The 2016 US Elections

The Times’ Kristof dissembles in defense of Clinton’s “honesty”

By Barry Grey, 26 April 2016

Kristof employs sophistry and lies to defend a former president and first lady who have shamelessly cashed in on their stint in the White House to make themselves rich.

Democrats move to shut down criticism of Clinton’s Wall Street ties

By Tom Eley, 25 April 2016

Under pressure from party leaders, the campaign of Bernie Sanders has indicated it will mute attacks on Hillary Clinton’s corrupt relations with the banks.

Verizon strikers in New York City give warm welcome to SEP presidential candidate

By Thomas Gaist, 25 April 2016

In visits to picket lines in Manhattan and Queens, Jerry White discussed the political issues in the battle with the telecom giant.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White to speak at Cambridge, Massachusetts meeting

The Great Unmentionable: War and the 2016 US elections

23 April 2016

White will speak at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tuesday, April 26 on the conspiracy of silence in the elections on the war plans of the American ruling class.

War, the Democratic Party and the 2016 elections

By Joseph Kishore, 23 April 2016

A sympathetic article appearing in the New York Times on Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton’s war record underscores the danger of a very rapid military escalation following the 2016 US presidential election.

SEP presidential candidate discusses strike with Pittsburgh Verizon workers

By our reporters, 23 April 2016

In his first campaign stop, SEP presidential candidate Jerry White spoke with Verizon workers about their strike and the need for the international unity of the working class.

Socialist Equality Party announces presidential campaign

Support White, Niemuth in 2016!

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party, 22 April 2016

SEP candidates Jerry White for president and Niles Niemuth for vice president will advance a socialist program that addresses the needs of millions of workers and youth in the United States and around the world.

Life expectancy declines for white Americans

By Patrick Martin, 21 April 2016

New figures released by the Centers for Disease Control on declining life expectancy reflect the profound social crisis that is fueling the political convulsions in the US elections.

Clinton, Trump post New York primary victories

By Patrick Martin, 20 April 2016

The Democratic and Republican presidential frontrunners each won by double-digit margins and increased their lead in convention delegates pledged to their nomination.

Sanders, Clinton hold final events before New York primary

By Sandy English and Patrick Martin, 19 April 2016

Clinton’s once double-digit lead in the state has been cut to as little as six percentage points.

Sanders makes a pilgrimage to Rome

By Patrick Martin, 19 April 2016

The Democratic presidential candidate and the Catholic pope are engaged in similar missions: both seek to put a “left” face on deeply reactionary institutions.

Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant stumps for Sanders at New York rally

By Sandy English, 18 April 2016

Sawant’s remarks on Saturday underscored the integration of Socialist Alternative into the Sanders campaign and the Democratic Party.

Thousands attend Sanders rally in New York ahead of primary

By a WSWS reporting team, 15 April 2016

There is an enormous chasm between the aspirations of workers and youth attending Sanders rallies in large numbers and the proposals advanced by the Vermont senator.

US elections: Republican crisis deepens over prospect of contested convention

By Patrick Martin, 14 April 2016

Billionaire Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the presidential nomination, has denounced the Republican National Committee and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Sanders campaigns in Syracuse, New York

By Steve Filips, 13 April 2016

In upstate New York, relatively good-paying jobs have been replaced by low-wage employment.

Is Sanders’ call to “break up the banks” a socialist demand?

By Barry Grey, 12 April 2016

Sanders’ advocacy of “breaking up the big banks” while retaining the framework of private ownership of the financial system and upholding the profit system reflects the position of a definite faction within the ruling elite itself.

US deploys B-52s for bombing in Syria, Iraq

By Patrick Martin, 11 April 2016

The movement of heavy bombers to the Persian Gulf is a major escalation in the US war, carried out with virtually no public discussion.

Bowing to Democratic Party pressure, Sanders pledges to back Clinton

By Patrick Martin, 9 April 2016

After declaring that Clinton was “not qualified” to be president because of her ties to Wall Street and support for the Iraq War, Sanders reversed himself.

Paul Krugman smears Bernie Sanders

By Barry Grey, 9 April 2016

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has penned another unprincipled and dishonest attack on Bernie Sanders on behalf of the Democratic Party establishment and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The message of Wisconsin

By Patrick Martin, 7 April 2016

The American working class is moving sharply to the left, destabilizing the corporate-controlled two-party system and setting the stage for the eruption of major social struggles.

