Medicare

By Patrick Martin, 13 May 2016

The Republican presidential nominee ensured a love-fest in his meeting with congressional Republican leaders after dropping his professed opposition to cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Republican split deepens over Trump nomination

By Patrick Martin, 9 May 2016

Those refusing to support the presumptive Republican nominee include both former presidents Bush, the 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney and various congressmen, senators and governors.

A philosophy professor muses about eliminating the right to vote

By Alexander Fangmann, 7 May 2016

A recent piece in the New York Times by Gary Gutting, a Notre Dame philosophy professor, indicates the readiness of a layer of intellectuals to support the imposition of dictatorial methods of rule.

Obama in Flint: Let them drink lead

By Andre Damon, 6 May 2016

President Obama’s callous declaration that poisoned children in Flint, Michigan “will be fine” expresses the contempt felt by America’s financial oligarchy for the great mass of society.

Clinton launches appeal for right-wing Republican support

By Tom Hall, 6 May 2016

The Democratic front runner is hailing opposition to Trump from leading Republicans, including some who will support her as a more reliable foreign policy hawk.

The reality of poverty in America: SEP candidate replies to Obama’s “frustration” over social discontent

By Niles Niemuth, 30 April 2016

The policies of the Obama administration have produced the predictable and desired outcome of soaring wealth for a small minority and poverty, unemployment and low-wage jobs for the vast majority.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White to speak at Cambridge, Massachusetts meeting

The Great Unmentionable: War and the 2016 US elections

23 April 2016

White will speak at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tuesday, April 26 on the conspiracy of silence in the elections on the war plans of the American ruling class.

SEP presidential candidate discusses strike with Pittsburgh Verizon workers

By our reporters, 23 April 2016

In his first campaign stop, SEP presidential candidate Jerry White spoke with Verizon workers about their strike and the need for the international unity of the working class.

Clinton, Trump post New York primary victories

By Patrick Martin, 20 April 2016

The Democratic and Republican presidential frontrunners each won by double-digit margins and increased their lead in convention delegates pledged to their nomination.

Sanders, Clinton hold final events before New York primary

By Sandy English and Patrick Martin, 19 April 2016

Clinton’s once double-digit lead in the state has been cut to as little as six percentage points.

Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant stumps for Sanders at New York rally

By Sandy English, 18 April 2016

Sawant’s remarks on Saturday underscored the integration of Socialist Alternative into the Sanders campaign and the Democratic Party.

Ex-car czar Steven Rattner touts Obama’s “pro-worker” record

By Shannon Jones, 15 April 2016

Investment banker and New York Times columnist Rattner, former head of Obama’s Auto Task force, cynically portrays Obama as a tireless advocate of the working man.

US elections: Republican crisis deepens over prospect of contested convention

By Patrick Martin, 14 April 2016

Billionaire Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the presidential nomination, has denounced the Republican National Committee and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Sanders campaigns in Syracuse, New York

By Steve Filips, 13 April 2016

In upstate New York, relatively good-paying jobs have been replaced by low-wage employment.

Is Sanders’ call to “break up the banks” a socialist demand?

By Barry Grey, 12 April 2016

Sanders’ advocacy of “breaking up the big banks” while retaining the framework of private ownership of the financial system and upholding the profit system reflects the position of a definite faction within the ruling elite itself.

Clinton, Sanders clash intensifies in New York

By Patrick Martin, 2 April 2016

The Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has an increasingly precarious lead over her self-proclaimed “socialist” challenger, Bernie Sanders.

Fundraising for US presidential campaign surpasses $1 billion

By Joseph Kishore, 25 March 2016

A huge proportion of this money has come from 108 super-wealthy donors, who have contributed more than half of all donations to Super PACs and nearly a quarter of financing for the election as a whole.

Sanders under pressure to quit from Democratic leaders, media

By Patrick Martin, 19 March 2016

Leaked remarks by President Obama suggested that it was time for the Democratic Party to unite behind a presidential nominee, presumably Hillary Clinton.

