1998 Air France Strike

Air France pilots union signs concessions contract for low-cost subsidiary

By Anthony Torres, 24 December 2014

The move is the inevitable consequence of the union's betrayal of the September strike against plans to create a low-cost Transavia-Europe airline.

French Prime Minister Valls denounces striking Air France pilots

By Stéphane Hugues, 27 September 2014

The head of the Socialist Party government denounced pilots as “selfish” as public support grows for the strikers.

Air France delays outsourcing of jobs amid pilots strike

By our reporters, 24 September 2014

Faced with growing opposition from different sections of Air France workers, the airline may postpone the full implementation of its low-cost subsidiary Transavia-Europe.

How the Air France deal was reached

By Richard Tyler, 12 June 1998

More details have emerged of how the agreement between Air France President Jean-Cyril Spinetta and the main pilots' union, the SNPL (Syndicat National des Pilotes de Ligne), was reached in the early hours of Wednesday morning to call off the 10-day strike which had crippled the airline's operations. The deal was drawn up in secret negotiations from which the smaller unions representing pilots were excluded. The SNPL accepted concessions that give Air France all the cuts it was seeking.

Air France pilots' unions end strike

By Richard Tyler, 11 June 1998

Unions representing Air France pilots have concluded a deal with management and called off the ten-day strike. Talks broken off at the weekend resumed Tuesday evening and continued into Wednesday morning when the deal was announced.

A note on the Air France struggle -- lessons of the 1989 Australian pilots strike

By Terry Cook, 10 June 1998

When I read the reports on the Air France strike and the invective heaped on the pilots by the leaders of the Socialist Party and Communist Party, it immediately brought to mind the 1989 Australian pilots strike.

Air France strike disrupts World Cup football match

By Richard Tyler, 10 June 1998

The strike by Air France pilots, continuing into its second week, will disrupt the opening of the World Cup football match Wednesday. For a tenth day Air France has only been able to mount about 25 percent of its flights, affecting all its short-, medium- and long-haul routes.

Air France threatens to impose pay cuts on striking pilots

By Richard Tyler, 9 June 1998

Talks between Air France management and pilots' unions broke down Saturday as a top bargainer for the company declared, "there is nothing left to negotiate".

Unions desperate to secure a deal in Air France strike

By Richard Tyler, 6 June 1998

The strike by Air France pilots entered its fifth day on Friday. The expected agreement between pilots unions and Air France management failed to materialise on Thursday evening, despite a third round of late-night talks.

Jospin government threatens to use military to break Air France pilots' strike

By Richard Tyler, 5 June 1998

Following a meeting with President Chirac on Wednesday, an advisor to Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin said that he was "ready for a clash" and a "trial of strength" with striking Air France pilots.

Unions signal readiness to settle in Air France strike

By Richard Tyler, 4 June 1998

The strike by 3,200 Air France pilots has provoked threats to recruit strike-breakers, and for the state to intervene. The response by the unions involved has been to signal their readiness to accept the substance of the company's demands.

Strike by Air France pilots disrupts preparations for World Cup

Socialist Party denounces pilots' action

By Richard Tyler, 3 June 1998

A strike by Air France pilots grounded up to 90 percent of the airlines' long-haul flights on Monday, June 1. Some 80 percent of short- and medium-haul flights were also cancelled. On Tuesday most flights were cancelled, although one in six long-haul and one in three internal and European flights did take place.