Double-digit victory for Sanders in Wisconsin primary

By Patrick Martin, 6 April 2016

The vast majority of young voters, including 55 percent of minority voters aged under 45, gave their support to a candidate they believed to be a socialist.

The political agenda behind the racial politics of the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof

By Niles Williamson, 5 April 2016

Amid mounting signs that interest in socialism is on the rise, Kristof is doing his best to promote racialist politics to divide the working class and block the development of class consciousness.

The social crisis and the US elections

By Barry Grey, 2 April 2016

Behind the phony economic “recovery,” the entire structure of employment in the United States is being radically altered to reduce the status of workers to that of a super-exploited casual labor force.

Clinton, Sanders clash intensifies in New York

By Patrick Martin, 2 April 2016

The Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has an increasingly precarious lead over her self-proclaimed “socialist” challenger, Bernie Sanders.

Conversations with Sanders supporters in Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania

By our reporters, 2 April 2016

Those attending recent Sanders rallies expressed both hostility to social conditions in the US and illusions in the role of Sanders and the viability of reforming capitalism.

Temps and contractors accounted for all US job growth since 2005

By Patrick Martin, 1 April 2016

A report by economists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger found that nearly one in every six US workers is in “alternative work arrangements,” either temporary, contract or on-call.

War: The great unmentionable in the 2016 US elections

By Joseph Kishore, 31 March 2016

While it is not a topic of significant debate among the various candidates contending for the presidential nomination, the growing international war drive, spearheaded by the United States, looms over the election campaign.

Republican Party crisis deepens as candidates renege on “loyalty” pledge

By Patrick Martin, 31 March 2016

None of the three remaining candidates for the Republican presidential nomination will commit to supporting the eventual nominee.

Clinton, media step up pressure for Sanders to withdraw

By Patrick Martin, 30 March 2016

The former secretary of state is backing out of an agreement for further debates.

Clinton primary contest losses intensify Democratic Party crisis

By Joseph Kishore, 28 March 2016

Sanders’ landslide victories in Washington state, Hawaii and Alaska are a further expression of the pent-up social anger directed at the entire political establishment.

Fundraising for US presidential campaign surpasses $1 billion

By Joseph Kishore, 25 March 2016

A huge proportion of this money has come from 108 super-wealthy donors, who have contributed more than half of all donations to Super PACs and nearly a quarter of financing for the election as a whole.

Following terror attacks in Brussels

US presidential candidates call for stepped-up war and police measures

By Patrick Martin, 24 March 2016

In the wake of the Brussels attacks, Republicans Trump and Cruz called for police state measures, while Democrats Clinton and Sanders backed Obama’s war in Syria and Iraq.

US presidential candidates give warmongering speeches backing Israel at AIPAC conference

By Barry Grey, 22 March 2016

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton went out of her way to satisfy the most diehard defenders of the Israeli state and its brutally repressive policies against the Palestinian people.

Trump and the Democratic Party

By Patrick Martin, 21 March 2016

The Democrats will run in the fall campaign as the party of the status quo, complacency and self-satisfaction, essentially conceding the economically discontented to Donald Trump.

More attacks on anti-Trump protesters at Tucson, Arizona campaign rally

By Tom Hall, 21 March 2016

One of the confrontations in Tucson was perpetrated by a plainclothes member of Donald Trump’s hired security team.

Sanders under pressure to quit from Democratic leaders, media

By Patrick Martin, 19 March 2016

Leaked remarks by President Obama suggested that it was time for the Democratic Party to unite behind a presidential nominee, presumably Hillary Clinton.

After the March 15 US primaries: The political role of the Sanders campaign

By Joseph Kishore, 17 March 2016

From the beginning, Sanders’ role has been to serve as a lightning rod for social discontent and direct it into the dead end of the Democratic Party.

Trump threatens violence at Republican National Convention

By Patrick Martin, 17 March 2016

Trump’s implied threat of violence against the leadership of his own party follows his instigation of attacks on protesters at his campaign rallies.

Clinton, Trump take major steps toward US presidential nominations

By Patrick Martin, 16 March 2016

The Democratic and Republican frontrunners nearly swept the states holding primaries Tuesday, and each passed the halfway mark in terms of delegates needed for nomination.

Ohio voters discuss elections and social crisis

By Jerry White and Zac Corrigan, 16 March 2016

Comments by workers supporting various candidates in the Republican and Democratic primary elections Tuesday reflected the widespread social discontent that exists throughout the country.