Two US prosecutors who covered up police killings lose primary elections

By David Brown, 18 March 2016

Popular anger over efforts to cover up police violence has resulted in county prosecutors for Chicago and Cleveland being defeated in Democratic primaries.

Clinton, Trump take major steps toward US presidential nominations

By Patrick Martin, 16 March 2016

The Democratic and Republican frontrunners nearly swept the states holding primaries Tuesday, and each passed the halfway mark in terms of delegates needed for nomination.

Ohio voters discuss elections and social crisis

By Jerry White and Zac Corrigan, 16 March 2016

Comments by workers supporting various candidates in the Republican and Democratic primary elections Tuesday reflected the widespread social discontent that exists throughout the country.

Latest presidential primary contests intensify crisis of US two-party system

By Patrick Martin, 7 March 2016

The fascistic character of the Trump campaign was underscored over the past several days by the candidate’s repeated calls for the use of torture methods such as waterboarding “and much more.”

In Detroit visit, Sanders promotes the UAW and economic nationalism

By Jerry White, 17 February 2016

Just months after the UAW rammed pro-company deals past the opposition of rank-and-file autoworkers, the self-described “democratic socialist” praised the discredited organization.

Cruz wins Iowa Republican caucuses; Clinton and Sanders in near-tie

By Patrick Martin, 2 February 2016

Clinton’s margin over Bernie Sanders was razor-thin, while Cruz held a significant lead over Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

On eve of first presidential contest: US two-party system in crisis

By Patrick Martin, 1 February 2016

Tonight’s Iowa caucuses mark the first primary contest in a presidential election campaign already characterized by political convulsions in both corporate-controlled parties.

Fear-mongering and war dominate third Democratic presidential debate

By Andre Damon, 21 December 2015

The three Democratic candidates—Clinton, Sanders O'Malley—encouraged the hysterical fear of terrorism being whipped up by the American media.

Bernie Sanders lines up with Middle East war drive

By Patrick Martin, 16 November 2015

The Democratic presidential debate Saturday night began with all three candidates pledging support to imperialist military intervention in the Middle East in the name of fighting ISIS.

US Vice President Biden declines to run for president

By Patrick Martin, 22 October 2015

Biden insisted that the Democratic presidential campaign be based on defending the record of the Obama administration.

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party and socialism

By Joseph Kishore, 15 October 2015

Sanders proposes nothing that is genuinely socialist, combining a series of modest reform proposals with a defense of capitalism and support for imperialist war.

Sanders backs US aggression in the Middle East

By Patrick Martin, 12 October 2015

The two leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both support US military intervention in the Middle East.

Scott Walker quits Republican presidential race

By Patrick Martin, 24 September 2015

The Wisconsin governor attracted billionaire support through his 2011 attack on public workers, but finished as an asterisk in the polls.

Six Republican presidential candidates back defiance of gay marriage ruling

By Patrick Martin, 7 September 2015

The open defense of anti-gay bigotry by the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, Kim Davis, is an indication of the drastic shift to the right in American capitalist politics.

Sanders pledges his campaign to save Democratic Party

By Patrick Martin, 31 August 2015

In a speech to the Democratic National Committee, Senator Bernie Sanders portrayed his presidential campaign as the only way to rebuild popular support for the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders: Silent partner of American militarism

By Patrick Martin, 27 August 2015

Four months into his campaign for the US presidency, the Vermont senator and self-styled “socialist” has said nothing about the ongoing wars of American imperialism.

Biden, White House spur media discussion of presidential bid

By Patrick Martin, 26 August 2015

The increasing speculation about a possible Biden presidential campaign is driven by the crisis of the presumed frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton.

Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant appears with Sanders at Democratic Party rally in Seattle

By Eric London, 19 August 2015

By functioning as campaign staffers for Sanders, Sawant and Socialist Alternative are responding to a deepening crisis within the Democratic Party.

Republican candidate Trump backs deportation of millions

By Patrick Martin, 17 August 2015

Billionaire Donald Trump has called for deporting all 11 million undocumented workers, as well as their children born in the United States.