Economic nationalism, war and the fight for international socialism

By Nick Beams, 15 March 2016

The end result of the program of economic nationalism can be seen in the experience of the 1930s, when it brought about social devastation and led to world war.

Trump peddles nationalist poison at Ohio rally

By Jerry White, 15 March 2016

Trump is seeking to exploit the disaffection of sections of workers and lower-middle class people whose economic and social grievances have long been ignored by the Democratic Party and the trade unions.

Republican frontrunner Trump steps up attacks on demonstrators

By Andre Damon, 14 March 2016

Donald Trump called on protestors to be “thrown into a jail,” and offered to pay the legal fees of a supporter who punched, then threatened to kill, a protestor.

The Trump campaign: A new stage in the crisis of American democracy

The WSWS Editorial Board, 14 March 2016

With the eruption of violence inside and outside rallies of billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, American politics has reached a turning point.

Violence, racism and the Trump campaign

By Patrick Martin, 12 March 2016

Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s thuggery and racist agitation against immigrants must be taken as a warning of the emergence of a fascistic movement out of the putrefaction of the American two-party system.

Donald Trump rally in Chicago cancelled amidst mass protests

By George Marlowe, 12 March 2016

Violence erupted Friday inside a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago, which was surrounded by thousands of protesters denouncing his presence.

Sanders and Clinton posture as defenders of immigrants in Miami debate

By Andre Damon, 11 March 2016

The Democratic Party candidates declared that President Obama was doing a “great job,” even as his administration continued its mass round-up of children for deportation.

Sanders’ upset win in the Michigan primary

By Patrick Martin, 10 March 2016

The glaring failure of media polling to detect the shift in class sentiment is itself a demonstration of the chasm that separates the entire political establishment from the vast majority of the population.

Sanders, Trump win presidential primaries in Michigan

By Patrick Martin, 9 March 2016

Bernie Sanders’ upset victory over Hillary Clinton reflects the growing anger among working people and youth over the destruction of jobs and living standards.

Democrats cover up role of Obama administration in Flint water crisis

By James Brewer, 9 March 2016

Clinton and Sanders said nothing about the US Environmental Protection Agency, which concealed its findings of high lead levels in Flint’s water.

The New York Times ’ Nicholas Kristof warns of “Donald the Dangerous”

By Eric London, 9 March 2016

Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s March 5 article papers over the Democratic Party’s own role in creating the conditions for Trump to win popular support.

Sanders pushes trade war policies

“Left” demagogy and nationalism dominate Democratic debate in Flint

By Barry Grey, 8 March 2016

In his promotion of protectionism, Sanders, who calls himself a “democratic socialist,” complements the overtly fascistic demagogy of Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Latest presidential primary contests intensify crisis of US two-party system

By Patrick Martin, 7 March 2016

The fascistic character of the Trump campaign was underscored over the past several days by the candidate’s repeated calls for the use of torture methods such as waterboarding “and much more.”

The Hillary Clinton emails: A record of imperialist crimes

By Tom Hall, 7 March 2016

In its extensive reporting of the email scandal, the American media has virtually ignored the actual content of these emails, which contain a wealth of information about the day-to-day functioning of the Clinton State Department.

The Flint water crisis and the US elections

By Jerry White, 7 March 2016

The economic nationalist policies promoted by Sanders complement the anti-immigrant racism and xenophobia of Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

US Republican Party in crisis as Romney denounces Trump

By Patrick Martin, 4 March 2016

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee attacked the 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner as a “fraud” and a threat to democracy.

What political conclusions must be drawn from Trump’s Super Tuesday?

By David North, 3 March 2016

The emergence of Trump marks a new and dangerous stage in the crisis of American democracy.

Primary election results highlight US political crisis

By Patrick Martin, 2 March 2016

While a fascistic movement is emerging from the Republican Party, broad layers of the American population are moving to the left.

On eve of “Super Tuesday” primaries in US: A political system in crisis

By Joseph Kishore, 1 March 2016

Candidates for the two big business parties will be contesting ballots in 12 states, making March 1 the day when the largest number of delegates is chosen for party conventions.

Renowned photojournalist assaulted by US Secret Service at Trump rally

By Andre Damon, 1 March 2016

Christopher Morris was choked and thrown to the ground while fulfilling his duties as a photographer for TIME magazine.

Clinton sweeps South Carolina primary as turnout plunges

By Patrick Martin, 29 February 2016

The former secretary of state won 76 percent of the vote, but Democratic turnout fell 32 percent from the record set eight years ago.

Trump backed by fascists, quotes Mussolini

By a reporter, 29 February 2016

The Republican frontrunner, appearing on “Meet the Press,” boasted of retweeting a quotation from the Italian dictator.

The Republican debate and the degradation of US politics

By Patrick Martin, 27 February 2016

Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate was a demonstration of the degraded state of American politics and the intellectual and moral decay of the American ruling elite.

US social crisis overshadows 2016 presidential election

By Patrick Martin, 26 February 2016

The American media gives round-the-clock coverage to the minutiae of capitalist politics, but very little attention is paid to the catastrophe facing the working class.

Bernie Sanders and the “Scandinavian model”

By Jordan Shilton, 26 February 2016

Sanders’ invocation of Denmark and Sweden to illustrate the type of society he is aiming to construct provides yet another example of just how fraudulent his “socialist” rhetoric is.

Trump wins Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada

By Barry Grey, 25 February 2016

Trump’s candidacy is one expression, on the extreme right, of an unprecedented crisis of political legitimacy of the more than 160-year-old two-party system.

War and the 2016 US elections

By Joseph Kishore, 22 February 2016

There is no discussion in the US presidential campaign of the preparations of the ruling class for an immense escalation of war following the elections in November.

Trump, Clinton win US presidential nomination contests

By Patrick Martin, 22 February 2016

The Republican contest has evolved into a three-way race, with the fascistic Trump facing Cruz and the militaristic Rubio, who is backed by the bulk of party leaders.

Once again on Sanders and socialism

By Barry Grey, 20 February 2016

Outside of a mass struggle that directly challenges the bases of capitalist rule—private ownership of the corporations and banks and the system of wage slavery—no genuinely progressive changes can be achieved.

In Detroit visit, Sanders promotes the UAW and economic nationalism

By Jerry White, 17 February 2016

Just months after the UAW rammed pro-company deals past the opposition of rank-and-file autoworkers, the self-described “democratic socialist” praised the discredited organization.

Bernie Sanders campaigns at Eastern Michigan University

By Shannon Jones, 16 February 2016

Sanders made a direct pitch for the support of the unions based on an appeal to economic nationalism and American chauvinism.

Youth discuss war, inequality at Michigan rally for Sanders

By our reporting team, 16 February 2016

A World Socialist Web Site reporting team spoke with students and others attending the Sanders rally at Eastern Michigan University.

Republican debate in South Carolina: Lies, mudslinging and an important truth

By Patrick Martin, 15 February 2016

The degrading verbal brawl was overshadowed by the unexpected admission by billionaire Donald Trump that the war in Iraq was launched by the Bush administration based on lies.

Obama urges Illinois legislature to adopt bipartisan plan for austerity

By Alexander Fangmann, 15 February 2016

With Republican Governor Rauner and state Democrats at an impasse over how to impose deep budget cuts, Obama visited Springfield to encourage a bipartisan agreement.

In Democratic debate, Clinton presses Sanders on race, gender and support for Obama

By Patrick Martin, 13 February 2016

The increased appeal to identity issues reflects concerns in the ruling elite over signs that class questions are dominating the political thinking of broad layers of the population.

On-the-spot report from NH primary

New Hampshire students discuss Sanders and socialism

By Kate Randall, 13 February 2016

University of New Hampshire students expressed their opposition to income inequality and the disregard of the wealthy for the conditions facing the vast majority of the population.

Socialist Alternative defends Sanders’ support for imperialist war

By Eric London, 13 February 2016

Socialist Alternative declares that Sanders’ support for US-led wars in the Middle East does “not negate the enormously progressive aspects of his campaign.”

The political role of the Bernie Sanders campaign

By Joseph Kishore, 11 February 2016

Sanders does not speak for the working class, but for a section of the ruling class and political establishment that views the growth of social opposition with fear and is seeking some way of containing it.

Torture, murder and Donald Trump

By Patrick Martin, 11 February 2016

After his embrace of torture and “a hell of a lot worse” during last Saturday’s debate, the Republican frontrunner has now advocated assassination, targeting North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

Sanders wins New Hampshire Democratic primary

By Patrick Martin, 10 February 2016

A candidate claiming to be socialist won the largest vote ever in the first US presidential primary.