Hillary Clinton forced to surrender email server to FBI

By Bill Van Auken, 13 August 2015

The reversal of her previous refusal to hand over the server came amid reports that emails stored on it contained “top secret” information.

Sanders’ appeal to anger over inequality continues to draw crowds

By Tom Hall, 12 August 2015

The more than 100,000 people who attended Sanders’ recent rallies would not have found anything genuinely oppositional, let alone “socialist,” in the remarks of the senator from Vermont.

US presidential candidate Bobby Jindal calls for prosecution of “sanctuary city” mayors

By E.P. Bannon, 11 August 2015

Jindal said he would prosecute mayors of so-called “sanctuary cities” as accomplices to any crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

Republican presidential debate: The freak show at Quicken Loans Arena

By Patrick Martin, 8 August 2015

The ten candidates assembled on the stage represented and appealed to everything rotten and backward in American society.

Media fans speculation over possible Biden presidential bid

By Tom Eley, 5 August 2015

The rumors appear to be a trial balloon prompted by concerns over a series of crises affecting the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

The oligarchs’ election

By Patrick Martin, 3 August 2015

A few dozen super-rich contributors are bankrolling—and thereby controlling—the 2016 presidential election campaign.

The dark side of American politics

By Patrick Martin, 29 July 2015

The New York Times has retracted its claim that the Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton, without revealing which government officials made the false allegation.

US Justice Department considers investigation into Clinton email use

By Josh Varlin, 25 July 2015

Two inspectors general have recommended that the Justice Department investigate Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s use of private email during her time as secretary of state.

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

By Tom Hall and Barry Grey, 16 July 2015

The groundswell of support for Sanders indicates a growing interest in socialism, but workers will not find in his campaign an alternative to capitalism.

Hillary Clinton outlines right-wing economic policies in New York City speech

By Andre Damon, 14 July 2015

Speaking at the New School in New York City, Clinton declared that her presidency would “empower” US businesses by cutting taxes and regulation.

Behind New York’s Cuomo-de Blasio feud

By Philip Guelpa and Fred Mazelis, 14 July 2015

The two leading New York Democrats are governing at a time of growing crisis and disgust with capitalist politics.

Record campaign fundraising for Republicans, Democrats

By Patrick Martin, 11 July 2015

The difference in the 2016 campaign is that the billionaires have intervened earlier and more openly, and there are more of them.

Bernie Sanders holds rally of 10,000 in Madison, Wisconsin

By Patrick Martin, 3 July 2015

The growth of support for Sanders is a reflection of widespread opposition to social inequality, which the senator is seeking to channel back into the framework of the Democratic Party.

Green Party candidate launches US presidential campaign

By Patrick Martin, 27 June 2015

Dr. Jill Stein declared her political solidarity with Bernie Sanders and similar “left” Democratic Party presidential hopefuls like Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton.

Sanders campaign seeks to channel anger over inequality behind Democrats

By Patrick Martin, 22 June 2015

The Vermont senator offers no program for working people, but his attacks on economic inequality and the “billionaire class” have gained a hearing.

The Bernie Sanders campaign and the American pseudo-left

By Tom Hall, 6 June 2015

The various groups that comprise the American pseudo-left are engaged in a debate over the best tactical approach to Sanders' Democratic Party presidential campaign.

The Clintons peddle populism while raking in corporate cash

By Patrick Martin, 20 May 2015

Financial disclosure forms filed May 15 show that Bill and Hillary Clinton have made more than $125 million since Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001.

Three more Republican candidates join US presidential race

By Patrick Martin, 7 May 2015

None of the three, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina or Mike Huckabee, is likely to win the nomination, but their candidacy pushes the electoral process even further to the right.

Bernie Sanders to seek Democratic presidential nomination

By Patrick Martin, 1 May 2015

The senator from Vermont, despite his populist rhetoric, is neither a socialist nor an independent, but a liberal apologist for an increasingly right-wing Democratic Party.

Republican presidential hopeful proposes means testing of Social Security

By Patrick Martin, 15 April 2015

The proposals from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are a political signal of the direction of social policy for the whole ruling elite in the United States.