The International Socialist Organization, Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party

By Tom Hall and Barry Grey, 9 February 2016

A hallmark of the ISO, as with all the other organizations that comprise the anti-Marxist pseudo-left, is a rejection of any class analysis of political developments.

In New Hampshire debate: Republican frontrunner backs torture

By Patrick Martin, 8 February 2016

“I would bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” billionaire Donald Trump declared, evoking applause from the Republican audience.

Hillary Clinton covers for Obama and Democrats in Flint water crisis

By Shannon Jones, 8 February 2016

In a visit to Flint on Sunday, Clinton sought to obscure the criminal role of Democratic officials at all levels of government in covering up the lead poisoning of residents.

Sanders and the left feint in capitalist politics

By Patrick Martin, 6 February 2016

Sanders is not the representative of a working class movement. He is rather the temporary beneficiary of a rising tide of popular opposition that is passing through only its initial stages of social and class differentiation.

Iowa Democratic Party rejects audit of caucus vote

By Barry Grey, 6 February 2016

The Des Moines Register published an editorial headlined “Something smells in the Democratic Party,” denouncing state party officials for refusing to agree to an audit or release details of the voting.

Wall Street donors account for 40 percent of super PAC funds in US election

By Barry Grey, 4 February 2016

Already in the 2016 election, the total amount of super PAC money from banks and financial firms is 70 times the level 12 years ago.

The Sanders vote in Iowa

By Patrick Martin, 3 February 2016

The mass support for Sanders explodes the myth, peddled endlessly by the American media, that the American people are unalterably wedded to capitalism.

Cruz wins Iowa Republican caucuses; Clinton and Sanders in near-tie

By Patrick Martin, 2 February 2016

Clinton’s margin over Bernie Sanders was razor-thin, while Cruz held a significant lead over Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

On eve of first presidential contest: US two-party system in crisis

By Patrick Martin, 1 February 2016

Tonight’s Iowa caucuses mark the first primary contest in a presidential election campaign already characterized by political convulsions in both corporate-controlled parties.

Republican debate in Iowa promotes war and reaction

By Patrick Martin, 30 January 2016

The seven candidates plumbed the depths of fear-mongering and racism even without billionaire demagogue Donald Trump.

On eve of presidential primaries

Growing support for Sanders highlights US political crisis

By Tom Eley, 26 January 2016

The growth of working class opposition that underlies the support for Sanders is the main factor in the crisis that has emerged, in different forms, in both parties of big business in the current election campaign.

Sanders in the Democratic debate: A “political revolution” that stops at the water’s edge

By Bill Van Auken, 19 January 2016

The attitude taken by the candidates toward the questions of war and US imperialism’s role in the world is the touchstone for understanding the real character of their politics.

Democratic Party demagogy in South Carolina debate

By Andre Damon, 18 January 2016

The three Democratic presidential candidates scrambled to out-do one another in populist denunciations of Wall Street in an effort to keep popular opposition bottled up within the Democratic Party.

Republican debate: Deeper into the swamp of bigotry and militarism

By Patrick Martin, 16 January 2016

The seven candidates sought to whip up fears over terrorism to justify policies of militarism abroad and attacks on democratic rights at home.

Trump pushes racist attack on immigrants, Muslims

By Patrick Martin, 5 January 2016

The first television ad released by the Republican frontrunner reiterates his most openly racist comments from the campaign.

Obama, Trump and the working class

By Niles Williamson, 30 December 2015

Trump’s ability to exploit grievances and popular anger for reactionary purposes is due above all to what passes for “left” in official American politics, exemplified by Obama, which has nothing but hostility and contempt for the working class.

Socialist Alternative forms group to support Sanders campaign

By Eric London, 24 December 2015

Efforts to create a phony “left” veneer for sections of the political establishment have become an increasingly important axis upon which the fate of capitalism relies.

Fear-mongering and war dominate third Democratic presidential debate

By Andre Damon, 21 December 2015

The three Democratic candidates—Clinton, Sanders O'Malley—encouraged the hysterical fear of terrorism being whipped up by the American media.

Republican “debate” in Las Vegas

A two-hour commercial for militarism and fear-mongering

By Patrick Martin, 16 December 2015

The event was devoted entirely to whipping up fears over terrorism and presenting mass repression and military violence as the solution.

Social inequality and the disintegration of the American middle class

By David Walsh, 12 December 2015

The decline of the middle classes in America has profound and revolutionary implications.