Right-wing Democrat reelected as Chicago mayor

By Kristina Betinis, 9 April 2015

The first-ever runoff election for mayor in the city of Chicago resulted in a second term for current mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is preparing major cuts to pensions and city services.

Final debate of Chicago mayoral runoff shows agreement on budget cutting

By Kristina Betinis, 2 April 2015

In the course of an hour-long debate, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia focused on how to resolve the fiscal problems of the city by cutting spending.

Snowstorms cripple aging public transit in Boston area

By John Marion, 9 February 2015

The recent spate of snowstorms in the Boston area have laid bare the effects of years of inadequate funding for public transportation in Boston.

2016 US presidential campaign

Romney pullout gives Bush advantage in Republican money race

By Patrick Martin, 2 February 2015

Lack of support among Republican fundraisers pushed Romney out of the race, with many of them backing former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Koch brothers pledge to spend nearly $900 million on 2016 US elections

By Patrick Martin, 29 January 2015

Charles and David Koch plan to spend more money to elect right-wing candidates in 2016 than either the Democratic or Republican parties.

Obama’s State of the Union and the fraud of Kshama Sawant

By Eric London, 29 January 2015

The Seattle City Council member's response to Obama’s State of the Union address is a defense of US imperialism and the Democratic Party.

The illegitimate US election

By Joseph Kishore, 13 November 2014

The low voter turnout in last week’s US election reflects popular hostility toward the Obama administration, the political establishment and both big-business parties.

After the US elections: An intensification of war and social counterrevolution

By Joseph Kishore, 10 November 2014

The Republican victory last Tuesday was not the result of a surge in popular support for the Republican Party or its right-wing policies. It was the result of the collapse of the Democrats.

After elections, Washington plans escalation of Middle East war

By Bill Van Auken, 7 November 2014

The push for a new Authorization of the Use of Military Force is aimed at preparing a war that will be far wider and even more protracted than those launched over a decade ago.

New York Governor Cuomo wins reelection in record low turnout

By Fred Mazelis, 7 November 2014

The election reflected workers’ growing disgust with the Democrats, as well as the increasingly depraved character of big business politics.

The Nation and the International Socialist Organization respond to the 2014 elections

By David Walsh, 7 November 2014

Various political forces combined in 2008, and again in 2012, to paint Barack Obama as an alternative to Bush and the Republicans, including the Nation magazine and the ISO.

Republicans win control of Senate in US congressional elections

By Patrick Martin, 5 November 2014

The result is a debacle for the Democratic Party and the Obama administration and presages a further shift to the right in official Washington.

New York Times column advocates ending midterm elections in America

By Barry Grey, 5 November 2014

Schanzer, the homeland security expert, wants an imperial presidency whose agenda is unimpeded by expensive distractions such as congressional elections.

The political issues posed by the US midterm elections

By Patrick Martin, 4 November 2014

By agreement between the Democrats and Republicans, there has been no discussion in the election campaign of the stepped-up program of war, austerity and attacks on democratic rights that will unfold after November 4.

US election campaign staggers to the finish line

By Patrick Martin, 1 November 2014

Only one thing about the election is certain: whatever the division of power in the US Senate, House of Representatives, state governorships and state legislatures, the official two-party system will continue its inexorable shift to the right.

Republican-led purge of voter rolls targets seven million people

By our reporter, 1 November 2014

An investigative report by Al Jazeera America reveals that 27 state governments, most of them Republican-led, have joined in an effort to disqualify seven million registered voters.

After the US election, an escalation of the Mideast war

By Bill Van Auken, 29 October 2014

There is a mounting drumbeat from Washington’s vast military and intelligence apparatus for stepped-up bombing and US “boots on the ground” in both Iraq and Syria.

Democratic Senate candidates sound right-wing themes in pre-election debates

By Patrick Martin, 24 October 2014

In a series of campaign debates last week, Democratic candidates for the US Senate vied with their Republican opponents in their support for militarism and budget-cutting.